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When the Stress of Student Life Takes a Toll on Your Physical Well-Being – What You Can Do About It

24th June 2017

There are a number of points in your life where stress and anxiety can really build up and start to affect you not just mentally but also physically. For students enrolled in a degree program, this can often be a time of anxiety, worry, and stress. It can be hard to juggle their studies, home life, and even a job all at the same time.

Vegan Diet Tips for Busy Student Nurses

30th March 2017

Although there’s much more available for vegans today on the shelves at the grocery store, sticking to a vegan diet can be a pain when you’re on a tight schedule, such as that of a student nurse. People choose to go vegan for a whole host of different reasons – whether you’re standing up for animal rights, or simply want to stick to healthier, more wholesome foods. Whatever your reasons, there’s no doubt that going vegan can have a huge amount of positive benefits for you. I’ve listed some top tips to help you go vegan when you have little time to cook.

Vegan Shopping List: Must Buys For The Ultimate Diet

7th March 2017

Being a vegan is a wonderful experience, not to mention it is incredibly healthy. But, it isn’t always easy. And, it isn’t always healthy. A balanced diet, including meat and dairy products, is essential to keep the human body in tune. When we, as vegans, omit food from our diet, we run the risk of becoming out of sync with our bodies. Thankfully, we can put this right by understanding we might not be at our healthiest and consuming foods which pay back the debt. Here are foods which will replace the nutrients vegans no longer get from meat and dairy.

5 Must-See Views For Your Next Bike Trip

13th December 2016

Whether you are off-roading in your car or on motorcycle, you can catch some amazing views throughout the United States. One of the many benefits of a bike is you are able to get a closer feel for the surroundings, and may be able to travel where cars cannot. Here are five must-see views to help you plan your next off-roading bike trip.

1. Pacific Coast Highway, California

If you love the beach, the PCH is a must-see. Running along the California coast, the PCH provides a beautiful view of the coastline and surrounding mountains. California is known for great weather, but you can download a free weather app on your Android or iPhone, to avoid surprises.

Dubai: The Blazing Hot City The Rich And Famous Go To Chill Out

13th December 2016

Dubai has been one of the greatest, and strangest, economic success stories of the 21st century so far. Despite the fact that the city is located right in the center of the troubled Middle East, it’s thriving. At one point, the city was such a hive of activity that more than half of the world’s cranes were on Dubai soil.

Thanks to its opulent attractions and fine weather, the city has since become a sort of new age Mecca for the rich and the famous. From the world’s tallest tower to underwater hotels, Dubai is a land of superlatives. It’s also a place that knows a thing or two about headlines and how to work the media.

Destinations You Have To Consider For Your Next Traveling Expedition

12th December 2016

As we approach the end of the year, it’s understandable that our minds could be focused on the year ahead and what plans we have. Some of us like to consider travel plans ahead of time so that we can save and also book holiday entitlement. Having solid plans in place is a great feeling. So if, like me, you are thinking about your next travel expedition for next year then perhaps consider one of these destinations.

Head to Canada to enjoy a winter experience

My travel hobbies

29th August 2016


Traveling for me is often an outdoor affair, but do you often wonder what I get up to on rainy days or when I am too tired for outdoor activities and in need of a little rest and entertainment? Today I thought I would give you a list of the various past-times and hobbies that are either small and compact enough to carry with me during my travel and on holiday or things that I can do online from my phone or my computer. Here goes!

Your Health at Your Fingertips with TravelSmart

14th May 2016

best travel insurance mobile app

Travel insurance is a little discussed topic around here, but today I thought I would address it because it is a very important one nonetheless. Some people have assumed that, with my carefree approach to many things in life and my generally great health, I would probably not bother buying travel insurance, but in fact you couldn’t be more wrong. In the two and a half years that I have been travelling, I have always, always, always had an insurance. My health is not something that I wish to gamble with, especially not on the road, and you never know what could happen, so please figure out how to choose cheap backpacker insurance and get suitably covered when you travel or you could be very sorry.