5 Reasons Why Yoga for Seniors is a Smart Idea

yoga for seniors

Older adults have risks that are not as prevalent for younger people. That is because of the mileage that they put on their bodies as they age. Making healthy choices for body and mind as they get older should allow them to live more comfortably as they reach their Golden Years.

Yoga is one activity from which virtually all seniors can benefit. In this article, we’ll talk about five of the key reasons why that is the case.

Seniors Need to Stay Active So They Remain More Limber

Any doctor will tell you that seniors need to stay active as they reach their later years. That is because if you don’t use your body, it becomes brittle. The joints are more likely to hurt, and a senior is more apt to break an ankle or hip if they don’t stretch as often as possible.

Stretching is one yoga component that practitioners particularly enjoy. It’s a low-impact activity, and it focuses on bending body parts that you need in order to continue walking around and moving in what most people consider normal ways.

A senior who takes yoga classes and stays limber is a lot less likely to fall in their home or when they go out for walks. If you plan on traveling when you get older, yoga can be part of what keeps you in suitable shape to do it.

It’s a Chance for Them to Socialize

Another nice yoga aspect is that those who do it can learn some basics, get themselves an inexpensive mat, and do it right at home. They can find a carpeted part of the basement, family living, living room, or bedroom, and have a yoga session whenever they like.

However, you can also go to a yoga class that a senior center or community center has once per week, or perhaps more often than that. These are chances for older adults to mingle and socialize with others their own age. Many experts feel like older adults who isolate themselves don’t do as well because their mental acuity can start to slip.

An older adult who has a couple of communal yoga classes on their calendar is likely to look forward to those days. It can give them something to do in retirement.

They Might Meet Someone Special at a Yoga Class

Some older adults are still single. Others might be widows. Another group might be in a post-relationship phase if divorce or a separation occurred for them at some point.

Some of them might be ready to start dating again, and a yoga class with individuals close to their age can be a place where they might find love or friendship. You are never too old to discover someone with whom you connect, and yoga has an intimacy aspect that can easily break down some walls.

Older adults who meet through yoga already know they have something in common. That can be the icebreaker that leads to a special bond with someone in their area.

Yoga Builds Confidence

Yoga can be a communal activity that promotes confidence and positive thought. It helps both the body and mind stay strong since meditation is often a part of it, along with movement and flexibility exercises.

Timid older adults sometimes find themselves more confident in their interactions if they attend yoga classes. Through meditation, they know themselves better. This can lead to them being more assertive in their relationships.

We often think that if someone has reached older adulthood, they are sure to be very self-confident. That’s not always the case, though. Yoga practitioners of any age can find a potentially life-changing confidence groundswell.

They Can Come to Terms with Their Mortality

Older adults are undeniably closer to the end of their life. That’s not always the easiest concept with
which a person can come to terms.

Yoga’s meditation aspect allows an individual to feel very deeply where they are in the world. It often leads to them being more comfortable within themselves.

An older adult who feels fear or anxiety about their mortality can sometimes start feeling better about it through the meditative yoga aspect. They can feel at one with the life force that is a part of themselves and every other living thing.

Very few individuals of any age who try yoga regret it. Seniors who start doing it can improve their lives in the ways we mentioned, and in many others as well.