5 Amazing Places to Visit in Eastern Europe

2nd August 2019

When it comes to popular tourist destinations of the world, Eastern European countries have never truly hit the world map. It’s difficult to understand the reason for this.

They’re often overlooked in favour of attractive western European destinations such as France and Greece.

But with gorgeous architecture, iconic sights, rich history and high cultures, they really shouldn’t be, besides the fact they’re some of the cheapest places to travel.

Here are five Eastern European destinations with a wealth of attractions worth checking out.


The largest country in the world bares it all, with its stunning countryside, historic cities, extraordinarily long train rides and vodka-fuelled nightlife.

Russia’s largest city, Moscow, is a real metropolis whose ancient suburbs are interspersed with modern high-rise skyscrapers and glitzy apartment blocks inhabited by people from all over the former Soviet Union.

Russia is so large that you don’t want to visit the country in a hurry. From the city centre in Red Square, Lenin’s’ Mausoleum, you can visit its department stores, lined with luxury shops, cafeterias offering mysterious delicacies such as the “herring in a fur coat.”


From its lovely metropolis, Budapest, the city of lights, to the scattered quaint villages and stunning scenery, Hungary creates a strong sense of history at every turn.

While everyone flocks to Budapest, which is aptly compared to Paris or Prague, for everything to do and places to visit in the capital, there are many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Hungary and some real nice gems remain concealed in the countryside.

Venture further into the country and encounter cities and towns of all shapes and sizes that have preserved their classic old attractions, many of which display influences from several cultures, including Italian Renaissance designers and invading Turkish armies.


If you’re looking to visit an eastern European destination that offers unspoiled nature and historic cities, then Croatia is for you, check out this 2 week Croatia itinerary for inspiration. Its principal port, Zagreb is home to some of the country’s best museums, restaurants, art galleries, and luxury shopping.

Croatia also boasts one of the most raucous coastlines in Europe. Its centuries-old harbor cities are lined with extraordinarily boisterous cafes, nightspots and excellent water sports including scuba diving, windsurfing and water skiing. Tough decision when comes the time to pick between Split or Dubrovnik!

On its Adriatic coastline, the country’s blissful islands are a haven for yacht owners and beautiful villas, perfect for those wanting to relax and enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine.


Poland is an eastern European destination rich in exceptional culture, extraordinary historical sites and scenic landscapes that have survived centuries of war and strife.

In spite of its tumultuous past, the country has emerged as a proud and independent country and has carved its place as one of the biggest attractions when it comes to lifestyle and culture.

Whether you want to visit the nation’s vibrant cities, forests, industrial complexes or its picturesque countryside, you’re likely to come back with precious memories.

Czech Republic

Rated as one of eastern Europe’s smallest nations, the Czech Republic does not disappoint visitors searching for a taste of central Europe. One of its most coveted utilities is its public transport system. So if you’re planning to explore the country’s beautiful capital, Prague, which features endless sightseeing opportunities, you’re welcome aboard.

Once you’ve had enough of Prague, you can venture and explore countryside highlights such as its excellent national parks and conservation areas.

Visit the Bohemian Paradise and encounter natural beauty characterised by many splendid rock formations and some beautiful old medieval castles.

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