A Brief Intro to CBD Oil Products For Pets

16th August 2020

CBD, fully known as cannabidiol, is a medicinal extract of the cannabis sativa plant that has taken the health and wellness market by storm. It is known to be a remedy for a variety of health conditions ranging from immune system issues, to arthritis and joint pains as well as anxiety and insomnia, to many other issues inclusive of general wellbeing.

Various Forms of Cannabidiol for Your Pet

CBD’s benefits is not limited to human use. As you can see from the testimonies from pet parents’ here, it can also be of great benefits to animals which include your cat or dog. There are various ways of applying CBD oil, but for your pet, its use will most often be orally. Cannabidiol supplements made for pets will come in various forms which will include these basic forms:

– Capsules
– Oils
– Infused treats

You may not know exactly what these mean so we’ll briefly explain what they each mean.


The capsules that you will likely be giving your pet contain cannabidiol in its full spectrum. It further contains natural hemp that is mixed with flavonoids as well as terpenes. A lot of CBD producers would advise in favor of capsules rather than oils, suggesting greater convenience in using them. In your use of capsules for your pets, the maximum dose has already been factored in and there is no need for you to do your own calculation any time you want to administer it. Furthermore, you are likely to have come across those statements that affirm that CBD capsules are very suitable for senior pets who suffer from conditions like arthritis, inflammation and pain. The arguments though have not been made on how exactly capsules better oils.

Oil Tinctures

These are what you usually see when you Google for information on CBD, the dropper with its glass bottle. This gives a convenient way of being a bit exact in measuring dosage. For your pet, you will realize sooner that there are a number of ways to administer oil tinctures to it. One such way is a direct squirt into your pet’s mouth. Aim for the part of the mouth below the tongue. This enables a direct absorption into its bloodstream. Once you have done this direct squirt, give it some food to ensure that the supplement has actually been swallowed.

Another way is to squirt the oil on its favorite treat. Use a treat that is soft to allow for absorption of the tincture. For instance, canned salmon scoops, dog muffins, boiled chicken, plain yoghurt or mashed sardines. Another way would be adding it to its main meal. You should note that the workability of this method is dependent on your having a regular regime which will include your feeding your pet at least twice daily. If you choose to go this way, you must ensure that the entire food in the plate is eaten alongside the supplement.

These oils are widely sold, increasing the possibility of buying low quality products. Thankfully, there a websites like https://www.holistapet.com that can be trusted to always provide the details you need to know about CBD products, oils and all.

Infused Treats

Unlike some people think, there are other CBD gummies alternatives other than infused treats. There are quite numerous varieties of the product in different flavors and forms. You have such varieties as bacon biscuits, chews and peanut butter roasts bites.

Going for the Most Effective for Your Pet

When it comes to effectiveness, the oil tincture is the best form of the product range for pets. There are reasons for this assertion.

1. The concentration of cannabidiol in tinctures is higher than what is available in treats and capsules.

2. In a tincture, you have the value of giving the natural oil with all its effects.

3. Capsules come with vegetarian ingredients layer in its exteriors. This layer prevents a rapid reaction of the gel within in comparison to squirting the oil directly under the tongue.

4. Treats infused with CBD are made under high temperatures, which weaken the potency of cannabidiol it contains. This leaves you without actual information of how much cannabidiol still left in it.

Knowing the right dosage of CBD supplement for both pets and humans is a serious issue when it comes to the intake of this medication. There are yet no regulated recommendation of doses, neither are there general guidelines acceptable to all. Under this situation, the manufacturers have the call to determine the amount of cannabidiol in their treats or capsules. So, it is always reasonable to remember that the dosage you are applying is dependent on a manufacturer and not be taken aback when another manufacturer has something else.

In Conclusion

Research on CBD is still in its nascent stage. However, present clinical trials and evidence from users who have administered it over time it to their pets hint of the potential CBD has to positively deliver treatment even in very severe cases of ill health.

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