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Yoga Retreat Bali 2022: Finding the Best Retreats

The beautiful island of Bali has become known in the health-minded sphere to be an incredible location for all things spirituality, wellness, decadent spa treatments, veganism, palm tree house galore, and of course yoga. And when it comes to taking a yoga retreat Bali is truly like nowhere else — there is no better place. For years now, people have been flocking to the island at all stages of their yoga journey to take a break from their daily life and experience all the incredible energy and rejuvenation retreats the island has to offer to practice yoga or do a yoga teacher training.

If you think you're not advanced enough or not good enough (I hear that often), here's one of many yoga quotes I truly love: "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." There are yoga retreats in Bali for everyone's individual needs, and I hope this post inspires you to take your first step towards fitness retreat packages that include daily yoga sessions, an outdoor swimming pool, beautiful beaches, palm trees and other lush vegetation, and healthy food (some raw foods too) in the most beautiful setting.

With countless Bali yoga retreats and fitness retreats ranging from month-long to a day retreat, the island of the Gods and its ancient wisdom is a true epicenter for yoga, health and wellness retreats. I feel like Soulshine Bali, Azadi Retreat, and the Yoga Barn are already world-famous, but with so many other top picks Bali retreats to choose from, I narrowed my best picks down the best yoga retreats Bali has to offer (read this for some Bali itinerary idea) to help guide you in your decision and find the best yoga retreat Bali to suit your own goals for your daily practice in paradise.

***The best time to visit Bali is from April to September which is the dry season.

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Yoga Retreat Bali: my 2022 picks

Bagus Jati, Ubud, Indonesia

Located right in the middle of the island, Bagus Jati wellness resort is a great place hidden deep in the serene jungles and rice paddies of Ubud, the heart of the island's spiritual and wellbeing center. The luxury Balinese villas within the Bagus Jati Health and wellness yoga resort are the ideal place for you to make use of the traditional Balinese healing services such as reiki, holistic counseling, vegan and spiritual nutrition, as well as of course different options for daily yoga classes and meditation practices. The retreat also offers unique day trips and local experiences where you can immerse yourself in the culture with outings to the nearby waterfalls and treks, Balinese dance lessons, and herbal remedy making. It's no surprise the Bagus Jati Health and Wellbeing retreat in Ubud is recognized as the best retreat in Bali, and all over the world, perfect for anyone looking for yoga vacations in beautiful villas.

Duration: 3 days, 2 night
Price from: $494
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport (45km)
Airport pick up included? No, can be added for $27 per person
Skill Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English and Japanese
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Check out the retreats at Bagus Jati

7 Days Unlimited Yoga Holiday in Canggu, Bali

yoga retreat bali

For the perfect retreat and an energizing 7 days of yoga, Canggu's wellness programs and holistic approach offer everything an ocean and yogi lover needs. This 7-day yoga retreat Canggu is hosted at the peaceful Serenity Eco-Guesthouse in the heart of Canggu and only a few minutes away from the beach, the lovely town of Desa Seni, and the local community. This yoga retreat offers its guests up to 10 yoga classes a day with styles including Hatha, vinyasa, acro, ashtanga, and more. You’ll also have access to their meditation classes room for perfect meditation sessions and a complimentary daily breakfast during your stay. Accommodation options include a mixed dorm, private single or double rooms suitable for an array of budgets. Offering an incredible location, ample time to explore the surroundings, and unlimited yoga makes this Bali yoga and meditation retreat one of the best of the best!

Duration: 7 days, 6 night
Price from: $71
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport (10km)
Airport pick up included? No, can be added for $18 per person
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, French, Indonesian and Malay
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Check out retreats at Serenity Eco-Guesthouse now!

7 Days Yoga Wellness Holiday at Shanti Toya Ashram, Bali

health retreat bali

When looking for one of the best yoga retreats in Bali, the island offers the perfect backdrop with its serene rice fields and jungle views sprinkled with traditional Javanese huts. That’s the exact landscape you’ll witness upon entering Shanti Toya Ashram. This 7-day yoga wellness retreat offers guests an incredible retreat package of yoga and authentic Balinese cultural experiences (The Balinese people are a delight). The three yoga styles offered at this retreat are Hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga. Each day during this yoga treat is a little different, but every day incorporates a morning yoga practice and a Balinese cultural activity such as Balinese cooking classes or dancing classes. A perfect way to begin or end your South East Asia trip and find your inner peace!

Duration: 7 days, 6 night
Price from: $178
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport (22km)
Airport pick up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English and Indonesian
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, and all organic food too

Check out retreats at Shanti Toya Ashram now!

8 Days Wellness Yoga Retreat in Ubud, Bali

bali yoga

Spend a rejuvenating eight days in a supportive environment in Ubud at one of the Firefly Bali yoga resorts. A perfect yoga experience for all levels and those looking to grow in their spirituality. Everything you’re looking for in a health retreat, Bali provides. That’s no exception at the Firefly Resort with every day of this wellness retreat involving daily yin, Hatha, or Vinyasa yoga classes. Guests are served daily organic and vegetarian meals by the friendly resort staff with unlimited herbal water. When guests aren’t doing their daily yoga practice, they’re encouraged to enjoy the surrounding rice fields by bicycle or partake in a Balinese experience such as cooking or offering-making classes. This yoga retreat in Ubud also includes cacao and fire ceremonies and one Balinese massage is included in the cost of the retreat. If daily massages are your thing, you can always book more in your free time. You're in good hands!

Duration: 8 days, 7 night
Price from: n/a
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport (30km)
Airport pick up included? No, can be added for an additional fee
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English and Indonesian
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Check out retreats at Firefly Resort now!

4 Days Luxury Detox Yoga Holiday

Yoga seminyak

For detoxifying wellness and weight loss yoga programs with a touch of luxury, Seminyak, located in the heart of Bali, offers one of the best yoga retreats in Bali: a 4-day yoga retreat that focuses on lowering stress, clearing your skin, and boosting your energy levels. For four days, you will partake in a daily schedule that includes a cleanse of fresh-pressed juices and organic, raw meals. Each day you will participate in a power yoga class and cal also book extra private sessions if needed. The yoga retreat center also includes a one-time colonic treatment by a certified colonic therapist and a one-time 60-minute spa experience (or any other of their unlimited spa treatments). All guests will have a consultation with a certified nutritionist before partaking in the juice cleanse and colonic treatment. Accommodation during the four nights includes private rooms with a superior garden view. This is the ultimate wellness retreat experience and the perfect place for those looking for a life-changing detox.

Duration: 4 days, 3 night
Price from: $491
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport (31km)
Airport pick up included? No, can be added for $31 per person
Skill Level: Beginner
Languages: English and Indonesian
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, daily vegetarian meals are included

Check out retreats at Blue Karma Resort now!

