8 Tips To Have An Incredible Jamaican Vacation

8th July 2016

So, you want to travel to Jamaica. There aren’t many people who would turn up their nose to a vacation in this wonderful setting. It’s on the top of many bucket lists, and there are so many different things to do and enjoy. Although you’re bound to have a lovely time, doing plenty of research will always help you to have a better time. The 8 tips in this guide should get you off to a great start. Take a look!

Choose Your Location Carefully

Although you’ll have a brilliant time wherever, choosing your location based on what you want is important. Sometimes, you may need to get transport or drive a fair bit to get to your accommodation, so you need to make peace with that – it could take a good few hours. If you’re looking for a romantic trip, Negril can’t usually be beaten.

Peak Season/Off Peak

Whether you come here during peak season or off peak, it’s down to your personal preferences. Peak season is December to April, while off peak is May to November. Between July and August you’ll be able to avoid the rainy season. If you want to avoid crowds, then going off peak season could be an idea, but bear in mind some places offer limited services during these times.

Be Aware Of Vendors

Vendors and pushy salespeople can be found just about anywhere you go. If you’re used to travelling abroad, then you’re going to know what this means. However, the people in Jamaica can be a little more pushy than usual. They don’t like to take no for an answer and you’ll usually find they don’t give up. This isn’t something that will ruin your trip, so don’t worry. If you don’t want to be bombarded with pushy sales people, then simply avoid vendors altogether.

Be Prepared To Make Friends

Jamaican people aren’t all pushy salespeople. In fact, the people who work in the resorts are so lovely, and you can tell that they genuinely just want to be your friend. They’ll call you cute pet names, and it doesn’t come across fake at all! You’ll struggle not to love them. Make sure you’re ready to chat to them and have fun.

Choose Your Excursions Carefully

One of the great things about Jamaica is that you can literally just chill out on the beach all day and have a great time. That being said, anybody who has been will tell you that an excursion is a must. Read up before you go and get an idea of what you want to see, or better yet speak to couples who have been there a bit longer and see what they say. They might give you some great tips! One gorgeous place you might like to see is Dunn’s Waterfall. It’s so worth missing a day of sunbathing for! You can also go caving, snorkeling, and rafting. There’s a Bob Marley museum in Kingston Jamaica too!

Get Ready To Live On Island Time

Ahh, Island time. Always behind regular time. If you don’t like waiting around, tough. Nobody is in a rush in Jamaica. They are so chilled out and laid back. They’ll do anything for you, and will do their best to make sure you have a good time – they just won’t do it in a hurry. You can’t be in a rush if you’re travelling here.

Read Up On Local Laws

You should do this wherever you go, even Jamaica. Although Jamaica is a very chilled out place, you still want to read up on the laws and regulations before you arrive. It never hurts to be properly prepared!

Keep Your Valuables Safe

Jamaica is a very safe place to visit. There’s no need to worry about that. However, keeping huge wads of cash on you and wearing your most expensive jewellery is probably a bad idea. If people see you pulling out cash all the time, they are going to be even more pushy when it comes to buying stuff. Plus, it can easily be assumed you have lots of money to spare if you’re wearing a ton of jewellery. Keep it simple here and keep your valuables safe. Don’t keep your money on you at once and make sure you’re not dripping in finery.

I hope these tips have made you excited for your vacation and you feel prepared! Whether you’ve booked it yet or not, these tips will help you to have an amazing time. Leave your own thoughts and tips below. Have a wonderful vacation!

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