Amazing Road Trip Destinations in the U.S. You Have to See

3rd January 2019

In the early part of the 1990s, gas prices dropped significantly, an average cost being about $2.25 per gallon. During this time, many families took advantage of these low prices by embarking on amazing California road trip itineraries.

Now, with gas prices at historic lows, it’s time to embrace the amazing experience of the road trip once again. However, do you know where to go, or even how to prepare for your journey? If not, then the information here is for you. While you can find helpful information in driving guide, you can also use the list here to find some amazing road trip destinations.

1. The Historic Columbia River Highway in the State of Oregon

For an amazing drive with beautiful scenery, take a 74-mile ride down the Columbia River Highway. Found just on the outskirts of Portland, Oregon, you can expect to see mountains, bridges, rivers and waterfalls.

Most of this historic route follows the Oregon Route 35 and U.S. Route 30, through the area that runs concurrent with interstate 84 between The Dalles and Portland. You can easily complete this road trip starting in Portland and ending in Hood River in a single day, or stretch out for a few days, enjoying the lodgings along the way. And m.ake sure to check this guide to the best hotels in Portland.

2. Going-to-the-Sun Road in the State of Montana

This road stretches 50 miles along a jagged cliff. Your entire journey is spent hugging the side of the mountain, but this is the only road that will take you to Glacier National Park located in Northwest Montana.

You can begin this journey from either Route 86 or Route 2 and your journey will take you alongside the majestic Lake MacDonald, under glacial covered mountain tops, into deep valleys and to the beautiful Saint Mary Lake, where you can see the high gushing crystal waterfall.

3. The Historic Route 66 in the Middle Portion of America

This is a quintessential road trip that every American needs to take at least once in their life. From the years 1926 to 1985, the historic Route 66 curved around more than 2,500 miles, passing through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona and then ending in California.

You have a few options – you can travel the entire expanse of Route 66, or just venture down the part that goes through your state. Route 66 is a historic part of American history and something everyone needs to experience at least once in their life.

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