4 Vacations That Will Make You Feel Great

16th November 2021

Do you ever daydream about taking a trip that will make you feel good about yourself, both physically and mentally? If so, you’re like millions of other working adults who spend at least a few minutes every day wondering what your next excursion should be. The good news is that the journey need not be a long one. In fact, many choose to stay close to home and take advantage of local sites, natural wonders, and entertainment venues. But what if you don’t live near any of those kinds of things? It means hitting the road or hopping on a plane in order to grab some time away to soothe your mind and body. Here are some of the top ways that people rejuvenate their attitudes, emotions, and tense muscles.

scuba diving in Tioman, Malaysia

Scuba Trips

Scuba trips, like marathon hikes can tug at your wallet, because most involve air fare, hotel accommodations, dive fees, equipment rental, and other costs. However, if you own your own gear and can get a deal on air tickets or hotel prices by planning ahead, you can chop a big chunk off the total cost. Some locations offer all-in-one scuba vacations for those new to the sport. They’ll spend one day training you to dive safely and use the gear, and the next day will accompany you on a side-by-side dive with an instructor. Many people learn scuba diving this way and it is a fun strategy for mastering the basic skills in a safe, stress-free environment.

Marathon Hikes

There are plenty of ready-made hikes for travelers who want to challenge themselves physically but take in some gorgeous scenery at the same time. Choose from the Rockies, the Andes, or the Urals for some of the best tour hikes in the world. Expect to shell out some serious cash on airfare and accommodations for a week-long hike in a distant place. Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to take out low interest personal loans from private lenders to cover the entire cost of such a trip before your departure date. Having the whole thing paid for ahead of time means you can focus on the fun factor and thoroughly enjoy every minute of the scenic hike tour.

Natural Hot Springs

There are hundreds of places on earth where natural hot springs abound but expect to travel a long distance if you don’t live near one of them. But, the effort of planning such a trip is worth the time and money. Some springs are naturally infused with substances that enhance the appearance of the skin, help you relax, and soothe sore muscles. Perhaps that’s why some return year after year to their favorite hot springs. The warm water and natural minerals have a way of rejuvenating mind and body.

Meditation Retreats

You don’t need to be a religious person to take advantage of secular meditation retreats. Many of the world’s top resorts host sessions of all lengths, depending on how much time you want to spend recharging your mental and physical batteries. On your first retreat, opt for a one-day or two-day event to gauge how your body handles the silence and stillness. Or you could do a European yoga retreat first as a buffer between the hustle and bustle you are trying to drown out, and the complete silence of meditation.

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