5 Fun Things to Do in Indianapolis If You Don’t Like Racing

1st October 2021

Indianapolis may be best known for its races: but that’s not all this amazing city has to offer! If you’re in town, and you don’t want to spend your time here learning about cars or the races this city hosts, there are tons of other options available!

These are five fun things to do while you’re in the city, and they’re all shining examples of why there’s far more to Indianapolis than races and cars.


The Children’s Museum of Science

This museum is fascinating before you even walk in! The exterior of the building is covered in life-sized dinosaurs exploring the grounds and causing mischief. These statues will excite dino fans of any age, but there’s, even more, to see once you get inside!

The Children’s Museum of Science is a popular stop for families looking for houses for rent in Indianapolis because it has over 470,000 square feet of fun and educational exhibits. Children can learn about fossils and cave paintings while rock climbing on safe surfaces and gaze at over 120,000 artifacts laid out in a fun and interesting ways. This museum is worth coming back to time and time again.

Indianapolis Zoo

If you want to see animals enjoying their daily lives while learning about conservation and animal welfare, the Indianapolis Zoo is a great place to visit! Housing almost 4,000 animals stretched over 320 species; you can look at everything from aquatic life to giant rhinos.

This is another great stop for families, but it is also a great place for dates! Many animals will surprise you, like dolphins that can do tricks and baby animals born on the premises. This is a non-profit organization, so supporting this zoo will directly help the animals.

Conner Prairie

Not every museum is a quiet one! Conner Prairie is a living history museum that preserves the William Conner home. Hosting multiple live events and concerts every year, this location has had fantastic performances by greats like the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and tons of local bands and musicians.

The venue for performances is breathtaking, and those who get the chance to stop in say they’re blown away by how gorgeous it is.

Indiana State Museum

Whether you’re new to the area or you’ve lived in Indiana your whole life, the Indiana State Museum has something that will interest anyone who stops in.

Offering exhibits on science, culture, art, and history dating back from prehistoric times to present-day Indiana, it’s an in-depth walkthrough of the area and the people who call it home.

Eiteljorg Museum

The Eiteljorg Museum celebrates the indigenous people and western art from the last two hundred years. This collection has skill by and of indigenous people of North and South America and offers insight into the people who created each piece.

Originally the collection of businessman Harrison Eiteljorg, it’s now a steadily growing collection that works to educate people on the history and culture of indigenous people and is a must-visit location for anyone driving through.

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