5 Great Places for An Adventure Break in 2019

1st August 2019

Any travel nomad and hardened adventure seeker will tell you that searching for any adventure involves a lot of risks, excitement, and discomfort, whether in hiking the tallest mountain in the world, exploring the Amazon Jungle or Kayaking on the Mississippi River.

Many of us enjoy listening to tales of grand adventures from experienced travellers and daydream about travelling the world, escaping from the routine 9 to 5 job for something more exciting.

With that said, here are five great places for an adventure break like no other in 2019.

Kayaking around Scotland

Scotland is a paradise for kayakers, with many different types of canoeing and kayaking activities taking place all year round, save the winter months. All you need to do is buy a kayak, hire one or borrow one. Go on and grab a paddle and get into the water. You can paddle toward a premeditated destination on rivers, coastlines or lochs.

If you’re venturing deeper in the lakes or far into the river, it’s advised to bring a friend along as it’s not safe to go out into the water by yourself, especially if you’re a novice to kayaking. So, expect to paddle aggressively whether in groups, pairs or with a qualified guide.

Ferry hopping around the Greek Islands

Topping the list of Mediterranean travel adventures is ferry hopping around the Greek Islands. But with an excess of over 200 islands straddling the sea, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Popular with tourists during the months of summer, ferry hopping offers incredible thrills that one is spoilt for choice. Greece has so many islands that planning to see them all can be overwhelming.

Most of the ferries from Athens depart early in the morning and return late at night. So you can have a full day packed with adventure destinations or stay in any of the Greek Islands idyllic villas and spread the trip over several days.

Snowmobiling over glaciers in Iceland

It’s been said that if you want to connect with Iceland’s innermost arctic soul, then go snowmobiling. Gliding through the endless snowfields with a roaring contraption and engine between your legs is regarded as one of the most amazing adventures in this part of the world.

Don’t miss the snowmobiling over glaciers in Iceland. This is one of the most popular sporting activities in the country. It is a thrilling and exciting activity that complements your sightseeing day.

While in Reykjavik, you can visit the famous Golden Circle attractions that include the Gullfoss Waterfall, Thingvellir National Park, and the Geysir hot springs.
The country’s immense natural beauty and frigid wilderness are unparalleled and magical. The rugged and varied terrains, the stunning landscapes offer unlimited options for exciting outdoor activities.

Cycling in Majorca

One of the biggest attractions in Majorca is cycling. With an incredible Mediterranean climate with sunshine throughout the year, you can enjoy the beautiful roads despite the islands’ small size. The island’s roads provide different routes to suit every cyclist, and the Tramuntana mountain range offers the perfect hiking experience and playground.

Walking coastal Ireland

With 6000 km of stunning coastline surrounding Ireland, visitors are assured of long walks alongside breath taking scenery, hidden caves and long stretches of dangerous cliffs. So why not join a small group tour and sample some of the best walking destinations in Ireland, which include:

1. Moher Walk
2. The Causeway Coastal Route
3. The Dunmoran coastal walk
4. Howth Cliff Walk
5. Bray to Greystones Cliff Walk
6. Kilkee Cliff Walk
7. Ballycotton Cliff Walk

A walking tour is a comparatively active form of travel, and it is crucial to understand that illnesses and accidents happen anywhere, anytime.

You may lose the remainder of your walking excursion investment and could be facing a comparatively hefty medical bill if you injured during the excursion. If you’re experiencing travel insurance Ireland cover, it is going to guard you in the medical costs and provide an emergency medical evacuation, in the event you require it.

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