4 Fun Activities To Do With Your Partner

When we think about the word “date”, we often imagine a scenario with dinner and a movie (and maybe some wine). But, what if you want to mix things up? Here are four ideas for date night that may be more fun than sitting across from each other at a restaurant, or sitting next to each other on the couch watching TV.


Engage In Something Fun and Thrilling

Not all date nights have to be dinner and a movie. Sometimes, it can be fun to enjoy an activity together that none of you have tried before. Maybe it would be fun to feel a rush of adrenaline for a change and have fun. The two of you could try getting rifle gel blasters and go somewhere secluded and have fun. When you are engaging in an activity that you have never tried before together, it creates a sense of excitement and adventure when you try something new, the thrill might be just what you need.

Do Something Outdoorsy

Maybe what you need is something different, like getting out in nature. Maybe you could go on a hike somewhere, where you can enjoy the view of nature and take some time away from your daily lives. This activity also brings you closer to your partner as it allows you to create new memories together.

So, here is a list of outdoor activities that you can try with your partner:


Hiking is great if you want to do something out in nature. Not only is hiking a great way that brings you into the outdoors, but it also helps you get some exercise while enjoying time with your partner. You can bring snacks or cook along the trail for a romantic meal together!


Another option would be bicycling, which is fun and interactive too. You can take a bicycle ride together, enjoying the scenery and getting some exercise at the same time. It can be a great way to bond with your partner as you have an activity that brings you closer together.


If you prefer water activities, boating is a great choice. You can take your partner out on the boat and enjoy the sights of nature from the water. Many people choose to go boating for their honeymoon because it allows you to get away from daily life and just enjoy each other’s company.

Cook A Meal Together

One of the main ingredients that make a relationship work is mutual respect, and there are few better ways to show respect for your partner than cooking them a nice meal. Invite your partner over for a home-cooked dinner and spend some time preparing things together where you can chat, laugh, and create memories while you cook a meal that the two of you will enjoy. You don’t have to be a chef or a great cook, but it is a nice gesture to the person you are with and you will remember this activity until the next time you decide to do it again.

Make A Memory Board

If going out on an adventure and shooting each other is not something that your partner is interested in, you could have a fun time together making a memory board. This can be something as simple as a piece of plywood with cork on it and some fabric tacks to hang things up with, or you could use something more artistic if you are into that kind of thing. You can decorate the board with magazine clippings, dried flowers, pictures of the two of you, or anything else that will remind you both of your time together. You can even document important things in your relationship together on the board like special memories that you shared or significant events like engagement or marriage.

This is a great idea for anyone who has trouble planning out what kind of activity they want to engage in on a date night. If you are not very creative, this can be just the thing that helps spark your imagination and give you ideas for an adventure that is more fun than heading out to dinner or staying inside all night watching TV.

couple cooking

When you are trying to have more fun on your date nights, think outside the box. Instead of doing something that you are used to, do something new. Engage in an activity together, spend some time outdoors, cook a meal for each other, or make a memory board displaying memories of your relationship and the things that mean the most. These ideas are great for anyone looking to spice up their date nights.