Achieve A Swoon-worthy Smile Using 5 Reliable Ways

10th June 2020

A bright white smile makes it easy to greet the world. If you’ve noticed some yellowing or staining of your teeth, there are many things you can do at home to return your teeth to pearly white. If you’re looking for simple ways to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile, be aware that there are plenty of options that won’t increase enamel sensitivity.

1) Food and Drink

Drinking plenty of water, especially if you drink coffee or tea, is critical to maintaining white teeth. Luckily, it’s also great for your health in general. In addition to keeping your water intake high, include fresh, crunchy veggies and fruits into every meal, and try to make them a big part of your snacking routine as well. This includes

  • celery
  • carrots, and
  • apples
  • These foods stimulate saliva production and protect your teeth from any remaining food particles.

    Even food rinds can help promote healthy dental enamel. Banana peels are loaded with magnesium, critical for enamel strength. Rub your peel on your teeth for two minutes before tossing or composting it, then rinse and brush afterwards. Orange peels, rich in limonene, work too.

    2) Home Whiteners

    It’s curious that turmeric, which will stain your kitchen and your clothes, works to brighten your teeth. Mix a bit with melted coconut oil, brush with it and let it sit on your teeth for three minutes, then spit it into the garbage container and follow up with your regular brush and toothpaste. You can also rinse with coconut oil as an antibacterial to protect your teeth. Anytime you use coconut oil in a mix or on its own, avoid putting it down the drain; it will clog up the plumbing.

    3) What to Avoid

    Acid is hard on your teeth. Coffee and tea are both acidic, and they’re dark. If you like a cup of coffee at the office and can’t get away to brush your teeth after, make sure to rinse with water and chew some sugar-free gum to promote saliva flow to wash away any remaining staining compounds.

    Try to break the soda habit. Even diet soda is high in acids that are hard on your tooth enamel. These products can also create a film on your teeth that make it hard for saliva to do the protective work of keeping your teeth and gums moist.

    4) Put In the Time

    When you brush, be sure to aim for two minutes of brushing. Think of your mouth as four different sections: Upper left and right, and lower left and right. Spend at least 30 seconds on each section. Put on a favourite (short) tune and gently brush until the song is over.

    Always use a toothbrush with fluoride to protect your dental enamel. Be sure to also always use a soft-bristle brush. Be ready to replace it every three to four months. Brush gently to loosen and remove foods, as opposed to grinding them into your gums.

    If you use a mechanical brush, carefully review the difference between products that rotate and those that vibrate. If you have any gum disease at all, work with a rotating tool and use a gentle touch. The goal is to let the tool sweep away food particles at the gum line, so lighten up to let the bristles work effectively.

    5) New Therapies

    The world of whitening products used to have a reputation for being hard on your enamel and causing increased sensitivity. In addition, commercial whiteners such as those that contain activated charcoal as an abrasive were once messy to work with and unpleasant on the tongue. Luckily, there are now many products that can both whiten and protect your enamel, and you can even get a charcoal whitening powder with a mint flavour! You’ll find a wide variety of options when you check this website.


    The goal is to keep your teeth healthy, white, and strong. The long-term goal is just to keep your teeth! By watching what you eat and drink, being vigilant about hydration and by avoiding acidic, enamel-wearing products, you can protect your smile for the future.

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