My mom is cool

28th April 2011

Last week I had my mama over and I hadn’t seen her in nearly a year, so there was some catching up to do!  My mom is fab, she has visited me to nearly all the crazy places in the world I have been living in the last few years, she is wild and daring, and we are quite the adventurous pair together, we’ve been hitch hiking in Salt Spring Island and waiting for the Pope at the Vatican on Easter day! She is pretty much ready to do anything, any time…  We had our first ice cream of the season at Meu Meu on St-Denis Street in Montreal, this place rocks! The two flavors in my cup are nutella and caramel fleur de sel, OMG! My mom had dark chocolate and mango, YUM!

We also went to the movie matinée after a brunch of croissants, toasted baguettes, jam and café au lait (lushhh) and we also went to the Butterflies Go Free at the Botanical Garden, it was sooo lovely 🙂

In one week time, I will be leaving for Italy for 6 weeks. Ehhrrr, what? Where has my month off school gone? That’s just crazy! I had plans to fix my home office, install new curtains in the bedroom and repaint my kitchen, but I guess these will have to wait! On Friday, May 6th, I will be landing in Rome and on Monday, May 9th, I am starting a full time drawing class in Aquapendente, Italia, for 5 weeks. Crazy/Exciting!

After the class, Richard will come to meet me for a week that we will spend in Capri, Ischia and Sorrento, and I am already excited about the idea of seeing my man after 5 long weeks apart! I was hoping on being able to blog quite a bite while  there, but I just learned that we won’t have internet where we are staying, which is actually great, all things considered (we were out of internet last night and I felt SO disconnected, jeepers, what’s wrong with me?) I will use this time to detox from the old WIFI a bit 😉

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