5 Things To Know About Hemp Oil For Dogs

9th November 2020

The hemp industry is seriously booming, isn’t it? It seems that every time you think that they cannot invent anything else, the manufacturers from this industry surprise you with yet another amazing product. What’s more, they’ve gone from making supplements for people to making them for animals, meaning that our little four-legged friends can now also enjoy the benefits of this amazing plant.

The plant is most popular among the population of dogs, apart from humans of course. While canines might have certain different body parts than us humans, we have one significant thing in common. I’m talking about the endocannabinoid system, ECS in short. All mammals, including dogs, have this system and it is what makes the hemp oil products work so well in their bodies.

If you are thinking about getting this oil for your dogs, you are probably curious to learn more about the product, as every single responsible owner would be. So, let me get you acquainted with some of the things that you should know about hemp oil for dogs before buying it. That way, you can decide whether buying it is actually a good idea or not.

It Isn’t Psychoactive

I know that you are probably mostly concerned about the safety of this product, so let’s take a deeper look into that. As you might already know, hemp is a plant that comes from the cannabis family. The mention of cannabis might make you worried, but there is definitely no need for that. Hemp is actually known to be a high-CBD and low-THC plant. This means that it contains extremely low amounts of THC, which further leads to the conclusion that the plant isn’t psychoactive.

Since marijuana is probably what you have in mind when cannabis is mentioned, here’s something to help you understand the difference between marijuana and hemp: https://www.analyticalcannabis.com/articles/hemp-vs-marijuana-is-there-a-difference-311880

It Can Be Given To Healthy Dogs

Even though you might think that this is the type of product that is given to animals once they start exhibiting symptoms of certain health issues, that’s certainly not correct. Of course, it’s true that hemp oil can treat a wide variety of problems, but it is first and foremost a supplement that can be used by perfectly healthy animals. It boosts their energy, enhances their sleep and generally promotes good health.

It Is A Natural Pain Killer

It’s true that there are already pills and other types of medicines out there which can ease any kinds of pain that your doggie might be burdened with, but there’s something that makes this oil stand out from all of those. It’s organic and natural. What does this mean exactly for your canine and the pain that it might be feeling?

It means that the pain will go away once this oil is introduced, especially if that pain is located in its joints or the gastro-intestinal tracts. It also means another significant thing. While the pills that you can buy can usually cause some adverse effects, the same cannot be said for hemp oil. This supplement has been thoroughly researched and the compounds it is made of have proved to have no serious adverse effects.

It Can Manage Seizures

Few things are worse than watching your canine have a seizure without knowing what to do so as to help the poor animal. Epilepsy is not that uncommon among animals, no matter what you might think. Hemp for dogs can be of huge help when these epileptic disorders are in question, which is another important reason why people buy it for their pets.

Of course, this supplement cannot exactly completely cure epilepsy. What it can do, however, is manage the seizures and reduce both their frequency and their severity. This is certainly an important step towards treating epilepsy, which makes hemp oil for dogs all the more popular.

It Could Help Treat Cancer

Similarly to above, I don’t want you to expect that this oil can cure cancer. As great as that may sound, the truth is that this disease is rather aggressive and it cannot be cured by one simple product. Hemp oil can, however, help during the treatment process by reducing the treatment side effects and alleviating certain symptoms such as nausea and similar.

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