3 Exhausting Holiday Destinations for Active Travelers

26th April 2017


There are different types of travelers. There are people who would like to go on a holiday to just relax, sunbathe at the beach and enjoy a slow-paced life. For some, meanwhile, they would rather be moving a lot and engaging in a variety of physical activities. If you fall into the latter, below are some vacation ideas that you might want to consider.

The Alps

If you are looking for a winter holiday, The Alps should be on your bucket list. The icy mountain range encompasses different countries in the European region and is famed for its luxurious chalets, although there are many budget-friendly accommodation options as well.

While there is a long list of activities that you may want to try, one of the best is to go hiking at Wild Kaiser in Austria. Cycling in Slovenia, meanwhile, will be perfect if you would like to take it slow and appreciate the scenery that unfolds right in front of you. Mountain biking is also popular. However, there is perhaps no other activity that is as common as skiing and snowboarding. Regardless of which part of the Alps you are, you will surely find a lot of ski resorts.

Fancy a ski holiday, but you’re down under? Check out this ski resort in Perisher, Australia!


This is a country that may be known for slow living, take the case of a siesta as an example, but this does not mean that there is a shortage of happenings that you can enjoy if you are into physical activities. All over the country, there are many active holidays that you might want to try.

Among others, one of the most popular activity is surfing in Santander, which is one of the hotspots but relatively unknown places for wave-riders. If you want to try a walking holiday, on the other hand, Picos can be an excellent choice. The gorges and wildlife of Picos de Europa National Park will make your walking tour better. You might also be interested in attending the Tenerife Walking Festival, which passes through world-class wineries and breathtaking mountains. For those who love to go on a cycling tour, on the other hand, there are plenty of routes in Majorca. In Ibiza, meanwhile, you can enjoy more than just clubbing. You can also try paddle boarding and hiking.



From Zagreb to Dubrovnik, this is one of the countries that will perfectly describe what picture-perfect means. Whether you’re looking for luxury travel in Croatia, or if you want to camp and be closer to nature and explore wonderful national parks such as Plitvice Lakes, there really is something for everyone. It has idyllic lakes, unspoiled islands, and beautiful beaches, among other natural wonders.

There is an endless list of activities in Croatia that will be perfect to unleash your adrenaline. Split is known as a heaven for sports junkies, which will also be a good place to try extreme sports. For those who want to be on the water, canoeing, windsurfing, and deep water soloing are some of the best experiences. If you want to be on land, on the other hand, you can try trekking. For those who love to be on air, meanwhile paragliding is not to be missed.

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