Pelan Pelan Yoga Vacation

pelan pelan bali

Pelan Pelan offers many yoga holidays (many of them for couples!) in their idyllic setting with a beautiful outdoor pool and beautiful gardens in Canggu. Pelan Pelan Bali will give you the opportunity to experience the Balinese culture (don't miss attending a live music gig!) and its delicious food. You can also book some surf lessons. Pelan Pelan offers hatha yoga classes that will fit all levels. One of the most comprehensive retreat centers with delicious daily meals — the best place for your yoga vacation! An unforgettable experience.

Duration: 8 to 22 days
Price from: $1573
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) - 1 hour
Airport pick up included? Yes
Skill Level: All
Languages: English and Indonesian
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Check out retreats at Pelan Pelan now!

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Riad Kheirredine

Find Your Perfect Riad in Marrakech

Not too long ago, I was lucky enough to spend my birthday in a blissful riad in Marrakech. My entire stay in the Red City was incredible, but it is the magnificent riad I am still dreaming about.

Riad Kheirredine

With a touch of the winter blues kicking in, I have been spending rather a lot of time googling riads in Marrakech planning my next fantasy trip. I have stayed in some pretty boogie places in my time, from zero waste hotels in Cambodia to Thai island wellness retreats, from traditional Venetian Palazzos to urban chic boutiques in Istanbul, but Moroccan riads are waaaaaaaay up there. The interiors and gardens are always exquisite, the hospitality is next level, plunge pools and hammams are standard, and — as a serious bonus — for the level of accommodation you get, they are often surprisingly affordable.

So, What Actually is a Riad?

If you are planning a trip to my favorite North African country (fine, the only North African country I've visited), then a stay in one of the riads of Morocco is a must.

A riad (derived from the Arabic word ryad meaning garden) is a traditional Moroccan house with a central courtyard or garden, traditionally with a fountain and full of plants. In Marrakech, a riad was often originally the family home of wealthy citizens, but nowadays, many have been converted into gorgeous boutique hotels and guesthouses. Given the red city's illustrious history as a trading hotspot, Marrakesch riads are also known for being some of the most palatial, architecturally stunning, and gorgeously decorated in the whole of Morocco.

Where to Stay in Marrakech

Riad Kheirredine

Marrakech undoubtedly has some of the best riads of Morocco, and nearly all of these are located in the medina. The medina is the city's historical center, and within its walls, you will find all the city's main sights and have the best souks on your doorstep. With its rambling maze-like streets and incredible energy, staying in the medina is not only convenient but gives you a real taste of this bustling, hectic, culturally extraordinary city.

The Best Marrakech Riads

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links.

After some serious research, I have picked a selection of the best Marrakech riads on offer. They all include at least one meal (breakfast or brunch) per day, and many of them can happily accommodate vegan diets. They also all have air conditioning, which is a must during the year's hottest months, from June through October.

Riad Kheirredine

inside the riad

I can personally vouch for this award-winning boutique hotel as one of Marrakech's best riads. Fine, maybe I'm biased because I had the most glorious birthday stay here, but you try and beat this gorgeous plant-filled oasis with mind-blowing suites and rooftop views of the Atlas Mountains. And that's not to mention the absolutely incredible staff who will take care of your every need (including handing you a mobile phone with their number pre-programmed so they can rescue you if you get lost in the medina), or the amazing in-house restaurant. Many of the riads I have listed are vegan friendly, but Kheirredine was not only amazingly accommodating for me, but the food was unbelievably delicious. Riad Kheirredine is located, like many of the red city's top riads, in the Marrakech medina.

Riad Chorfa

riad chorfa

This gorgeous riad in the Marrakech medina gives you the perfect mix of culture, vibrancy, and relaxation. Each room is uniquely decorated with bold colors, traditional tiles, and gorgeous textiles. Riad Chorfa is a great option if you are traveling solo or with a family, as they have everything from single rooms to doubles and family rooms — you can even take all your friends and rent out the entire riad! It is the perfect place to seek respite after a busy day exploring Marrakech (and to recoup from the hustle and bustle of the medina). Recharge by lounging on one of the day beds surrounding the pool in the central courtyard or find a shady nook and admire the views from the rooftop.

Riad Al Loune

riad al loune

This is one of the best value riads in the Marrakech medina, as pretty much everything your heart could desire is included in the price. This riad not only has gorgeous, traditional rooms but there is a wellness space where you can book in for massages, a hammam, a central courtyard with a plunge pool, and bonuses such as wifi and airport shuttle included in the price. It also has a highly recommended in-house restaurant, so if you don't feel like venturing out in the evenings you will be well taken care of.

Dar Zemora

dar zemora

Dar Zemora is the exception to the rule: an amazing riad not in Marrakech medina. If you are looking for an alternative location for a riad in Marrakech, then you can't go wrong with one of the most exclusive regions of the city, the Palmeraie — named for its extensive palm groves. Dar Zemora is perfect if you want something a little more laid back, a tad more spacious, and a whole lot of luxe. Dar Zemora has just seven rooms (some with a private pool and terrace), set in gorgeously manicured grounds with a kitchen garden whose produce is used by the in-house restaurant. There is even a croquet lawn if that's your thing! You will enjoy a top-notch spa and hammam and a large pool heated with solar panels (making it perfect for a stay in the cooler months).

Palais Des Princesses & Spa

riad palais des princesses et spa

A great, affordable spa riad in the Marrakech medina. The spa and wellness center with an indoor swimming pool, hammam, a hot tub, and a massage area alone makes this one of the best riads in Marrakech. But with a gorgeous flower-filled courtyard and plenty of space on the roof terrace to relax, as well as very comfy beds, you will leave this riad feeling thoroughly rested and renewed.

Demeures d'Orient Riad & Spa

demeures d'orient riad et spa

If money is no issue, then Demeures d'Orient Riad and Spa is an excellent choice. Known as one of the top-end luxury riads in Marrakech, expect spacious rooms (including suites with some seriously boogie bathrooms), impeccable service, and high-quality amenities. And of course — as the name implies — excellent spa facilities, including a hammam, and plenty of massage options available. There is also a large central swimming pool, which is free for guests, but if you are staying elsewhere in the medina and desperate for a dip (and curious about how the other half lives), you can pay for access.

Riad Aguaviva

riad aguaviva

Located in the quieter northern part of the medina, this small-scale boutique riad is a great choice if sustainable travel is important to you. Their food is locally sourced, they focus on more sustainable energy choices, and they have eliminated a majority of single-use plastic. With lots of comfy nooks and crannies to relax in, a plunge pool and a lovely light-filled courtyard, you won't be disappointed with this riad.

