3 Greatest Spots for Digital Nomads

17th July 2017

It seems like more and more people are thinking of embarking on their digital nomad journey nowadays. With increasing numbers of jobs that can be performed completely online and the higher rate of self-employed and freelance workers, this should not come as a surprise. Some spots are more conducive to the nomadic lifestyle than others. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the top spots for digital nomads in 2017.

San Diego, California

If you’re studying for an online masters in library science at the University of Southern California, why not start with the Sunshine State? While most people who decide to become digital nomads think of going overseas, staying close to home does have its fair share of advantages. San Diego enjoys great weather all year and is one of the most affordable cities in the state. It is also one of the most well-connected cities in the world and you’ll have the chance to meet digital nomads from around the country.

Medellin, Colombia

While Medellin and Colombia, in general, didn’t always have the safest socio-political climate, the country has enjoyed a renaissance lately. Medellin is now one of the world’s biggest hubs for digital nomads. The city offers top notch Wi-Fi and is full of hot spots where you can get some work done on the go. If you’re studying for an online MMLIS degree, you may already know how important a steady internet connection is. The people are also very welcoming and will make you feel right at home.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina is another very popular destination for the digital nomad crowd. Besides its state of the art facilities, Argentina has recently bounced back from a severe depression and is upgrading its infrastructure by the day. You will be charmed by the city’s laid-back atmosphere, affordable living costs, delicious foods, and vibrant nightlife.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

We could not talk about digital nomad hubs without talking about Chiang Mai. The city offers the perfect mix of exoticism and down-home comfort. And since the city attracts thousands and thousands of expatriates every year, you’ll have the perfect chance to make new acquaintances. The city offers state of the art Wi-Fi connections and the cost of living is incredibly cheap. It is no doubt one of the best destinations in the world for any digital nomad.


The digital nomad lifestyle can seem daunting at first, but it all starts with the destination. All these cities have their distinct charm and are perfect for those who are trying to get their feet wet. If you’re more of the adventurous type, Chiang Mai should be perfect for you. If you want to enjoy the joie de vivre and wealth of culture South America brings, you should definitely check out Buenos Aires or Medellin. And if you prefer to stay close to home, San Diego offers great amenities, a relatively low cost of living, and a solid Wi-Fi network that will allow you to stay connected wherever you go.

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