3 Tried-And-True Introvert Travel Tips

27th July 2017

Introverts certainly love to travel and often have incredible experiences, but they also find it challenging at times as well. Traveling provides unique opportunities to learn about new cultures and it’s even fun to meet new people from time to time.

Many introverts can often burn out and lose energy when they find themselves in social situations. When this happens, the introverted person will often need to get away from the social setting and experience some alone time. This way they can easily recharge their batteries, feel energetic again, and get back to the business of enjoying their vacation!

With that said, let’s take a look at some effective tried-and-true introvert travel tips. These tips will make traveling that much easier.

Make Daily Downtime A Regular Part Of Your Travel Schedule

This tip is especially important if you’re traveling with a large group of people. Introverts can often get overwhelmed and feel their energy sap away in large social settings. So it’s imperative for all introverts to schedule downtime at least once a day – or more if needed – to be away from the group so they can get their bearings and recoup while being alone.

As you take time away from the group, make sure you do something fun during your downtime. Many people bring their tablets and laptops on a vacation. If you have yours, take time to enjoy online gaming. Don’t forget to look into CasinoCoupons and remember to use your Sugarhouse Casino promo code to make the best of your alone time.

If online gaming isn’t your thing, take some time to read your favorite book, watch a movie or your favorite TV series on Netflix or Hulu, or maybe you can work on a puzzle or play Sudoku. Spend your alone time however you see fit just as long as you feel relaxed and get your energy back afterwards.

Pick An Airbnb Over A Hostel

Hostels are an excellent place to meet new people. If you’re an introvert, you’d probably prefer to avoid 24/7 socialization, and this is especially true with groups of new people you’ve just met. Renting an Airbnb is a much better choice.

The cool thing about staying in someone else’s home is you get to wake up the observer in you, which you’ll certainly appreciate. Plus, many people think their experience is much more authentic when they stay in somebody else’s home. So enjoy your stay and socialize on your own terms.

Make Sure A Good Coffee Shop Is Close By

As mentioned, introverts like to observe other people and prefer to avoid socialization more often than not. That’s why coffee shops are such a great place for introverts and this is especially true when they need some additional downtime. The bonus is the delicious coffee!

When you enter the coffee shop, make sure to get a singles table. Order your favorite cup of coffee and maybe grab a bite to eat and observe everything going on around you. Feed your need to be around people in a crowded place even though you’ll spend most of that time alone.


As an introvert, it’s important to prepare ahead of time for your vacation. So please use these tips to help ensure your next trip is better than the last whether you’re traveling for leisure or looking to make a difference in the world.

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