La Maison Arabe Hotel, Spa & Cooking Workshops

la maison arabe hotel marrakech

This heritage riad first opened up its doors in 1946 and has remained a stalwart on Marrakech's luxury hotel scene ever since. It has a range of lovely rooms and suites (some with the sort of private bathroom that are designed to make you feel like you have died and gone to heaven) and lots of great modern comforts like LCD televisions in the rooms and a fitness suite. Oh, and don't get me started on the grounds with two swimming pools, the hammam and spa, and complimentary afternoon tea with every booking. Good food is taken seriously here, and if you want a piece of the action, you can even sign up for a cooking class!

Riad L'Hotel Marrakech

riad l'hotel marrakech

Recently, when I feel stressed, I look up images of Riad L'Hotel Marrakech, and all my troubles melt away. This multi-award-winning riad owned by Jasper Conran is, in a word, breathtaking. Thoughtfully designed (I expect no less with Conran at the helm) to channel a modern interpretation of 1930s elegance, the five suites, shared spaces, and expansive plant-filled courtyard with a swimming pool promise you the most relaxing stay in understated luxury surrounds.

Riad Dar-K

riad dar-k

If you are after the uber instagrammable stay, then Riad Dar-K is for you. Minimalist neutrals, natural textures, and earthy tones meet traditional Berber touches with a whole lot of plants. This super chic yet easygoing aesthetic has been designed, I suspect, for the social media-loving among us. But it's definitely not style-over-substance! The rooms are spacious and full of thoughtful touches, the lovely shaded patio with a plunge pool is the perfect place to hide from the midday heat, and the dreamy roof terrace with shaded squishy sectionals and floor cushions makes the perfect nap spot. If you have any dietary requirements, this is also the ideal place; their seasonally aligned menus can be made vegan, gluten-free, and allergen friendly.

Dar Assiya

dar assiya

Located in the heart of the red city, this traditionally decorated riad melds culture with luxury. Featuring a beautiful central courtyard with a swimming pool, which the five double rooms and larger suites open onto, a stunning roof terrace with sunbeds and a canopied shaded seating area, and lots of corners throughout the riad with seating areas to relax in. This riad takes comfort seriously and is perfect for unwinding after a busy day exploring.

So hopefully, you have found a Marrakech riad to tickle your fancy! There really is something for everyone, whether you are just looking for something affordable with the basics like air conditioning, something scenic with room or rooftop views of the Atlas mountains, or the full spa experience complete with pools, hammam, and hot tub — I got you covered. Oh, and if you are looking for something with a wellness edge, check out my guide to Morocco's best yoga retreats.

300 hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at High on Yoga

My Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin at High on Yoga

I’d been wanting to do a second yoga teacher training since moving to Berlin to fully immerse myself into what had been my lifesaver since my arrival. I couldn’t quite figure out the best way to go about it or which school to pick. Then I started practicing with High on Yoga, and it felt like the perfect fit: the studio teaches intense sequences heavily inspired by Ashtanga and I felt like I had found the best of both worlds between my love for Ashtanga, missing the guidance of a teacher’s voice, and my need to have a sense of community and belonging in a studio. At High on Yoga, I found exactly that and was excited to join their 300-hour teacher training program last October.

yoga teacher training

As the course is now winding to an end, I wanted to share a bit more about it and let you know what you can expect if you too decide to enroll in it — which I can only highly recommend.

If you're looking for an English-speaking yoga teacher training in Berlin with the highest standard of teaching, are also an Ashtanga practitioner (even if you’re not, you might find something really amazing here!) and would like to remain within this classical form of learning and teaching, then this might be the perfect thing for you too. The program at High on Yoga was incredible and we learned in the Ashtanga style which is what I prefer. It was a tough but rewarding journey that I would recommend to anyone wanting to become a yoga instructor or just deepen their practice and knowledge of this wonderful discipline and tradition.

My Experience Doing a Yoga Teacher Training in Berlin at High on Yoga


My yoga teacher training in Berlin at High on Yoga was an amazing experience overall and I’m so glad I did this for myself. I had previously done my first yoga teacher training in India in 2015 back when I lived in Asia and it was a completely different style of learning. Not that it was bad. But High on Yoga was next-level good.

The program at High on Yoga spanned from October to January across many intensive weekends, and, in between, plenty of time to let the knowledge be assimilated. Most importantly for me, I was able to continue with my busy schedule through it. For reference, I and several other students have a full-time job and managed to do both the training amidst busy work schedules.

For me, this time structure worked so much better than an intensive 30-day course format, because there was no cram-in-your-head and forget-it-all-afterward involved. We spent intense weekends learning, then spent the following week going through it all over again, discussing together in a Whatsapp group, and really taking the time to digest and process the new learnings. Nice side effect: I made new friends that share my love for yoga — a non-negligible aspect to consider. It can be hard to make friends in Berlin!

high on yoga

Physically, also, this schedule made so much more sense than the 6-day schedule I experienced on my first Yoga Teacher Training. You’re not off the hook from practicing on weekdays, however! The teacher training comes with an unlimited pass to the High on Yoga studio and you are required to practice six days a week. Just not all day long like it was the case on my first YTT!

Daily schedule

We met on weekends at around 7am on Saturdays to start with meditation and Mysore practice, followed by taking the beginner-level class with Mateusz, which was super helpful. Observing him teach and give adjustments to other people was vital to the learning experience, once he shared his awesome tricks of the trade with us. When all you have to practice on in your teacher training is other bendy advanced-level students, there’s a big part of reality missing, so it’s helpful to see how he does it with less experienced students. It’s also been helpful for me to practice what I learned on some friends who have less experience with yoga in between classes. This, you definitely do not have access to in an intensive month-long retreat.

Following that was a long lunch break and then we’d meet again around 1pm for asana study with Miriam (breaking down a single pose over a very long period of time to fully understand its proper alignment and mechanics), theory and philosophy, and hands-on assists, my favorite part.

On Sundays, we met a bit later, around noon usually, and studied sequencing, mantra and chanting, sometimes more asana break down, and ended the day with the Intense Level class from Mateusz, which is my favorite class of all time and likely the most advanced yoga class you’ll find in the city.

YTT in berlin

Towards the end of the training, we also had anatomy classes with Songül which were mind-blowing. It really helps to understand and teach others once you have a grasp on the mechanics of the body. I loved that.

Learning hands-on adjustments

We spent hours learning how to adjust different poses, which is, in my book, an essential skill for any yoga teacher, and one that is often ignored by many yoga teacher training schools. Learning hands-on adjustments with Mateusz was my favorite part! I love receiving hands-on adjustments in my practice (one of the many highlights of practicing at High On Yoga!) and learning how to give them back feels like really learning how to be able to help people in their practice and like I'm doing something good for them.

