3 Ways To Relax On An Adventurous Trip

14th July 2020

I’m a huge proponent of making the most of every moment in a foreign country. Even on a trip to Mauritius or Zanzibar, where sitting by the pool in a resort is the norm, there’s opportunities that can keep you busy adventuring for weeks.

However, the truth is that most people aren’t cut out to be on their feet all the time, and trying to fill up every second can actually ruin your trip. Burnout is a real problem, and so is getting sick. Especially if you’re travelling somewhere with a different climate to your own, you might find yourself sniffling if you don’t take care of your well-being. For mental exhaustion and depression while travelling, I’ve always relied on BetterHelp.com as a solid anchor to help me feel better and taken care of.

All of which makes it necessary to take some downtime even on an adventurous holiday.

How do you ensure you get the most out of your relaxation? Apart from being a HUGE fan of yoga on the go, here are 3 other ways to relax and keep active.

1. Chill in a coffee shop

Coffee shops are wonderfully two-faced. On the one hand, they’re the same all over the world, and you can walk in and get comfortable pretty quickly. On the other hand, each is crowded with their own breed of people and you can get a good insight into the culture of the place. In other words, you can relax while simultaneously feeling at home and abroad.

People watching is a legitimate hobby for many people, and doing so in another city or country is well worth the time. It’s a pursuit that requires precious little from you, letting others do the work and being there to reap the rewards.

2. Watch television

For some, the idea of watching TV on a trip is anathema. They feel like it’s the ultimate time waster, which is true even when you come home from a day of work. On a trip, you’re wasting away precious hours that could be spent learning and growing, creating memories to last the rest of your life.

But TV does have its place, even on a trip chock full of activities. It can be grounding to watch shows you’re familiar with back home, and take an hour back in your comfort zone. In some countries, it’s not easy to get American or European content, but with VPNs (and you can find the perfect one at Best Online Reviews) you can quickly gain access.

When I feel extra, I sometimes travel with my shakti mat and lay on it in my hotel room while watching TV.

3. Don’t be scared to cut an activity

It can be disappointing, but it’s inevitable that travelers fall ill, even if it’s not serious. This can ruin your trip. You might be able to still do everything you set out to do, but you’ll want it to be over as soon as possible, and feel miserable throughout.

With this in mind, you should not be scared to cut an activity from your itinerary. It will be a hard choice, but ultimately, missing one thing will make everything else more worth it. Ideally, you’d cut something you could do anywhere else. But sometimes, you’ll have to miss out on something you were really looking forward to.

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