5 Great Places for a Hiking Holiday

28th June 2018

Hiking holidays are a great way to keep fit and experience intimate encounters with nature. They are the most rewarding types of holidays because they leave you feeling inspired and give you a sense of accomplishment. Hiking with your partner is a great way to reconnect, or if you are looking to make new friends with likeminded people then you could join a hiking group. With the many hiking destinations you can visit around the world, here are five great places you should consider for a hiking holiday.


The Himalaya, which has the world’s highest mountain peaks dominates Nepal which is also a landlocked country. Nepal’s best trails include the Great Himalaya Trail, Annapurna Circuit Trek, and The Everest Basecamp. The country contains three physiographic divisions which include Terai plains, mountain, and hill, making it great for a hiking holiday. Nepal is also famous for base camp treks, high altitude mountaineering, the Himalayas, and death zones.


Chile’s Torres del Paine National Park ranked fifth in the world’s most beautiful places according to National Geographic. Out of the world’s seven summits, Aconcagua, the second highest is found in Chile and it is ideal for any mountain climber, whether amateur or professional. Chile is also home to Atacama Desert which is the driest place, 36 national parks, and the temperate Cochamo Valley rainforests, making it suitable for everyone who loves trekking. Chile’s best trails include The W, Mirador las Torres and Aconcagua.


Going on a hiking holiday in Morocco will provide you with amazing views and there are a wide array of different mountains to climb depending on your abilities. Morocco’s Jebel Toubkal is the highest peak in the whole of North Africa and here you will find Imlil village. Other mountains found in the Atlas include Jbel Saghro, M’goun Massif, and Sirwa, while the Rif Mountains are located in the Northern part of Morocco where you can take day trips in addition to hiking. The Paradise Valley is also a beautiful gorge containing well-marked trails while the Tazekka National Park is filled with different pleasant flora and fauna, and is situated in Jebel Tazekka, which is among the Atlas Mountains. This is a lovely place to trek with your partner, as the flowers and scenery provide a surprisingly romantic backdrop.


This country attracts thousands of tourists every year as it is home to the world’s highest freestanding volcanic mountain, Kilimanjaro. Different rugged routes lead to the top of the mountain. The conditions there can be cold and wet but tolerable with the amazing view of the sun rising in the morning. Tanzania is also known for the Mikumi walking safaris and the Udzungwa adventure trek through the lush mountainous terrains.


Cuba offers a wide array of hiking trails, from short to long and even wildlife hikes. Valadero contains some of Cuba’s short hikes with all of them shorter than a kilometer with one leading to Cuba’s oldest cactus, El Patriarca. Cuba’s mountain hikes include the Pico Turquino, which is the highest summit in the country, found in Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra. Other hiking trails include the Sierra Maestra which is the toughest terrain in the country and the Reserva Ecologica Alturas de Banao which includes a number of hiking trails as well as waterfalls. If you are interested in spotting wildlife, then take your binoculars as there are many birdwatching opportunities in Cuba.

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