7 Tips To Follow If You Need To Send Money While On Vacation

10th January 2020

When you are planning a trip abroad, you need to know how to send money or receive money while travelling. There are seven tips below that will make travelling simpler. Plus, you need to research your vacation locations before leaving. When you have all the information you need about your vacation destination, you can travel with confidence.

1. Send Money Ahead Of Your Vacation

You should learn how to send money to the Philippines before your trip to pay for tours, accommodations, and travel in the country. You might transfer money to a local office, or you could transfer money to the bank account of the vendor. Along that train of thought, you should ask local vendors where local transfer offices are located.

2. Arrange For A Friend To Be Your Contact During Your Vacation

A friend back home should be your contact during your trip. This contact can check in with you during your trip, and they can send money to you if you ever run out.

3. Research The Locations You Plan To Visit

You need to know where local transfer offices or banks are located. You may travel to a remote location that has no proper services. If this is the case, you should ask the hotel or villa manager if there is a place where you can pick up money transfers. Also, you need to know where the local consulate or embassy is located. The embassy/consulate is the only safe place to go if you have an emergency during your trip.

4. Check the Exchange Rates

You need to know the exchange rate for the Filipino peso before you start your trip. When you check the exchange rates, you cannot be sure that the rates will remain the same. However, the exchange rate for any currency gives you an idea of how much money you should bring on the trip. The rate makes a difference when you send money ahead of your trip, and the exchange rate will apply when a friend sends you more money during your trip.

5. Can You Spend American Dollars?

You must ask your vendors if American dollars are legal tender where you are travelling. Some vendors prefer to receive American dollars, and you should plan to bring some American currency with you. You might ask your friends to send American dollars when you need more money, or you could split your currency between Filipino pesos and American dollars.

6. Plan For Travel

Sending money to the Philippines should help you pay for travel. You may send money ahead of your trip for ferries and rental cars. If you are travelling to a large country, you might pay for the train and bus fare. Plane trips are required during your vacation if you are travelling between islands or flying into a remote location. Sending money in advance of your trip prevents you from carrying too much cash on your trip.

7. Carry Traveler’s Cheques

You have sent quite a lot of money to your vacation destination before the trip, and you do not necessarily need to carry extra cash with you. You may bring traveller’s cheques on your trip to protect yourself. Traveller’s cheques can be replaced if they are lost or stolen, and they are accepted around the world.

Plus, you could ask friends back home to send money to your bank account if you need extra cash. You want to do everything you can to carry as little cash as you can. You could bring your debit card with you, and you can use credit cards during the trip because they are easy to cancel and replace.


Your next trip abroad should include money transfers that help pay for your hotel, villa, and travel. Friends back home can send money to you if you are in need, and you can carry traveller’s cheques during the trip to protect yourself. Check the exchange rates before you travel abroad, and ask your local vendors where you can pick up money transfers. You need to know where the local embassy is, and you should ask if American dollars are a preferred form of payment in the area.

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