8 Best Things to Do in Las Vegas for 12-Year-Olds

Fuji Instax at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas

Your 12-year-olds can enjoy fabulous shows and activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than a city for adults to gamble and perform adult-oriented activities. It is also a city where families with children can find enjoyable activities suitable for all ages. Las Vegas has appropriate shows, rides, adventures, sports activities, and other fun things for 12-year-olds to experience.

Here are the top eight things for 12-year-olds to do in Las Vegas.

1) Cirque du Soleil Shows

The Cirque du Soleil entertainment production company currently produces six active shows at Las Vegas. Five out of six Cirque shows are family-friendly and suitable for children. They include Michael Jackson ONE, The Beatles LOVE, Mystere, Ka, and O.

Each show differs in some ways but is similar in others. Cirque shows are best known for their athleticism, death-defying acrobatics, stuntwork, comedy, music, costumes, storylines, visual effects, and other great surprises. They are all exciting adventures and appropriate for 12-year-olds to see them.

2) Marvel Avengers STATION

What 12-year-old child doesn’t love the Marvel Avengers characters? If you take your 12-year-old child to the Marvel Avengers STATION at the Treasure Island Hotel, they will have the time of their lives. The museum showcases the most popular and world-renowned Marvel superhero characters in life-size form.

You and your child will see the Marvel superheroes in their costumes while displayed in interactive exhibits. The interactive element allows your 12-year-old to become a trained agent of the STATION and visit top-secret areas of the STATION never seen before.

3) Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings is a medieval-themed action show in King Arthur’s Arena at the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas. It is one of the few places in the modern age where you can see medieval warriors dueling each other with swords, chains, and shields in a crowded arena. Their demonstration of athleticism, courage, and choreography make it an impressive sight to see for people of all ages.

Don’t worry about taking 12-year-olds to see the Tournament of Kings because the action content is family-friendly without blood or gore. It is no different than taking a 12-year-old to a WWE wrestling match, except this is medieval battle theatre rather than wrestling theatre. You can find details about the show on this site if you’d like to learn more about Tournament of Kings and the complimentary dinner offered to its guests.

4) Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas

Wet n’ Wild Las Vegas is the perfect family-oriented waterpark in Las Vegas. People of all ages can enjoy swimming and splashing with their friends and family members at this popular waterpark in the Nevada desert. The waterpark features over 25 waterslides of all different shapes, sizes, and heights. There are even a few unique attractions like the Canyon Cliffs and Toronado

5) Neon Museum

Fuji Instax at the Neon Museum, Las Vegas

The Neon Museum is one of the country’s most fascinating and original museums. It is best described as a “neon boneyard” that showcases the classic neon signs which used to hang on hotels and venues during the earlier days of Las Vegas. Some of the neon signs have been restored and put back on display in Downtown Las Vegas.

Any child over ten years old will enjoy visiting the Neon Museum. Even if they don’t fully appreciate the historical significance of the neon signs, they can still enjoy seeing the gorgeous colorful illuminations coming from them.

6) Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds at the Venetian Resort Hotel is a prominent wax museum showcasing realistic wax figures of celebrities, such as actors and sports figures. There are over 100 lifesize wax figures of all different stars, including Elvis Presley, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Johnny Depp, Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, and many others.

The museum also has large wax exhibits of fictional Marvel characters like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk. Of course, every 12-year-old’s fantasy is to have their picture taken next to their favorite Marvel superhero. Your 12-year-old can make that dream come true by visiting Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas.

7) The Adventuredome

The Adventuredome is an indoor amusement park featuring bumper cars, roller coasters, and other fun rides across five acres of property at the Circus Circus Hotel in Las Vegas. It is a fun place to take any 12-year-old who likes to go on rides and have a great time. Sometimes you can find unique themes at the Adventuredome during holidays like Halloween.

There is no shortage of things to do at the Adventuredome. The attractions include video game arcades, miniature golf, clown shows, virtual reality, balloon bust, basketball, darts, bungee jumping, and circus performances.

8) Slotzilla

Slotzilla is a giant slot machine approximately 12 stories high. It offers two zipline attractions where you can zipline across Fremont Street while viewing all the beautiful neon lights and buildings surrounding you. Nighttime is the best time to zipline from the building if you want your 12-year-old to have this enhanced experience.

Please note that your 12-year-old must be accompanied by an adult rider to participate in the zipline. You can choose to take them to the Zip-Zilla zipline at 77 feet high and traveling about 850 feet across Fremont Street. Either that or you can go higher to the Super-Hero Zoom zipline at 114 feet tall and a length of about 1,700 feet across the street.


Now you know how 12-year-olds can have a fabulous time during a family trip to Las Vegas. As long as adults accompany 12-year-olds, they can experience most shows and attractions in the city. So all you really have to do is figure out which shows and attractions to take them to during your Las Vegas trip.

Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas about them after reviewing the list above. But remember that Las Vegas has several more great shows and attractions suitable for 12-year-old children too.