6 Natural Painkillers To Try

28th August 2019

Looking for a natural way to relieve pain? Here are 6 natural painkillers that could be worth trying as an alternative to over-the-counter medicine.


In some countries and states, it’s now legal to buy weed online. This plant-based drug has long been used to relieve pain and multiple studies have confirmed its effectiveness. Marijuana does come with other side effects which some people aren’t comfortable with – cannabis-based alternatives such as CBD oil may be able to provide the pain-numbing effects without the high. There are lots of ways to administer marijuana from smoking it to making edibles.


This household spice can also be used to relieve pain ranging from migraines to period pain. It is particularly effective at treating stomach pain and nausea and it is recommended for those with food intolerances, IBS and stomach flu. You can consume ginger in a number of ways. Ginger tea is a favourite option, whilst ginger biscuits can also work (providing it’s not gluten intolerance).


Turmeric is a member of the ginger family and has many similar effects to ginger. It is most commonly used to relieve joint pain and has many studies to support its effectiveness. Most people consume turmeric as a powder – usually dissolved in hot water. Turmeric is also commonly added to curries and can be sprinkled onto other foods such as scrambled egg or lasagne. There are even some coffee bars that sell turmeric lattes.


Why are chillies spicy? This is actually down to an extract found in them called capsaicin, which has an impact on our ability to regulated pain. Applying capsaicin cream to a painful area will often help to numb the pain. It is commonly used for joint pain, muscle pain and ligament damage. Capsaicin should never be consumed orally and you should avoid contact with the eyes, nose and any open wounds.


Cloves can also be used to help ease pain – this is because these herbs contain a natural anaesthetic called eugenol. Rubbing cloves onto the gums is an old trick to help ease toothache. Nowadays, you can do this using clove oil for maximum pain relief. Cloves may also help to ease other type of pain, although they are most effective against oral pain.

Devil’s claw

Another natural painkiller to try could be devil’s claw. This herb gets it’s name from its claw-like appearance, which it uses to hook onto animals fur and spread its seeds. Devils claw has long been used to treat gout, but it can also relieve back pain, muscle pain and migraines. You can consume devil’s claw as a liquid or a tablet.

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