4 Tips On Cycling Around Amsterdam

5th July 2017

As for most, if not all Dutch cities, cycling is a big part of how locals and even families get around town. Amsterdam has gained the status of the “bicycle capital of the world” among some and it definitely has delivered in this regard. It is said that the bicycle trend started to happen because of the high number of accidents in the 1960s and so the Dutch decided to take action. This resulted in 22,000 miles of cycle paths in the Netherlands when compared to 2% in the United Kingdom. Needless to say, this is the way to get around in Amsterdam. This is my top travel tips for Amsterdam!

Renting a bike

Bicycle rentals are going to be found all over the central city with day rates at around 10 euros per day and even cheaper if you get the bike for a couple of days. It is well worth it to schedule the bike rental in advance as in the high season the rentals might be sold out or you might not have the best bikes to choose from at the shop. Getting a subpar bike could be stressful in a new city if your bike breaks down during your ride. Therefore, it is good to know where the bike shop is and the most efficient way to get there is to use a taxi service such as Book Taxi Amsterdam.

Bike Tours

If you are new to Amsterdam or are looking for a fun outing in the city then an Amsterdam Bike tour is the best way to get a guided group tour and exercise while doing it. These bike tours have really caught on in Europe as more people are looking for eco-friendly ways of moving around and also looking to be more health conscious. Amsterdam has so many places to stay a lot to offer and has scenic views to die for out in the countryside.

Safety and Security

While Amsterdam is pretty much the utopia for bikers with the path lanes and the city is really catering to cyclists, there are always some precautions to understand and go by when cycling in a new country:

– If you are biking at night then make sure your bike has lights in the front and back. Lights are required by law while cycling at night time.
– Lock, lock, lock your bike whenever you stop anywhere and if you keep it out at night. The surplus of bikes in the city has also brought along a surplus of bike thieves.
– Know your bike signals to turn left or right before you even get on your bike. The store you rent from should give you some material if you ask for it.
– Always be on the look out for the rails in the road. Your bike can get stuck in these railways and this can also cause a bad spill.
– This goes without saying in any metropolitan city but if you can avoid the rush hour then you are going to be more stress free on your vacation.


The Ferry system is great because it is free and they allow you to take your bicycle with you. The ferry will take you across the IJ channel into North Amsterdam and sometimes this is not where the new traveler is looking to venture. However, if you are looking for an adventure (check out the fishing Villages of Waterland!) on your bike then go for it. ​

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