6 Sustainable Products For Your Dog

31st October 2019

If you’ve already switched to eco-friendly products at home, you are likely to forget that your prized pet requires earth-friendly products too. Today, it’s prudent that you reduce environmental impact through what you consume and what you buy for your cats or dogs. Your pets won’t go shopping but you will. As such, it’s important to take home the products that are pet and eco-friendly.

Notably, too many pet products add pressure to conservation efforts. When everybody else is going green, it’s important that whatever you purchase for these animals is recyclable and biodegradable. The best move is to purchase less and more so invest in the best dry dog food 2019 options that last.

Remember, you need to know whether eco-friendly products that are buzzing in the Market are earth-friendly. When you start searching for sustainable pet products, remember to focus on companies that are committed to supporting environmental conservation in their operations.

Here are six 6 sustainable products for your Dog

1. Eco-friendly dog beds

Today, dog lovers are opting for beds that come designed from recycled materials. You need to skip the beds whose fillings consist of plastic chips and synthetic fibre. Environmentally friendly dog beds stuffed with recycled plastic and an organic fibre cover are the best. Where possible, you can get the old dog’s bed refurbished using earth-friendly materials. These dog beds will serve different purposes according to their design. They can be outdoor beds, orthopaedic or pillow beds. Your dog will love lounging out without the risk of allergies.

2. Eco-friendly dog treats

Instead of investing in junk dg treats, consider eco-friendly treats. It’s advisable to keep off junk food since your dog might end up obese. When you choose eco-friendly alternatives, you feed your pet healthy and natural ingredients. You end up wasting nothing and your dog won’t be at risk from the ingredients found in processed treats. You can prepare your homemade treats and still offer the dog appetizing flavours with anti-inflammatory qualities.

3. Eco-friendly dog toys

If you think it’s hard to find organic dog toys, it’s quite true. Most of the playthings you’d want to buy for your furry friend end up being laden with toxins and BPA compounds. Your dog will be chewing on the toxins, which puts him/her at risk. Fortunately, there are organic chew toys that won’t endanger your dog. You can find bamboo toys and critters. Old fabrics can be used to string together dog toys and you can purchase the used tug toys. Hemp dog toys are a good alternative as well.

4. Eco-friendly poop bags

If you’re used to ordinary plastic bags for your dog’s poop, consider the sustainable alternative. You can manage your pet’s waste sustainably using these bags that biodegrade fast. They are easy to compost and the supply is consistent.

5. Eco-friendly bamboo dog collars

Nowadays, dog leashes and collars are made out of eco-friendly material. They are easy to find. For instance, the bamboo collar is a worthwhile investment and you can find the embroidered version. There are hemp dog collars constructed using a combination of organic cotton threads and hemp strands. If you’re keen about chic dog looks, you can choose hemp dog collars that are made to match.

6. Sustainable cleaning products

Your pets need good grooming. Instead of the conventional chemical-laden shampoos and soaps, consider eco-friendly cleaning products. These products benefit your dog, your environment and your family. Luckily, you can make your cleaning product using home products. A mixture of vinegar (white) and baking soda will suffice. The concoction is almost free and its pet-friendly. You can find homemade pet cleaner recipes online.

Instead of going for toxic packed cleaning gels, you can choose plant or enzyme-based cleaners. Most of them meet regulations and you only need locally available ingredients to make them. If you opt for enzyme-based cleaners, they are ideal for the nasty messes. They help clean urine, dog vomit and poop too.

Additional options

There are other additions to the list of eco-friendly dog products. For instance, if you live in extreme weather and you love spending time with your pet outside, dog-friendly apparel is necessary. Jackets and body vests made out of lightweight, waterproof but eco-friendly materials will suffice. The materials are durable and they are environmentally friendly even when you compost them.

Feeing your dog determines its health status largely. To be safe, you can choose feeding bowls whose material doesn’t leach harmful chemicals into the dog’s food. You can choose stainless steel or ceramic since they don’t pose the lead or BPA threats found in plastic containers. Bamboo containers are a perfect option; they are hardy and chew proof.

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