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Part 3 of my trip to Italy

9th July 2011

Montreal is gorgeous and warm today, just as it has been all week, so I was out of bed rather early this morning for a wonderful 10K run around the Lachine Canal and the Westmount neighborhood, quite the perfect way to start a weekend indeed!

I wanted to share with you the third and final part of my trip to Italy, from when Richard came to meet me. We traveled from Rome to Naples (which we found completely awesome against all odds!), Ischia (where we stayed at the very fancy Terme Aragona Palace Spa and had our epidermis scrubbed and whipped into shape like nobody’s business!), Capri and Sorrento (where we stayed at the even fancier Grand Hotel Capodimonte. This vacation really made me feel like a princess ;). As you can see, it was all about food! I’m thinking about going vegan after this cheese overdose!

Park Jean Drapeau Beach in Montreal

3rd July 2011

Richard and I were celebrating our 6th anniversary together this weekend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY COUPLE! I LOVE US!) and so yesterday we rode our bike to the Jean-Drapeau beach here in Montreal to chill out on what has been so far the hottest day of the summer (I overheard someone saying that it was 33 degrees!).  We then headed to Brit & Chips on McGill for some fantastically greasy fried halloumi cheese and chips washed down with some beer.  Perfect day!











Part 2 of my trip to Italy

26th June 2011

Well it seems I’m back sooner than I thought due to very crap weather and me being bedridden because of a rather painful gum graft surgery recovery.  So I thought I would update you with some more photos from my recent trip to Italy while my cheek de-puffs (jeepers, I can’t believe I have been back for 2 weeks already!).

I was in Acquapendente in the Lazio region for a month long drawing class with university, after which Richard came to meet me for another week and we visited Rome, Naples, Ischia, Capri and Sorrento.

Here are part 1 and 3!


19th April 2011

Time flying off-schooling relaxing with Richard and expecting nice weather to kick in (seriously, it was -2° when I woke up this morning, wtf, spring?) is what my life has been made of for a week. 

We finally managed to get a seat at Kazu, this fairly new izakaya that is just a block from where we live, on Ste-Catherine in Montreal. It did not disapoint!

Mock Duck Noodle Bowl recipe

19th March 2011

On a recent visit to D&G Supermarket (In the brand new Swatow Plaza in Chinatown (Montreal)), I stumble upon these babes:

Before you say EW, this is just seitan, all what it contains is wheat flour, water, sugar, salt (unfortunately aloooot of salt) and spices. Now, if you turn a blind eye on the sodium content (!!!), there is 39 grams of protein per can, and that, my friends, is fabulous news for the two working-out-trying-to build-muscle skinny little vegetarians that we are! 

What to pack: An Italy inspired outfit

6th March 2011

I really need to stop talking about jogging whenever I feel like blogging… And turns out, when I feel stressed with school and work, I turn to fashion blogs!!!  I, proper girl that I am, enjoy very much a good online shopping session, and I find that browsing through fashion blogs is the best way to find inspiration, rather than just looking through the actual shop’s online catalog. So I’m giving this new thing a try here, in honor of my very approaching trip to Italy, here’s a random outfit from my spring wishlist:


Miami and Key West Christmas holiday

5th January 2011

We went to Miami and Key West over the Christmas Holiday! I loved it, but we got heat, we got cold, we got pretty much everything except snow! It was our first trip as vegetarians and I must say we were spoiled for choice in Miami. Loved the architecture, loved the beach, loved the people, loved the food. I shall return!