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Vegan Jerusalem: my top 10 spots

2nd April 2017

vegan jerusalem

I visited Jerusalem very briefly a few months ago with the lovely bunch from iTravelJerusalem as they were getting ready for TBEX, but I had just enough time to explore the amazing vegan food of the city in my time there. If you imagine a vegan visit to Israel as being a hummus-soaked escapade, you’d be imagining correctly! In what’s said to have the most vegans per capita in the world (I was surprised to read that!), being vegan in Israel is falafelly easy and utterly enjoyable. So without further ado, here are the ten best spots I found for a vegan grub in Jeruz. Yayay, Vegan Jerusalem!

Have More Money With Minimal Changes To Your Lifestyle

27th March 2017

How would you like to magically have more money without making many changes to your lifestyle at all? As in, your lifestyle stays virtually the same? There are some techniques here that can really help you to make more money. However, some of them may require consistency for you to get the best results from them. Take a look and see how you can do it!

Supplements that Really Make a Difference

23rd March 2017

Supplements sometimes get a bad rap. A lot of people think that they are nothing more than ‘expensive pee,’ but the fact is that there are many supplements which can have immense benefits for the average person. The trouble is separating the effective ones from the duds. Although there is no way I could possible go through the thousands of supplements available, I have been able to identify some supplements that really do make a difference to anyone who is trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Check them out:

Ibiza, Party Paradise or Vegan Yogi Heaven?

7th March 2017

Holiday destinations acquire stereotypes, just like the travelers who go there become known for their nationalities… and the stereotypes that go with those. There are also the standard things you do in every destination. You go to India to do a Yoga teacher training, to Iceland to see the Blue Lagoon, to Turkey to go to a Hamman and get butt naked… you get the idea.

Jerusalem Travel – My Top Ten Things to Do

12th February 2017

dome of the rock

Israel has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, and last November I finally got to tick it off. Unfortunately, it was just a brief week-long stint in Jerusalem thanks to the wonderful iTravelJerusalem and the #TBEXJLM press trip. What a week though! I met an inspiring group of travel bloggers, and got to explore Jerusalem. A blend of old and new, and a city where three ancient religions collide and continue to live alongside one another, it’s somewhere quite unlike anywhere else I’ve ever traveled to.

Broke In Berlin? Seeing The City Without Spending a Fortune

2nd February 2017

Germany’s historical and fascinating capital is certainly one you should have on your travel bucket list. From the glittering glamor of restaurants, clubs, and parties to the raw and gritty street art workshops to the interesting war history. There really is something for everyone here. If you don’t have a massive budget to work with then no need to fear, there are lots of cheap or even free ways to enjoy the city. Here are are some budget backpacking 101 things to bear in mind when you’re planning your trip.

Meditation For Globetrotters: How To Meditate Anywhere

1st February 2017

In many ways, travel and meditation go hand in hand. Traveling gifts you experiences and opens your mind. Meditation gives you headspace and enables you to think clearly and digest what’s happening in your day to day life. When you’re at home, it’s easy to get into a routine, and you can integrate meditation into your daily regime. When you’re on the move, every day may be different, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t meditate. The beauty of this practice is its versatility. You can meditate anywhere you like whether you’re trekking through a jungle or lying on a beach.

Four European Locations You Should Have On Your No Miss List!

18th January 2017

The wonderful and frustrating thing about a nomadic life is that you can only visit one place at a time. While this opens you up to many exciting experiences and adventures. There is always that little voice in the back of your head saying: there are other places to go, you are missing out.

That is why it can be helpful to silence this nagging voice with no miss list. That is where you write down all the places you plan to go in the future, even if you aren’t immediately heading that way. To start you off, here are a few of my top locations for your ‘no miss list.’ Enjoy!

Tips for Travelling Solo in Costa Rica

16th January 2017

Travelling as a single person can be incredibly daunting, especially for lone females. Personal safety is of paramount importance, and you must do everything you can to ensure that you have a very good time in your chosen location, without putting yourself at undue risk.

Whether you are heading off to volunteer in Costa Rica or you just plan to take some time to explore the country, here are some top tips for traveling solo in Costa Rica:

This time I didn’t get naked: my Blue Lagoon experience

13th January 2017

If you’ve been reading my articles about spas around the world, you might have noticed an emerging pattern. If you haven’t — newsflash: I seem to have taken a liking to getting buck naked in public. I mean, who doesn’t? Right? Righhhhhhttttt? Anyone? Well, ok, fine. Today, for a change, let me tell you about this one time in Iceland when I did not get naked at the spa. It does happen, sometimes.