48 Hours In Tokyo: Vegan Style

23rd February 2017

Now you might not think there is much on offer for vegan in a country that has a tradition of serving meat that is not only fresh but live. Bu that is where you’d be wrong. In fact, in many of the big cities such as Tokyo, you can get a wealth of vegan food to keep you sustained why you explore. In fact below is a guide planning your entire 48 hours around eating vegan. And this way for an in-depth guide of what to do in Tokyo!


Of course it likely that you are going to b e pretty hungry when you arrive, so the first thing you will need to do is track down a vegan restaurant to refuel at. If you are flying into Haneda Airport, then try the Abura Age which serves set meals as well as sweets and cakes. Or if you are arriving at Narita International Airport try Nanosato in the central building 4th floor. They serve japanese salads and have a few that are vegan-friendly.

Of course, if you are heading to Abura Age straight away remember to book your transfers from the restaurant to your accommodation. This might be a bit easier to do online via a site like Booktaxitokyo. Unless You speak fluent Japanese!


While there is no too much in Tokyo that is solely designed for vegan, you can stay in some guest houses, hotels or even The Cube Hotel. Then you can provide your own meals from restaurants and street vendors. Which often have delicious vegetarian and vegan options such as gyoza and sesame peanut ramen.


In fact, a cube hotel might be the best choice as if you are only in Tokyo city of 48 hours and backpacking Japan. As you will want to spend minimal time sleeping and as much time possible out and about exploring everything it has to offer.


Firstly if you can why not try and catch a tour of a sumo stable. Now there are some guys that knoweth benefit of eating vegetable soup! The best place to see them is Kasugano-beya Sumo Stable. Then you can swing by T’s TanTan, Keiyo Street which is only about a 10-minute cab drive away.

Hot Springs

Of course, something else that is super popular in Japan is the hot spring or Onsen. While ethers tend to be more commonplace in the rural areas you can still find plenty to enjoy within Tokyo’s city limits. Be warned though that many of them expect you to go naked much like they do in Germany. But they are split into male and female sections.

A great one, in particular, is the Tokyo Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari. Then you can take the rainbow bridge across the bay and go to Daigo where they serve all vegan traditional Japanese food.


Tokyo is a city with a rich spiritual past as well, and there are plenty of Buddhist and Confucian temples and landmarks to visit. Probably one of the most famous is Sensō-ji. Which is a great area if you are concerned about finding something vegan to snack on as it’s very close to Kaemon Asakusa in which you will find organic set meals as well an ala carte option for a reasonable price.

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