Are You Ready For the Parkeology Challenge? Fitting All the Rides in a Single Day

To do the Parkeology Challenge, you have to ride all the open Disney rides (at a resort of your choice) in one operating day. So, depending on where you are (Disneyland vs. Disney World), your challenge may include two or four theme parks, so choose carefully.

The challenge requires participants to use Twitter to post pictures of themselves taking the rides (one picture per ride), so you’ll have to be able to use your smartphone or camera. Keep in mind that if you miss posting one picture, the challenge will be seen as incomplete.

Now, you may wonder: is it possible? And if yes, is it worth it? Also, should you do it?

As it turns out, the challenge is doable, but it will take a lot of energy and a good amount of planning. Also, if this is your first time at one of the Disney resorts, we recommend enjoying the experience and leaving the challenges for another time. When you’re focused on taking all the rides in one day, you’re losing sight of all the fun you can have.

So, without further ado, here are a few tips for those of you who decide to take the challenge and win:

Meticulous Planning is the Key

Even if you decide to do the challenge at Disneyland, there still are a lot of rides to cover, so you can’t get away with it if you decide to wing it. On a side note, if you’re not trying to do the challenge but only have one day to enjoy the Disney magic, you still need a plan.

First, check to see which rides are open on the day you’ll be there, and make sure to get tickets that let you park hop. Also, make sure you have the right gear to support this adventure since you’ll need to stay hydrated and energized to pull it off.

While planning, select the rides you want to try and decide on the order. Also, look for single-rider lines to avoid wasting time waiting in line. Still, before you do that, check all the pros and cons of Disney’s single-rider lines, as it’s not always the best option.

Stay at a Disney Resort

When time is short, the best decision you can make is to stay close to the parks. This way, you can jump out of bed and run to the first ride before things start to get crowded. We recommend hitting the most popular attractions first; this way, when it gets busy, you can move ahead to the rides that are not as crowded.

Also, you’ll need a place to rest once you’re done with all the rides you can hit in one day. This is a serious challenge, and it will take up all your energy, so don’t underestimate it!

Be Prepared for a Long Day

The only way to hit as many attractions as possible (if not all) is to take advantage of the time during which the park is open. So, you’ll be there early in the morning, and you’ll be among the last to leave.

This means you’ll have to factor in meals and a few breaks. Also, if you’re doing the challenge, you’ll have to take and post pictures, so you have to worry about finding good angles and taking amazing photos.

Now, you can take this as an additional chore or an opportunity to improve your travel photos. If you choose the latter, you may also have some fun while doing this crazy challenge, right?

Wrap Up

Whether you want to see if you can do the Disney experience in one day or if this is your only day at the resort, you will have to plan and prepare. Don’t take this task lightly, and don’t forget that you’re there to have fun and enjoy the magic.