5 Must-Have Apps for Every Traveler

1st April 2017

Modern day travel is enhanced by technology that helps wanderers keep things organized, find relevant information and even fix their sleep schedules once jetlag has gripped them.

When traveling the world solo, it’s important to find helpers anywhere and everywhere possible. These five apps will easily become must-haves for anyone who enjoys traveling.


Android | iOS

Anyone looking to keep their travel plans in line should download TripIt, an organizer app that is perfect for those who travel often (or not!). The app allows you to add details like flight numbers and times, hotel confirmations and car rental information as well as track flights, fares and points. It’s a great way to keep all of your travel plans in one spot and access confirmation numbers without scrolling through your inbox. The app also has a feature that allows you to forward confirmation emails to an address that auto-fills the details in.



Serving as a virtual assistant and concierge for travelers, Mezi—which is only offered on Apple’s iOS—offers a variety of services that can be used at home and abroad. The app provides a simply one-stop spot for things like booking flights or reserving hotels. Users can also find tickets for shows and attractions through Mezi. Aside from assisting with the booking of travel plans, the app also serves as a personal shopper, offering suggestions for new clothes, shoes, electronics or even home décor. Use it to locate a service or item while traveling, but make use of it while you’re at home too.

 Travel Pal

Android | iOS

Asking friends and family for information on destinations they’ve visited can be helpful, but what is even better is conversing directly with those who live in your desired city—and know it well. Travel Pal doubles as a way to get advice and a tool for finding somewhere to stay on your next trip. The chat feature allows users to discuss local activities, locations and experiences with those living in the city they plan to visit, but it also offers a couchsurfing-esque service where travelers can make plans to stay at a local’s home.



Nearly every trip to a far-off land results in a difficult return to reality. With time differences across the globe, jetlag is an expected side effect of world travel. There are few ways to fix such an effect, but the Binaural app is one of them. It generates binaural beats and combines them with colors to represent your mood or your environment. You choose the frequency, but the app generates the beats on its own. In addition to helping you get to sleep when you’re jetlagged, Binaural can be helpful for everyday meditation or relaxation. Use it while you’re away on a trip or all year round.


Android | iOS

As far as ridesharing goes, Uber is where it’s at. The company has become a popular name worldwide, helping those without cars get around in an efficient way that is also cheaper than any taxi ride. With everyday citizens serving as drivers, Uber is the perfect tool for travelers who don’t have access to a car and want to get somewhere with ease. Everything is done through the app: ordering a ride, tracking the driver and even payment. This makes it easy to get from place to place while traveling—without the headache of transit systems or the expense of taxis. Currently active in more than 80 countries, it’s helpful in most of the largest tourist regions in the world.

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