5 Types of People You’re Likely to Meet While Travelling

9th November 2016

Travelling the world serves to broaden your horizons significantly – helping you grow as a person and aiding you in learning to become independent of mum and dad.

However, while you’re off on this journey of self-discovery you’re likely to come across a number of different personality types – some of which may serve to rub you up the wrong way.

Here are the five types of people you’re likely to meet while travelling.

1. Top Lads

They’ve finished school and are now filling their pre-university-summer with a couple of weeks away in Thailand or Barbados. The Lads are on the prowl and they won’t let anything get in their way of having a good time.

Chugging beers, starting obnoxious chants and trying their best to get their end away with anything that walks, these chaps have substituted their bullish behaviour in the classroom for crazy anti-social antics which feed their own self-perceived validation of being a real ‘bloke’.

At a time when a page called the LADbible is one of the most popular on Facebook, it’s little shock this breed of partyer has emerged in force.

2.The Buddhist monk

Wherever you go on your adventure, you’ll always find one person who’s found themselves in a completely different way to everyone else.

These sorts tend to split opinion. You’ll either find them incredibly obnoxious and a little up their own backside, or develop a genuine respect for their newfound mastery of Zen Buddhism.

It’ll ultimately depend on how cynical you are as a person as to whether this spiritual (probably shirtless and tattooed-up) guru gets on your nerves or not.

3. Fellow (normal) expats

Don’t worry, normal people do exist out there too. The Secret Traveller probably sums it up best when they say: “While you probably decided to live in a place to get to know the locals, the friends you end up holding dearest will inevitably be other expats.”

When you think about it, that makes a lot of sense. After all, you can’t actually be the only person out there who’s nice and normal.

Even if it feels like you’re constantly surrounded by extreme characters, don’t worry – you’ll come across someone else like you eventually. If you don’t, I guess it means you’re one of the more extreme and polarising types?

4. The drama student

She’s looking for a career on the stage one day and wants to experience the world to give her a better understanding of ‘life’ – whatever that means.

A tattoo on her arm reads “Porque no?” (‘Why not?’ in Spanish) and she revels in telling you that last week she spent 14 hours on a bus travelling through Bolivia – without a toilet break. It doesn’t get much more ‘real’ than that.

Naturally, once this insane cultural experience is over she’ll head back to mummy and daddy’s estate in Berkshire and prepare for her upcoming course at Durham Uni. But hey, she’s seen more of the world than the majority of people she knows, so she must be the most well-rounded person you’ve met, right?

5. People clinging onto youth

It’s a tad sad, but you’re likely to bump into at least a few people in their late thirties to early forties who are still trying to fit in with the rest of the ‘kids’.

Whether it’s a mid-life crisis or a case of never having actually stopped going on holidays like this, these people make friends by buying your group lots of drinks (they can afford it, what with their career and all).

However, as the night goes on you’ll begin to wonder why Janet and Ken are grinding in the middle of the dancefloor, as you slowly begin to re-evaluate your choice of companions for the evening.

You’ll meet all sorts of great people on your journeys – some you’ll stay in touch with for the rest of your lives. While not everyone you come across will be your idea of a good time, you certainly shouldn’t let it sully your perceptions of travelling. These people are in the minority, after all.

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