5 ways you can save money on food

3rd March 2020

We all want to save a little extra money each month. And it just so happens that one of your biggest outgoings is also pretty crucial. I am of course talking about, your food bill. It’s tempting to cut back on things as much as possible, especially if you’re already on a tight budget – click here if you’re looking for a helpful budget calculator – but you have to remember that your health and wellbeing should come first. So, cutting back on healthy foods to save a little money isn’t wise.

Luckily there are ways that you can save money on food and still enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. Want to know more? Read on for 5 ways you can save money on your food bill.

Know what you have already

It’s frustrating to come back after your shopping trip, open the cupboards and discover you’ve bought duplicates of several items and if those items are perishables and have a short life then it’s even more irritating. The solution is easy: whilst you’re deciding which meals to cook and putting together your list, check your cupboards and fridge and take note of what you already have. It’s also a good idea to base your weekly meals around the items you already have available, that way you’re saving even more money!

Cook from scratch

If cooking isn’t your strong point then the idea of cooking meals from scratch can be daunting. But perhaps the fact that you could be saving hundreds of pounds each year is a good enough incentive to get yourself back in the kitchen! If you opt to make everything from scratch rather than purchasing a supermarket ready meal for example, then you can make large batches of meals and even freeze them to have on the days you can’t be bothered to cook. It’ll stop you reaching for the takeaway menu too!

Reduce your meat

A whole pack of chicken breasts isn’t cheap. And if all of your meals contain one element of meat then the cost of your food shop can quickly jump. If you really want to make a saving and not compromise on your health then consider cutting back on your meat consumption and filling your plate with plants instead. Don’t worry about your protein, you can still get everything you need and more with some great alternatives: Lentils, kidney beans, pinto beans, tofu, oats, potatoes, brown rice, nuts, seeds – the possibilities are endless and you can make some really tasty (and cheap) dishes too.

Always stock up on the basics

Basics such as beans, chopped or tinned tomatoes, spices, rice, pasta, lentils and kidney beans etc can all be bought in bulk and if you choose to stock up on them, it will certainly save you money in the long term. Keep an eye out for offers and always try to have these essentials in your cupboard, as that way you’ve always got back up!

Don’t be afraid of the reduced section

A torn box, a pie with a short shelf life, or meat and fish that need to be sold today. Don’t be afraid of the reduced section. Get to know the time of day when staff mark down the prices!

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