5 Reasons Road Trips are Better than Flying

8th February 2021

Whether you’re interested in travelling to the Florida keys to have fun on the beaches or heading up to view St. Albert real estate in Canada, there are at least five reasons you should be taking your car or RV rather than an aeroplane.


The first reason is clearly for the views you can see down on the ground rather than up in the air. Although seeing landscapes from a bird’s-eye view is pretty cool, nothing beats seeing things up close and personal. When travelling to your destination you’ll most likely come across new discoveries you wouldn’t have if you were up in the air.

Reduced Costs

Depending on where you’re going and who is coming with you, the costs can definitely vary. However, for the majority of instances driving will be your cheapest option. First off, have you ever bought a meal at an airport? It’s definitely not cheap. Not to mention the cost of an aeroplane ticket in addition to paying for luggage can quickly add up, especially when you’re paying for multiple people.

More Flexibility

As you may have guessed, once you board a plane, you’ll be on that plane until you reach your destination. Whereas, when driving, you can stop wherever and whenever you’d like. If you want to stop for ice cream or check out a popular museum or landmark you’re passing by, all you have to do is pull the car over and park.

Added Space

When travelling via car you are not limited to a certain weight limit of what you can or can’t bring. You can also add additional storage to your vehicle by purchasing a cargo storage container to place on top of your car. Also, depending on the number of people in the vehicle you’ll most likely have more legroom than you would in an aeroplane.

Quality Time

The amount of time you’ll have to enjoy conversation along the road will be plentiful. It’s not uncommon for aeroplane travellers to pop in their headphones, take a nap, watch a movie, or read a book. Not that you can’t do these things in the car, but you are more likely to delve into deep conversations and blast music with your friends and family during a road trip.

While a plane ride may be necessary at times to cut your travel time down, or perhaps you need to cross an ocean to get where you’re going, there are many reasons why travelling in your car also has its benefits. So, fill up your gas tank and head for the open road.

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