An Ultimate Pre Trip Checklist For You

12th March 2020

Are you also one among those forgetful travellers who forget something or the other either during your weekend trip to the beach or a long trip for a month? A few days before any trip can indeed be hectic and stressful. In order to be free from all the lapses you have, a pre-trip checklist will turn out to be beneficial. These are some of the things you should do before you travel:

1. Get your paperwork in order

The first and the foremost step to begin your exciting travel is to get all your paperwork in order. The most important pre-trip paperwork includes passport, insurance, and visa. Before you even start planning for your trip, check the expiry date of the passport and renew it if necessary. It is really good if you can make a copy of all the important documents you are carrying and stash a copy in your luggage. Save a copy online as well. Check the entry and the exit date on your visa to know the time you have to stay in the place you are visiting. Don’t neglect or make the mistake of not taking Travel insurance and Travel health insurance as it will cover your trip and stuff and also you in case of emergency or treatment.

Your ATM cards or Credit cards can charge you additional fees when it is used abroad in different countries. Hence it is important to get travel-friendly credit and debit cards to manage your spending habits for your favourite brands or products. Carrying travel-friendly cards can minimize your expenditure and help you avoid fees and also enable you to redeem more points. Keep your cards safe and withdraw little money or whenever required in your local currencies in case of loss or theft.

It is not about getting a yellow fever vaccination to visit certain countries, but it is about enjoying your trip to the maximum by leaving, staying and returning healthy from your wonderful trip. Certain things can’t be predicted and hence it is good to always be ready for whatever happens in an emergency. Make a visit to the doctor for a check-up and other necessary vaccinations depending upon the country or the place you are visiting. Carry a basic first-aid kit with medicines, cotton, antibacterial liquids, inhaler, epi-pen, etc. to be ready to face any small sickness or injury.

It is essential to pack strategically to end up not being disappointed or to lack any of the required essentials during your travel. If you have planned your trip for more than a week or two or a month or two, the travelling experts have stated that rolling your clothes is superior to folding it and keeping inside a bag or a suitcase. Tightly rolled clothes take less space than the folded ones and they also are less prone to getting wrinkles. Make sure you carry only small quantities or bottles of all the toiletries, and cosmetics you need as certain airlines wouldn’t allow liquid or gels. Carry a washed and clean pair of shoes or an extra pair of slippers to style according to the clothes you wear and also to your comfort.

Do something exciting and relaxing to begin your trip or your travel in the right way. If you have planned to hit the beach or go for trekking and camping, wouldn’t it be amazing to go hair-free to make your travel easy and sweat-free? Laser hair removal is one of the best hair removal treatments to wipe out all your unwanted body hair. A few weeks or a month before your trip, make an appointment in the finest clinic that offers the best laser treatment by experts or certified cosmetologists. You will not be able to find immediate hair loss after one session. Additional 4 to 6 sessions will damage the hair follicle that is targeted by the high laser beams during the treatment.

It is true that everyone wishes for beautiful and glowing skin. This hair removal treatment will enable you to walk in confidence and enjoy every little thing you do during your travel and trip. Whether it is your hands, legs, chest, back, face, bikini line or any other areas in your body, the laser can completely erase the unwanted hair by eliminating the growth of ingrown hairs, and other side effects such as burns, rashes, etc. Go for this pain-free treatment for smooth and silky skin.

So it is time you prepare your pre-trip list to make your trip the most memorable one.

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