7 Essential Self-Care Tips To Enhance Your Wellbeing

16th July 2019

Self-care by definition is about the process of taking a highly active role in your happiness and well-being, generally speaking, or particularly during times of stress.
Self-care will, of course, be practised in different ways by different people, but overall, it’s about nurturing our bodies and minds both to increase our quality of life. Here we will consider some of the best ways to practice self-care to better yourself.


For many people getting into habits of consuming junk food, coffee or alcohol can feel good at the time, but in the long run, this can make our bodies feel drained and our minds stressed. While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to that ice cream or pizza now and then, some studies indicate that our diets are closely linked to our mental health as well as physical. In order to feel amazing, it’s important to get enough fruits, vegetables, superfoods that are packed with nutrition and to drink plenty of water.

Get Creative

Now you might not think you are the creative type, yet sometimes it just takes trying something new to find a new passion! Practising some kind of artistic hobby; from writing to drawing, singing or learning a new instrument, can be an excellent nourishing practice of self-care to gain a sense of achievement and increase your wellbeing via the creative process. There are so many creative courses to try that could really aid your personal development.

Keep learning

Life-long learning is often praised for helping one to advance in their personal development and within their career too. Those who continue to keep seeking out new knowledge within their jobs will never become stagnant and uninspired. It could be reading, attending a talk, or taking a training course? Learning new things doesn’t have to only be channelled towards a career; it can take any form. Doing so can benefit us hugely via developing our intelligence, confidence, or social circles by trying new things. As we get older, learning new things can keep our brains active and slow the process of cognitive ageing.

Practice Yoga

Yoga is, of course, a highly beneficial practise for both our bodies and our minds. With our bodies, we will develop our core strength, flexibility, posture, balance, and general fitness levels. Yoga also benefits our minds by promoting a sense of calm and allowing us to meditate and focus on the present. There are so many different types of yoga to try from Hatha to Vinyasa, or Ashtanga (for more advanced practitioners). Many people begin yoga as a hobby and end up turning into their career!

Get active

Any form of exercise will get those endorphins pumping and help us to feel great! If you’re not a gym lover, why not try a dance class or join a sports team? Even small amounts of exercise can help to boost our moods so if you can only make time for a quick walk, that’s still great! Practising as a personal trainer can be the ultimate self-care gift to ourselves to put health our first and OriGym’s facts on personal training can give more information about everything you need to know!

Get outdoors

In an increasingly digital and fast-paced world, sometimes it can be tough to make enough time to connect with nature. Getting outdoors for a walk in the woods, going camping, hiking or swimming can really aid our minds and bodies. Getting outdoors enough can also help us feel more connected to the earth and ourselves. In addition to this, having nature inside the house, like plants, can enhance our wellbeing via ridding the air of harsh toxins.


Going travelling to see new parts of the world can be a fantastic practice of self-care because we are allowing ourselves the chance to see beautiful places and experience new cultures. We can learn lots about ourselves and gain new levels of independence and confidence in experiencing new parts of the world. As well as this, experiencing other cultures can help us to learn about negative issues in society and work towards promoting change.

Sometimes it can be challenging to put our health first when we are leading busy lives, want quick fixes, and have lots to do. Yet if you take steps toward improving your self-care, you’ll soon reap the rewards! Don’t forget to also think about self-care when you are working, give yourself enough breaks and set limits on overtime so that you don’t burn-out. Keeping a journal can help to aid you make plans about how to nurture your body and mind.

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