Hands-on adjustments feel like receiving a wonderful deep stretch/massage and like you are really exploring each pose/your body to its full potential. They are amazing and Mateusz is the king of yoga assists. When I say you’ll be learning from the pro, I’m not exaggerating.

yoga teacher training berlin

Learning from the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras

A big part of the training revolved around yoga philosophy and its most important texts. We were given the opportunity to read and discuss texts from the Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali including the eight limbs of yoga, which I was already familiar with and loved diving deeper within. We all had slightly different translations from the texts and it was actually fascinating to compare translations and discover a deeper meaning to some texts. You’ll definitely want to get yourself a copy of these two books.

We also chanted some of my favorite mantras mostly on Sunday evenings, which I absolutely loved. To a point that I decided to buy a floor harmonium for myself! Mateusz was nice enough to teach me a few chords so I had a nice starting point. Chanting has an integral role in the teacher training at High On Yoga, which is right up there in my favorite elements along with the adjustments.

yoga teacher training in english

Even if you are not an Ashtangi or do not plan to teach an Ashtanga-based style of yoga, for me, there is something so intrinsically important with the type of training offered at High on Yoga — for perpetuating the tradition of yoga in its purest form. With so many yoga schools having popped up over the years and yoga being somewhat bent out of shape (pun intended), learning the tradition first and foremost is a way to ensure that the quality of yoga that will be taught in years to come will retain its wholeness. And I definitely want to be a part of that.

The next Yoga Teacher Training at High on Yoga begins in March 2022. All info here.

Chimney Berlin Vegan

Best Vegan Restaurant Berlin: My Berlin Vegan Guide

It’s taken me the best of the last six years to wrap my head around all the best vegan restaurants Berlin has in store and I’m excited to finally present you with this "best vegan restaurant Berlin guide" blog post. Just for y'all, I’ve eaten my way around the best vegan Berlin trail, chomping on great food like the finest vegan burgers, vegan currywurst, vegan doner kebabs, vegan donuts, vegan cakes… in fact, just pick your favorite food. I’ve probably eaten it vegan in Berlin. I'm pretty blown away by the explosion of new vegan Berlin restaurants in the last year, so I'm excited to present you my 2022 edition of this vegan restaurants Berlin guide. Living a vegan lifestyle in Berlin is a dream. We even have vegan supermarkets!

greenfinch vegan berlin

The problem with spending five years trying to eat all the best vegan Berlin food and vegetarian food is that it’s such a vibrant vegan scene, it’s constantly expanding. I keep thinking I’ve eaten at all the best places, then overnight another five incredible vegan food Berlin places appear. So this list of the best vegan restaurants near me gets constantly updated with my latest discoveries from the lots of vegan restaurants that keep on appearing.

This is, therefore, by no means a definitive list of everywhere you should eat… but it is, in my humble opinion, the best Berlin vegan food. So read on, drool, book your weekend in Berlin, and feast to your heart’s content on the best vegan food in Berlin.

Here for the first time? Prefer to order in? Most of the restaurants below are on Wolt, my favorite meal delivery app. You can use the code MOSTLYAMELIE to receive 3 x 5€ off of your first three orders! Get it here!

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Best Berlin Vegan Restaurants: My Current Favorite Places

1. Brammibal’s Donuts

For the best donuts!
brammibals berlin

Talking of the best vegan places in Berlin... Scattered all across town, a small part of the American dream lives on in this vegan café with this classic treat which has been oh-so-deliciously veganized. If the song "Oh I went downtown and walked around the block/I walked right into the donut shop…" was part of your childhood, then Brammibal’s will be a sugary sweet heaven for you and maybe the best vegan restaurant Berlin possibly has. Not only are their vegan doughnuts hands down the best in Berlin (or, might I even say, in Europe) but they’re also wildly creative with their flavors. And the wide variety changes monthly (plus a changing weekend special) so they always keep us on our feet and wanting more. A vegan breakfast Berlin staple for those with a sweet tooth. Monday is vegan cinnamon roll day FYI. They also have free Wifi.

Instagram // Various locations

2. Alaska Vegan Bar

Excellent all vegan Spanish tapas bar good for any occasion!
vegan tapas at Alaska Bar Berlin

Alaska has been in existence for quite a while now, but only recently did I fall completely in love with it. An unpretentious curb-side terrace in a residential area of Neukölln hides delicious vegan versions of Spanish tapas that are great at any time of day — seriously, give it a try for boozy weekend brunch. The patatas bravas are a reason alone to make your way there, but literally, everything on the long menu is stellar, down to the amazing quality of their sourdough bread. The service is friendly, the ambiance is great, the prices are more than fair, really, you cannot go wrong here! They also have vegan piña coladas!

Reuterstraße 85, 12053 Berlin
Instagram // Directions

3. Calm Coffee

For amazing buns!
calm coffee berlin

Instagram has been a great place for cute cafés to flourish this past year, with easy-to-share pretty interiors and even prettier food and drinks. One place that's fast becoming a regular weekly pit-stop for me is Calm Coffee and their changing menu of delicious yeasty vegan buns and "cloudy" drinks. I think the photos speak for themselves, but all the buns and "cloudy's" (a creamy and dreamy layered drink of various flavors, pictured above is the mango-matcha version topped with matcha-flavored oat cream) are vegan (there are also a few non-vegan menu items, despite what Happy Cow says). Look out for the fruit buns (strawberries and raspberries), they are TO DIE FOR. Great iced coffee in Summer too!

Wühlischstraße 38, 10245 Berlin
Instagram // Directions

4. Gazzo

For the best pizza
gazzo pizza berlin

There are a few other places where you can get really great vegan pizza in Berlin (la Stella Nera, Sato, Zero Stress), but Gazzo is hands down my favorite, both for the quality of the pizza (dat sourdough crust though) and the ambiance/location. Beware that the place isn't 100% vegan, but there are always many vegan options on the menu and the vegan cheese they use is absolutely delicious. The sourdough is soft, thick, and chewy and there's a great wine menu alongside. Best enjoyed on a steamy summer day on the terrace. The place could definitely use more vegan desserts (there were non at the time of my visit), but I'm so excited about Gazzo, I just want to eat pizza there day in and day out. To top it off, they use only local, sustainable, and natural ingredients. WIN. If you prefer think crust or are into neapolitan-style pizzas, try Gemello.

Hobrechtstraße 57, 12047 Berlin
Instagram // Directions

5. Chimneys

Vegan softserve in a chimney cake — enough said!
Chimney Berlin Vegan

Make sure you're not planning to eat a full meal shortly after eating something from Chimneys vegan cafe because this will for sure ruin your dinner – it's a meal in and out of itself. And a perfectly legitimate one, I reckon, if slightly pricey. But what more can you ask for on a hot day when you're craving something sweet. These are over the top, but they are delicious, freshly baked, and, well, they look amazing!

Instagram // Two locations

6.Vegano Flavors

For a very meaty experience!

