6 Types of Vacation to Consider When Planning a Trip with Your Friends

3rd May 2017

Taking a trip with your friends can be a rewarding experience. There are often many opportunities to have fun, bond and make lifelong memories. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy for a break with your buddies to turn sour, especially if there are different personalities involved.

Planning to travel with your friends should be done carefully. Take into account everyone’s wishes, expectations and budgets. It’s not only important to consider the actual destination; you should also look into the various activities and attractions available in different places. Additionally, the type of trip that you choose can make or break your adventure.

1. All Inclusive Package Vacation

If you want a chilled out trip with your friends where you want to have fun and not worry too much about money, an all inclusive holiday can be ideal. There’s no worrying about how much spending money everyone has, as all of the basics are covered. Your accommodation is all paid for the duration of your trip. All your meals and drinks are included. Many resorts and hotels have a wide selection of onsite attractions and activities to keep guests happy, including pools, nightclubs, spas and shops.

2. Backpacking Adventure

An adventurous group of friends who share similar interests might love visiting several destinations on a backpacking trip. Despite the flexible nature of backpacking, it is especially important to make solid plans before departing on this type of trip. After all, is on the road really the best time to find out that you and your buddies have completely different ideas about what your ideal trip should be like?

3. Road Trip

Similar to a backpacking trip with your friends, but without the hassle of constantly figuring out your transportation, a road trip can be great for people who want to visit several places. Taking a road trip with a group also means that you can split the driving and navigating. Plan a basic route. Decide on the must-sees. Throw in some snacks. Sort your road trip soundtrack, check the tyres, and set forth to explore.

4. Camping Trip

A camping trip is perfect for people who love spending time at the heart of nature and in the great outdoors. It is easy to combine with a road trip or a backpacking trip. With the latter, however, it could quickly become tiring having to carry your gear from place to place. Depending on how many people are in your group, it might be well worth taking extra tents than you actually need. This gives everyone a bit more personal space. Can you imagine spending a week sharing an eight-person tent that’s stuffed to capacity?

5. Cycling Holiday

A cycling holiday can be a great way to see new places, get active, and do a favorite hobby at the same time. You could plan your route and explore independently. Alternatively, a planned trip often takes care of logistical matters, such as transporting your belongings from place to place. This leaves you free to simply peddle and enjoy the ride.

6. Multi-Day Guided Tour

If you want to see a variety of places on a trip with your friends, but know that a backpacking vacation wouldn’t be a good choice, how about joining an arranged tour? You can join others or, if there are enough of you and your funds will allow, you could consider a private tour for just your party. With your activities and accommodation already arranged for you, there are fewer decisions that need to be made by the group. Everyone will know the itinerary before they decide to go on the trip.

Think outside the box when planning a trip with your friends, discuss everyone’s desires and have a great time together.

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