Red carpet

14th August 2010


As I previously said, I took some pictures at a special event this week.  I was a bit hesitant to present this type of photography on my blog, because at first I only wanted to do editorial photography.  But for the same reason I will be talking about health, food and sport from time to time, I decided to include it, because it’s a big part of my life at the present time, an I’m not here to lie about who I am.  I do event photography because it’s work, I enjoy it, and people get to know me as a photographer.  When I was studying photography, teachers kept telling us to specialize in only one thing.  As much as I understand the idea, I’m finding it slightly oppressing: I just need to be exploring various areas of photography the same way I need to be jogging, knitting, talking on the phone, working two jobs, cooking a vegan meal for two and writing this blog simultaneously.  You may call me scatterbrain, it’s my pet name.  So this will go under the category “events” along with the weddings, birthday parties, corporate events and such.  Everything else that is more in line with my portfolio will go under “photography”.

So yeah, the event!  I attended a presentation for a newspaper’s new feature called Red Carpet that will be made in partnership with TV personality, celebrity reporter, journalist and globetrotter Herby Moreau. Herby is well known for being on Red Carpet events worldwide (he interviewed Sydney Poitier at the Oscar in 2002!) as well as for hosting many TV programs.  So to get people a bit excited, Herby was there to do the official presentation! It was good times: champagne, grubs, a bunch of overexcited people and of course a red carpet!  I leave you on a few images from the event.


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