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I’m not really sure when my journey began. Maybe when I left Canada for the first time at age 21 to visit Cuba with my sister and mom after my dad died. Or when I met my ex-partner while working in San Diego, which saw us move to the UK, back to Canada, before downscaling all our belongings to two backpacks and heading to Asia for a few months… which turned into two years.

top floor plunge pool

Or maybe my journey truly started when I embarked on the nomad life solo, trading that relationship for a bicycle and cycling from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin, via Bangkok and the Balkans. 

I planted some roots in Berlin — metaphorically, but also literally with my 70+ houseplants. The expat life in Berlin has definitely opened up some new work, play and travel doors for me — ones that I couldn’t imagine 10, let alone 20, years ago.  

But if this journey is about the moments when my life really changed, perhaps it all started when I became vegan or caught the yoga bug. And things really shifted gear again when I did my first, then my second yoga teacher training…

Yoga Teacher Training Europe

So, you get the picture — I’m about the journey: the literal traveling ones, the self-development and spiritual ones, and the veganism and wellness ones. I’m constantly trying new things, I have no problems changing my mind, and I’m not a big believer in following the easy, expected, or well-trodden path.

One more thing to know about me — I like to write everything down and let you know what is good, what works, and what isn’t worth your time.

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