5 Surprisingly Romantic Holiday Destinations

26th April 2017

For most couples, after than their wedding, the honeymoon is one thing that brings a different kind of excitement to look forward to. To make it more memorable, be sure to choose a destination that exudes romanticism. Clueless about where to go? Below are five of the best places you might find interesting.

The Cotswolds

This is the perfect choice for couples who prefer an idyllic escape. The Cotswolds is known for its rugged charm, and it is also a historic place. Taking a leisurely stroll through its different towns will be romantic, especially as it is often dubbed as an open-air museum. There are also traditional pubs where you can enjoy a drink and some fresh local food. Forget about staying in traditional hotels. For privacy and some quality time with your loved one, you can rent a lakeside cottage and while away the evenings in the secluded hot tub under the stars.


This exotic country is another unusual choice for a honeymoon, but it can be pleasantly surprising. The imperial cities of Meknes, Rabat, and Fez will be the perfect opportunity to learn about history during your honeymoon. In Marrakech, meanwhile, there are many traditional markets that you might find to be interesting. There are also many activities that you can try with your significant other, such as desert camping, camel trekking, and horseback riding. You will also love the huge selection of luxury hotels and romantic resorts, as well as restaurants that serve the finest Moroccan cuisine.


If you want to avoid the crowds, a honeymoon in Bhutan is the perfect idea. It is not as popular as other places, which is why you can expect that there will be no swarm of tourists, and you can expect to have a luxurious holiday in Bhutan. It has a distinct character and picturesque landscapes that will make it more romantic. There are high-end campsites and boutique lodges that will provide the perfect choices for places to stay. The Paro Valley, one of the most historic valleys in the country, will be worth exploring. It is home of the Tiger’s Nest monastery, which is one of the most iconic attractions in the country.

Sri Lanka

Whether you enjoy secluded beaches or you fancy the thought of having a personal encounter with animals in the wild, Sri Lanka is another excellent choice for a honeymoon destination. They have a diverse selection of hotels that will cater for every budget. It would be great to book accommodation in a safari camp, many of which can offer luxurious sleeping quarters. It is also a country that has a rich culture, which can offer not only a romantic experience, but a holiday that will be enriching for the mind.


This is another excellent choice for a tropical paradise for your honeymoon. It is famed for surfing, and the crowds can get intense. However, there are beaches with high-end resorts that are quieter. The accommodation in Seminyak and Nusa Dua are some of the best if you want to get away from the throngs of tourist. The island is large, so there are plenty of opportunities to go off and explore. If you do not mind the crowd, on the other hand, Kuta Beach is nice. For art lovers, stay in Ubud, which is known for their monkey forest and rice paddies.

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