For those who miss a big juicy steak (or not), Vegano Flavors packs a punch in flavour and originality with their middle-eastern all-vegan meaty plates. Not one for the gluten-intolerant however, but this is truly meat alternative done very very right, full of flavours, plus amazing hummus, great bread and lovely service.

Raumerstraße 6, 10437 Berlin
Instagram // Directions


For sustainable fine dining in a beautiful place

FREA is one of the few vegan fine-dining options in Berlin (there is also Lucky Leek) and has something really special going on in that it is also zero waste. The plant-filled interior design screams class and the seasonal menu of creative dishes are more than top-notch. A little bit on the pricey side to some, but of course you get what you pay for and everything from the vegan menu at FREA is an amazing vegan restaurant. The wine menu is also great. My favorite spot to have a fancy vegan meal on a special occasion — very romantic! The main course selection is stellar.

Kleine Hamburger Str. 2, 10115 Berlin
Instagram // Directions

8. Vincent Vegan

For the best vegan burger of all history of burgers

vegan restaurant berlin - vincent vegan

Out with the rubbery soy patty, this is junk food heaven. I wish Vincent Vegan had chosen a better location to finally set sail in Berlin, but I understand that they are trying to reach the mass, and I guess a brand new shiny mall is the place to do that (sometimes they operate out of their food truck at events). The fact remains that the brand new East Side Mall is an eyesore like I've rarely seen one, and the only ever reason I will step food inside is to grab me one of the amazing Beyond Burger from Vicent Vegan. I'm sure everything else is also good, but that's all I'll ever eat from there, despite the hefty price, and despite the shitty location. That burger trumps everything else possible. Grab two or three, just in case and cross over to the East Side Gallery to eat them. But why no sweet potato fries tho?

Tamara-Danz-Straße 11, 10243 Berlin
Instagram // Directions

9. Veganz

For vegan groceries!

How many cities can pride themselves on having a fully vegan grocery store? Well, Berlin obviously does and Veganz is your one-stop shop for a large selection of vegan cheeses, amazing snacks, cream cheese, yogurt, chocolate, granola bars, ice cream, and everything else you could think of. Veganz grocery stores have it! Having vegan shops that offer all those vegan products is one of the best part of living in Berlin!

Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin
Instagram // Directions


For great Thai food! vegan berlin hasn't been opened for that long but already has a jam-packed terrace most evenings, and there's a good reason for that: it's delicious and some of the best vegan food Berlin currently has in store. The decor is extremely garish and fun and tacky and so very Thai, and that's what drew me in the first place. Beyond the great atmosphere, there's some really amazing vegan Thai food to be had (it's all vegan, yes!), sticky rice (yes!!!!), and what the hell, vegan fried eggs (try them, they're amazing!). Pair with a visit to the Boxi weekly market right across the street (food on Saturday and second-hand on Sunday).

Grünberger Str. 69, 10245 Berlin
Instagram // Directions ⠀⠀

11. Greenfinch

For vegan pancakes — a rare find in this city!
greenfinch vegan berlin

Greenfinch is a lovely hip café in Prenzlauer Berg. The food is all vegan and you'll find things like sourdough, hummus bowl, and muesli as well as the main reason for me to visit — a glorious stack of vegan pancakes followed by one of their daily amazing cakes. There are also a few lunch options to pick from. A beautiful little cozy space to start the day with a vegan brunch!

Käthe-Niederkirchner-Straße 10, 10407 Berlin
Instagram // Directions

12. Holy Flat!


Neukölln is fast becoming my fave hood to hang, and HOLY FLAT! is definitely one of the reasons why. Healthy, natural & environmentally friendly bowls, with hands down the best damn tofu I've ever had (in the kimchi bowl, depicted above). The. food is inspired by European, Middle Eastern, Central, and South American flavors, and everything is available in vegan and vegetarian meal options. There's also a HOLY FLAT! in Prenzlauer Berg.

Lenaustraße 10, 12047 Berlin
Directions ⠀⠀

Eberswalder Str. 22, 10437 Berlin
Directions ⠀⠀

13. Chay Village

For the best vegan Vietnamese food
chay village berlin

Something that may surprise you about Berlin is that there’s a large Vietnamese community. The Vietnamese currently living in Berlin are the result of two influxes into the city - the first in the 70s, fleeing the Vietnamese War, and the second influx arrived during East Berlin’s communist days as contract workers, who were then contained in communities. After the wall fell, many integrated and learned German, and started their own businesses. Can you see where I’m going with this? AMAZING Vietnamese food, many of which are vegan. Likely the best vegan places in Berlin! Of all of those, Chay Village is my current favorite of the Vietnamese Berlin vegan restaurants' cornucopia. The place to get your coconut milk everything fix at reasonable prices.

Niederbarnimstraße 10, 10249 Berlin
Facebook // Directions

14. Vux

For the best cupcakes in town Oh Em Gee.
vux vegan cake berlin

One of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin when it comes to cakes... Vux has some pretty incredible food, and Berlin has some pretty incredible vegan cakes. So when I say that Vux has the best cupcakes in town, that should not… repeat, should not be taken lightly. In particular, the peanut butter cupcake. Mmmhhmmmmm. It’s like peanutty heaven in cupcake form. If that’s not up your street, there’s sure to be something else which will suit you - Vux has so much choice for cakes that to say you’re spoiled is a massive understatement. Also, one of the top vegane restaurants Berlin has for brunch.

Wipperstraße 14, 12055 Berlin
Facebook // Directions

14. Tsu Tsu

For Japanese vegan fast food: vegan karaage!
tsu tsu

A recent discovery of mine, Tsu Tsu offers vegan (and non-vegan, there are some animal products in the kitchen) Japanese fried chicken that is crunchy and greasy and amazingly delicious. Served with a wedge of lemon and some sides such as edamame, french fries, or onigiri, eat this curbside on the lovely Graefestraße with a cold beer on a sunny day and thank me later. Summer in Berlin, and the vegan living is easy ;) Tsu Tsu is the vegan food option you didn't know you needed!

Graefestraße 2, 10967 Berlin
Instagram // Directions


If you know anything about vegan travel destinations, then you’ll have seen Berlin consistently appearing - and now you understand why. It’s quite simply unrivalled it even has vegan and vegan-friendly hotels! And if you’re planning your trip to Berlin, you need at least a week or two to get around everywhere - and you’d better practice your competitive eating before your visit as there are no less than 600 vegan-friendly restaurants in the entire city! And a cozy place to roll to at the end of the day you must have. Here are my picks.

Do check out my full list of Berlin accommodation recommendations here.

