5 Best Places To See And Explore For A Relaxing Trip In Peru

Peru is a famous tourist destination as it receives thousands of visitors every year. Machu Picchu is probably its best-known destination, but it has plenty of others. Despite its famous ruins, you can visit Peru if you want a relaxing trip to escape the bustle and hustle of your everyday life.

It would be best to visit Peru during the dry season as it gives you the best chance of exploring the city’s attractions.

The following are some of the best places to see and explore for a relaxing trip in Peru:


Chachapoyas is high in the mountains of Peru, quite far from the coast of Peru. The city of Chachapoyas is the capital of the Amazonas and does not have much going on, which makes it an ideal location for a relaxing trip in Peru.

You should ask if the city is included in Peru vacation packages if you want to tour the country. You will find breathtaking natural scenery in Chachapoyas, which you can enjoy while taking strolls around the city. The town has restaurants and hotels so you will find somewhere to stay and enjoy the local cuisine.


Cusco is another Peruvian city you can visit if you want to relax and have a chilled-out vacation. There is a village called Samadhi Secret Village, where you can go for a two-week mindfulness yoga retreat.

Yoga has been used for relaxation for centuries, and in the village, you will have an entire trip focused on helping you relax and be calm. Silent yoga retreats are not for everyone, but if you would like to have such an experience, Cusco in Peru is the city for you. You can also have an Ayahuasca experience in Cusco if you would like.

Peruvian North Coast

The Peruvian North Coast is beautiful, to say the least, and is one of the best South American beaches to visit for a relaxing trip. You can spend all day at the beach basking in the sun and getting a fantastic tan. There are many towns on the Peruvian North Coast that you can visit.

There is Mancora which is relatively upscale and often has many visitors. Chiclayo has better access than Mancora, has fewer people, and is not as expensive. Chiclayo has excellent sandy beaches with a beautiful retreat you will be happy to visit.

Thermal Baths in the Andes

The Andes is one of the world’s largest mountain ranges and runs across several South American countries. It is famous for its harsh weather, but it has relaxing spots like thermal springs.

When visiting Machu Picchu, you should take a dip at the thermal baths at Aguas Calientes. You will also find thermal baths in Baños Termales de Cocalmayo and further down in Cusco.

The baths consist of mineral water heated by underground volcanoes, which are very relaxing. The baths are often only visited by locals, making for an intriguing and exciting experience.

The Treehouse Lodge

The treehouse lodge, Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, is located where the Cumaceba and Yarapa rivers meet in the Amazon Forest. There are treehouses situated in the trees’ canopy that oversee the beautiful forest making for a deeply calming experience.

The exterior of the cabins in the lodge looks rustic, but their interiors are very well designed and luxurious. Overlooking the flooded forest, especially in the evening, the lodge offers captivating viewing experiences for visitors. Staying high up in the trees is not relaxing for some, but you should visit it if it is for you.

Peru is a beautiful country with many places to visit. The destinations above will lead you to calm and relaxing experiences for your visit. Start with these, and with time, you will find out other destinations that you can see later.