8 Fairs You Should Visit This Summer

Fairs were always a part of a culture. Initially, they were commercial gatherings, allowing merchants from different places to exchange goods. America’s first fair was held in the historic old town of York in 1765, in modern Penn Park. If you haven’t done it before, it’s your sign to visit this year’s York State Fair and get a gist of fairs’ long tradition.

Nowadays, you can find a fair of any shape, color, and form. Books, art, science, state fairs, anything to bring people together and create unique memories. Many of these fairs are not one-day events. You need to dedicate several days to visit all the stands and get acquainted with all the attractions it offers.

Fairs are a must on any student’s bucket list. After all, you deserve some good summer adventure after nights of figuring out questions like “how to write my research paper” or “what is the most effective method of learning.” It is a great way to meet new people with whom you can connect and share your interests. On the other hand, you can find something useful for your upcoming semester at the fair.

All you need is an entry ticket, a place to stay if you come from a different town or state, and a way to reach the town. Other than that, you are not obliged to exceed your expenses. But, oh, how tempting it may be.

57th Street Art Fair

Date: June 4-5
Place: Chicago, IL

The 57th Street Art Fair is celebrating its 75th Anniversary, so it’s a must to attend it this year. The fair is held on the streets of Hyde Park neighborhood, a picturesque place to get acquainted with different art. As an addition to one-of-a-kind art shopping and a part of your summer break, you should visit other Chicago attractions as well. In other words, this fair is perfect for connoisseurs of wood, glass, ceramic, and leather art, printmaking, and sculpture.

The Lakeshore Art Festival

Date: June 25-26
Place: Muskegon, MI

The fair was founded in 1961 when Hackley Park turned into a center of art and craft shows. It is an annual festival that encourages artists to engage in art and craft shows, performing arts, and interactive arts. The festival also supports eco-friendly initiatives and would be perfect for anyone who wants to spend their time at an open-air fair at Lake Michigan shore. You can easily apply to participate in art competitions or just support artists with a penny.

Greater St. Louis Book Fair

Date: July 14-17
Place: Ballwin, MO

Greater St. Louis Book Fair is a must for people who love rare books, comics, or ephemera and want to support local charities. Fair promises the unique experience of engaging with the community and finding treasures you won’t see anywhere else. Of course, it may not be as grand as other events, but it is worth checking and visiting. You can find something for as cheap as five bucks but contribute to local education programs and aid, which makes this experience quite rewarding on its own.

Black Paperback Book Fair

Date: July 24
Place: Louisville, KY

If you know something about literature, you know you have to move from commercial-driven publishers to the local communities. Black Paperback is a book fair that supports POC writers and publishers that often remain overlooked by mainstream media (which is a great loss for everyone).

This fair is a real gem for people who want to speak with authors, get to know their stories, and support their art without spending too much money on entries and overpriced goods. As a young aspiring author yourself, you can get a lot of insights and experience from attending Louisville’s Black Paperback.

York State Fair

Date: July 22-31
Place: York, PA

State Fairs resemble the ones that were held centuries ago, with agricultural and livestock competitions and the opportunity to buy something from local farmers. Modern York State Fair has a bit more entertainment like live DJ sets, stand-up performances, and amusement parks on the fair territory. You should check all dates presented by the organizers, as sometimes something is added and something can be rescheduled. York State Fair should be a top choice, at least for its history and various things to attend.

Vilas County Fair

Date: August 11-14
Place: Eagle River, WI

Vilas County fair is an authentic agricultural fair with various entertainment events for you and your friends. If traveling abroad this year didn’t work for you, you can always get to know more about the American spirit at fairs like Vilas County. After a day of flowers, vegetables, and other exhibitions, you can enjoy local bands and open-air attractions. Should it be said that the food at the fair should be a top-notch Midwestern cuisine?

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Date: August 6-7, 13-14, & 20-21
Place: Bonney Lake, WA

An immersive experience for those who value a good authentic fantasy and medieval adventure. Each week of the fair has a theme:

  • Masked Marauders;
  • Fairytales and Fantasy Adventures;
  • Across the Multiverse;

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire offers entertaining performances, quests, storytimes, dancing, and many other events. So don’t miss a chance to learn more about it. 

Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival

Date: August 20 – September 25
Place: West Newton, PA

Once in the season, West Newton turns into a magical dimension for your exploration. This fair has everything to offer, with each weekend introducing a new theme: 

  • Magic and Mystique Opening Weekend; 
  • Celtic Weekend; 
  • Children’s Weekend; 
  • Wine Revelry;
  • Pirate Invasion Weekend; 
  • Love and Romance Weekend.

You have an opportunity to experience one of the biggest renaissance fairs with all kinds of performances and quests. Also, note that this fair is not a pet-friendly event.


Sometimes it would be very convenient to know how to multiply yourself to attend all of those fairs and festivals at once. Every event offers you something that you can’t find anywhere else. We think it’s all about people and their hospitality, rarities, delicious food, and dress-up quests. Whatever you choose, you won’t be disappointed.