1.Almodóvar Hotel

Almodovar Hotel

Nested in the heart of vibrant Friedrichshain is the wonderful oasis that is Almodóvar Vegetarian Hotel. Such a special place! If you are bored of cookie-cutter hotels, then Almodóvar vegan hotel is definitely the place to be! The decor is cozy and warm with beautiful chunky wood furniture and nothing at all is sourced from animals. The rooms are huge and the bed is comfy with nice little touches such as a provided yoga mat, which made it extra special for me. The great breakfast buffet is absolutely delicious and in large part vegan and the wonderfully peaceful spa on the top floor is the perfect place to end a busy day exploring the city. A truly special place a minute walk away to some vegan places!

Boxhagener Str. 83, 10245 Berlin (directions)


Hotel Otto

Hotel Otto Berlin

Hotel Otto Berlin

Hotel Otto Berlin

Hotel Otto is another vegan-friendly hotel and is located in the peaceful neighborhood of Charlottenburg, remote enough to catch your break and unwind, yet just a short train ride away from the center of things. Otto really shines in the quality of its service, priding itself to cater to special needs or any dietary requirement. And boy did they deliver! We were served amazingly fluffy vegan pancakes each morning alongside vegan yogurt and I’m pretty they would have obliged to any of our special requests. The rooms are modern, bright, and airy, with super fluffy beddings and nice lounging areas. There are quite a few Berlin vegan restaurants just around the corner too.

Knesebeckstraße 10, 10623 Berlin (directions)


Which ones of those vegan restaurants are on your list for the next time you visit Berlin? Or is there anything missing from my Berlin vegan guide? I'd love to add more raw options like raw cakes, and also still looking for the best tofu scramble.

surf camp in portugal

Portugal Yoga Retreat 2022: Where To Go

You want to relax, refresh, and get away from the hustle of your daily life? So why not escape for a few days or weeks to a yoga retreat in Portugal? Portugal is an amazing country with beautiful landscapes that offer incredible serenity and mild climate year-round. The Portuguese are also some of the most peaceful people on earth! Whether you're looking for a Portugal yoga retreat nestled in nature's beauty or something more urban-like Lisbon, Portugal has it all! In this article, I wanted to highlight 10 retreat centres where you can enjoy your next yoga vacation to Portugal.

The best time to visit Portugal is in Spring. Don’t forget your travel insurance, here’s my favorite.

yoga retreat portugal

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links.

The 10 Best Yoga Retreats in Portugal

4 Day Relaxing Meditation and Yoga Holiday with Surf and Massage in Cascais, Portugal

yoga portugal

Wake up to the sound of the ocean every morning, get up to meditate at sunrise right by the sea with great people, and practice yoga and while hearing nothing but the sounds of the beautiful waves, that's what awaits you at this yoga retreat in Cascais. This is a great place to relax, detox, and de-stress. You will enjoy delicious vegetarian meals and have plenty of time for walks on the beach or national park and surfing if you wish. It’s a really beautiful location.

This Portugal yoga retreat and surf camp offers a morning meditation session by the ocean, yoga practice with a view of the sea, one massage treatment, and three nights of accommodation with a shared bathroom. A great budget option for young retreat goers.

Duration: 4 days
Price: $319
Closest Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) - 20 minutes
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request

5 Day Wellbeing Getaway Yoga Camps at Sandhi House in Ericeira, Lisbon

yoga retreat Portugal in Sandhi House

This yoga retreat Portugal in Sandhi House is set in one of the most beautiful locations on the Portuguese coast, Ericeira. The house has a stunning view over the ocean and you can practice your yoga overlooking the waves or in the beautiful gardens. This wellness retreat will offer you plenty of time to relax and enjoy nature, as well as some lovely yoga sessions with experienced teachers. They teach a mix of yin and dynamic yoga classes, so you'll both relax (try the yoga nidra to experience deep relaxation!) and get your sweat on. You will practice yoga at the beach most mornings (weather permitting) with a mix of yin poses/restorative yoga in beautiful surroundings overlooking the ocean. You can also choose between morning or evening sessions on some days. Other activities include meditation practice, walking, surfing, SUP, and more.

Duration: 5-day retreat
Price: $593
Closest Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) - 32km
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request

4 Day Mini Yoga and Surf Retreat in Lisbon

yoga and surf portugal

Oasis Backpackers' Hostel Sintra Surf invites you to a surf and yoga retreat in Portugal that you will remember forever. This is the perfect place to learn how to surf, as the waves here are gentle and consistent. The hostel has a great location, with direct access to the beach. You will enjoy daily yoga classes every morning on the rooftop terrace overlooking the ocean before hitting the waves for some surfing lessons. You'll also get plenty of free time to explore the nearby castles, rocks to climb, and forests to explore. Bikes are also available for rental. Located in a former holiday colony of the Portuguese Railway, the retreat sits in the pinewoods right next to the Atlantic ocean, in between the two beaches of Praia das Maças and Praia Grande. A dream.

Duration: 4 days
Price: $343
Closest Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) - 29km
Airport pick-up included? No, but you can easily reach them by public transport
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes!

8 Days Deluxe Massage, Surf, Hike, and Yoga Holiday in Ericeira, Portugal

Deluxe Massage, Surf, Hike, and Yoga Holiday

This Deluxe Massage, Surf, Hike, and Yoga Holiday is a perfect way to experience all that Portugal has to offer. You will stay in an eco-friendly retreat center situated on the edge of a nature reserve with stunning ocean views. You can enjoy yoga classes every morning as well as hikes through the beautiful countryside or along the beach. Hatha Flow yoga is a great way to prepare your body for the day, by becoming stronger, more flexible, and breathing better. You will also have the chance to enjoy a traditional Portuguese massage or even learn how to give one yourself. After that, you can relax in the yoga room with some tea and snacks before heading out for your surf lesson. The center is just next door to Ericeira's famous surfing beach, where you'll be able to catch some sun and relax.

Duration: 8 days
Price: $639
Closest Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport (LIS) - 20 minutes
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request

4 Day Eco-Friendly Yoga Holiday in Aljezur, Portugal


A yoga retreat Portugal in Aljezur is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy some peace and quiet. The retreat center is situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful countryside of Western Algarve. You can choose between Hatha, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin, or restorative yoga classes every morning. There are also meditation practices every morning, and the great opportunity to take surf lessons, of course. With so much to choose from, you'll never get bored! You can also take advantage of the yoga shala where you can have some tea and relax after your class.

Duration: 4 days
Price: $239
Closest Airport: Faro Airport - 82 km
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes!

7 Day Yoga, Meditation and Soul Food Portugal yoga retreat at Nature Lodge in Odeceixe, Portugal

Nature Lodge

Located on a private peninsula, Nature Lodge offers yoga and meditation retreats in Portugal that you will never forget. On this 7-day yoga retreat, you can enjoy two daily meditation practices as well as Hatha Yoga classes every morning. It's the perfect way to get away from it all for some much-needed rest and relaxation! There are also optional outdoor activities such as surfing lessons, SUP, canoeing, or just going to the beach.

Duration: 7 days
Price: $721
Closest Airport: Faro Airport (FAO) - 90 minutes
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, and it’s all delicious food!

5 Day of Running Yoga Holidays in Funchal, Madeira Island

yoga and running

This yoga retreat in Funchal is a great one for very active people who wish to combine running and yoga. You'll explore a new part of the Island every day while running through the most beautiful sites of the UNESCO World Heritage Laurissilva Forest, as well as the ancient Levadas (irrigation canals). You'll also do yoga every day, of course. The program is designed to make you stronger and more flexible by using dynamic movements in conjunction with breathing techniques. The best place to meet with like minded people and make new friends!

Duration: 5 days
Price: $1,008
Closest Airport: Madeira (FNC) - 25 km
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request

8 Day Self-Care Yoga and Meditation Holiday on the Atlantic Ocean of Sintra

yoga and camping

This yoga retreat in Lisbon is not just your average meditation and Hatha Yoga holiday. You'll be staying at a luxurious eco-friendly backpacker hostel situated on the Atlantic coast, with stunning ocean views from every room. From the private rooms, you can get a double room with twin beds or one double as well as single rooms. The center has its own restaurant where you can enjoy healthy food as well as vegan options, so no need to worry. You'll also get to enjoy two yoga and meditation classes every day, as well as one healing workshop. There's plenty of time for relaxation too, so you can take a swim in the ocean or just enjoy the organic food, lay out on the beach, and listen to the waves.

Duration: 8 days
Price: $541
Closest Airport: Lisbon Portela Airport - 29 km
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes!

4 Day Transformative Fasting Detox Cleanse and Yoga Retreat in Portimao

Detox Cleanse and Yoga Retreat in Portimao

This cleansing and detox yoga retreat in Portugal is a great way to get back in shape after the holidays. You'll enjoy two daily mindfulness practice sessions, as well as Hatha Yoga classes every morning, designed to rejuvenate your body and soul. There's also an optional activity each day such as surfing lessons, SUP, and spa treatments (acupuncture, massage, etc). This is the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself and get rid of any negative energy you may have been carrying around.

Duration: 4 days
Price: from $697
Closest Airport: Faro Airport (FAO) - 52 km
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: On request

6 Day Luxury Healing Retreat with Yoga and Harmonization of the Chakras in Algarve

healing retreat portugal

This next level Portugal yoga retreat is perfect for people who are looking to improve their overall health. You'll enjoy two daily yoga and meditation classes, as well as one healing workshop. The program is designed to help you harmonize your chakras and increase your energy levels. The itinerary is tailor-made according to your preferences and needs, so you can go at your own pace. During your stay, you'll enjoy two yoga classes per day by the amazing hosts, two meditation sessions, and two massages.

Duration: 6 days
Price: $2,432
Closest Airport: Faro Airport (FAO) - 19 km
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes!

Hope you find something you like! Check here for more yoga retreats in Europe.

15 Fun and Interesting Things to Do in Munich

Top 11 Munich instagram spots

Visit Munich, and you may find yourself enjoying beer and sausages, dressing up as a Bavarian, and eating yogurt that comes with a wooden spoon. But what about visiting the best Munich Instagram spots to fuel your feed and make everyone envious? I gotchu. Heading to the Bavarian capital? Looking to up your IG game? Check out this list of 11 of the best Munich Instagram spots, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities to visit!

Many of these Munich Instagram spots are along the way of the best sights in Munich, so it’s easy to combine your sightseeing with snapping some cool pics for your Instagram page. While you're at it, check out my vegan guide of Munich!

11 Munich Instagram spots Not To Miss

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links.

Munich Resident

Insta Spots in Munich

Serving as the former Royal Palace for the Bavarian Monarchs until 1918, today, München Residenz is one of the largest museum complexes in Germany. People from all over the world visit Munich’s Residenz for its ornate interior, epic architecture, and historical significance.

For ticket info and opening hours click here.

Nymphenburg Palace

nymphenburg palace

Nymphenburg is a Baroque palace in München, Bavaria. The palace was the main summer residence of the former rulers of Bavaria of the House of Wittelsbach. During the high season, full-price admission costs 11,50€ – you can also take a gondola around the palace grounds (at an additional cost), for that extra special Insta-worthy shot!

Nymphenburg exterior

For opening hours and ticket information, click here.

Juristische Bibliotek

justice library

The Legal Library, founded in 1843, is by far one of the most beautiful (& insta-worthy) spots in München. Cost is free, but access to the reading room is not available during opening hours. The reading room can be viewed as part of a town hall tour.

munich library

Click here for more info on opening hours & tours.



Siegestor in München is a triumphal arch situated at the terminus of the Ludwigstraße built to commemorate the bravery of the Bavarian army and its success in the Napoleonic War of liberation.

Since it’s free and always open, you can imagine the crowds are generally pretty heavy here. Go early in the morning for one of the best Instagram places in Munich.



Completely free to visit, Justizpalast is a hidden gem in München. Have fun playing with the light and shadows in this architectural masterpiece.

Click here for opening hours and other practical info.



Marienplatz is the central square in München and is a perfect spot to people-watch or get some great, insta-worthy photos. It’s super close to St. Peter’s Church (pictured below) as well as Jurisitche Bibliotek. Free, free, free!



Munich’s Hofgarten is a Baroque garden that has long served as an oasis in the city. Situated adjacent to Residenz, it’s the perfect spot to go nice and early for some Instagram-worthy pics – think of all the yoga you could do in those archways!


Hotel Opera München

opera hotel munich

München’s Hotel Opera is an Instagrammer’s dream. The sharp lines and heavy contrast of the outer facade just BEGS for a pop of color in a candid shot.

For info on booking one of the rooms, check out the hotel’s booking site here.

St Quirin Platz Ubahn München

Munich subway

München’s underground metro network offers some really creative opportunities to capture a great shot. Bright colors, grittiness, symmetry, and motion all contribute to its unique appeal as a photographer’s dream. Have fun exploring Germany’s underground and seeing what unique shots you can capture! This is truly one of Munich’s hidden gems in terms of Instagram places.

munich subway

View From St. Peter’s Church

st. peters view

The views from the observation deck at St. Peter’s Church are unparalleled – the red roofs of Old Town, Marienplatz, the city skyline in the distance. Not for the faint of heart, these views cost a whopping 3 euro and 299 steps – without a lift!

Click here for hours of operation.

MUCA – Museum of Urban & Contemporary Art

muca exhibit

With rotating exhibits and a number of unique permanent displays, MUCA is a haven for those looking for something outside of the typical museum experience.

Full admission tickets cost 7,50€ – discounts are given for seniors, students, and children (most children are free).

Click here for opening hours and other info

There you have it! Some of the top Instagram places in Munich. Where are some of your favorite spots in the Bavarian capital? Any hidden gems I’m missing? I’d love to know, leave a comment! Check here for more inspiration on what to do during your trip to Munich.

women's retreat

Women's Spiritual Retreats 2022: No Boys Allowed

Screw men. Haha lol, not really, but just a tiny bit, still. This 2022, all I want is to get away from everyday life, gather in small groups with soul sisters, and practice mindfulness away from men in a women retreat where I can let my hair down and my inner Wild Woman run free, sprinkled with healthy eating and, free time, physical activity, and a meditation practice. This is my best women’s retreats 2022 guide!

women's retreat

There's something extremely empowering and magical with letting your barriers down with a group of women in beautiful places and exploring your true potential. Naturally, the perfect opportunity and most fitting place to do this is in the safe confine of women retreats where you can work on your own personal goals, whether it is mental health or weight loss, for example. So today I wanted to present to you the best self-care retreats for women in time for 2022. Pack your Kegglers!

Within every woman, there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. Her name is Wild Woman, but she is an endangered species.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés

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* Where to do a yoga teacher training
*Things to know when planning a plant medicine retreat
*Everything you need to know about Massoga!

Retreats for Women 2022: where to go

Women’s Retreat 2022 in the Americas

3 Days Weekend Women’s Yoga Practices in Colorado, United States

women health retreat

Once in a while, we find ourselves worn out from the fast-paced environment we have in the city and needing to improve our overall health through intensive wellness classes in a supportive environment. And for that, even just a short three-day women's healing retreat can help you reconnect with your true self, enhance personal growth, and find balance within. Kicking off this women's spiritual retreats 2022 guide is Boulder Nutrition. The program of the weekend retreat at Joyful Journey Hotspring and Spa includes organic meals, outdoor excursion in the nature trails, the opportunity to practice yoga, spa treatments, holistic treatments, and meditation sessions (check out my vipassana meditation retreat experience here). All these while basking in the glorious mountain air with nutritious meals and like-minded soul sisters. Let's make than an annual retreat :)

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Price: From $524
Closest Airport: Denver International Airport (DEN) (217 km)
Airport pick-up included? No
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Please inquire ahead of time

Check out female retreats 2022 at Boulder Nutrition now!

6 Days More Mojo! Art, Adventure, and Fitness Retreats for Women in Costa Rica

women's health retreats costa rica

Saying that art heals is an understatement. There’s nothing more therapeutic than the whole retreat experience of painting your heart away on a blank canvas in a safe space. These six days at the Costa Rica women's retreat center will let you feed your fire, free your muse, learn a new skill, and reclaim your feminine power. The program aims to strengthen your feminine power through expressive art exercises so you can conquer the world at your fingertips. Deep in Central America and together with other women, you will discover that supporting one another through life’s experiences is one of the keys to a successful and content life while making new friends. First time artists welcome.

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Price: From $1,548
Closest Airport: Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport(43 km)
Airport pick up included? no, it's €27 per person
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Check out female retreats at The More You now!

3 Days "Come As You Are" Just for Ladies Yoga Retreat in British Columbia, Canada

british columbia retreat

Another womens retreat 2022 option, this one is in the natural beauty of British Columbia and is all about connection, relaxation, and enjoying time with one another. Enjoy a lovely cabin in the woods, nutritious gourmet meals, fitness classes, daily yoga flow and meditation, and a lot of time in nature, by the lake or in the hot tub, and outdoor excursions. What better way to regain inner peace than with this authentic experience! All activities are optional, leaving you with lots of time for resting and relaxation if that is what you wish. Deciding on physical activities for your holidays is one of the most important decisions you could make on your path to spiritual growth.

Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
Price: From $403
Closest Airport: Vancouver International Airport YVR (44 km)
Airport pick up included? No
Skill Level: All Levels Welcome
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes

Check out women's spiritual retreats 2022 in the Americas now!

Women's spiritual retreat 2022 in Europe

8 Unique Days of Sailing and Yoga in Cyclades Greece

women retreat in greece

This 8 days healing women retreat takes place on the beautiful Cycladic islands. One of the best women's wellness retreats out there! You will be surrounded by the sound of waves crashing to the shores and feel the warmth of the wind as it embraces you. The best part of this yoga retreat in Greece? You and your newfound soul sisters will have the chance to live on a boat with fully equipped cabins. This women’s yoga retreat will not only teach you to refocus your inner self, but it will also teach you to live life freely on the sea. For more self-made Greek island holiday, check out my Crete itinerary here.

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Price: From $750
Closest Airport: Athens International Airport ATH (21 km)
Airport pick up included? No, but public transport is easy or taxi is around €50
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes (note that dinner is not included)

Check out retreat in Cyclades now!

6 Days Divine Feminine Yoga in Qala, Malta

malta healing retreat

Power comes when you embrace your femininity. And this six-day women wellness retreat in the serene location of Malta will help you discover that power within you. The program includes morning yoga, water tantra yoga, sunset ecstatic dance, and visiting sacred feminine sites. Aside from these activities, you will also be surrounded by a support system of women all over the world that are all here for the same reasons as you. Bond, connect, empower, exchange, and improve your physical health in this life-changing experience. These spiritual retreats for women create an environment where no judgment is cast on one another. The accommodation at Ta' Kemmuna is set in a 400-year-old healing farmhouse furnished with modern style.

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Price: From $875
Closest Airport: Malta International Airport MLA (24 km)
Airport pick up included? No, taxi will cost around €25
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, everything is vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options

Check out women's wellness retreat 2022 at The Healing Tree now!

New Year Empowerment Women’s Yoga Journey in Italy

Mandala. Review on yoga teacher training at Smriti Yoga in Goa, India

What better way to rediscover yourself than by taking on a women’s retreat this New Year? This unique traveling health retreat aims to help get a fresh new start in life with a new set of intentions, goals, and dreams in a safe place. Leave everything that weighs you down behind and welcome the new year with nothing but the excitement of what is in store for the future. The transformative health retreat includes yoga to help you achieve a harmonious journey of mental, physical, and spiritual practices, health food, silence, and feminine bonding in a sacred space.

Duration: 7 days / 6 nights
Price: From $685
Closest Airport: Brindisi – Salento Airport BDS (35 km)
Airport pick up included? No, Transfer available for additional €70 per person
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, the menu is vegetarian with vegan and gluten-free options available

Check out womens retreats at The Art of Silence now!

Women’s Yoga Retreats 2022 in Asia and Beyond

Women Wellness and Yoga in Bali, Indonesia

woman retreat in bali

During these six days of women's healing retreats, you’ll rejuvenate yourself in the peaceful ambience of Kerobokan, Bali. Unplug and recharge from the benefits that this program offers so you can face the world with a new sense of purpose and will. As part of your wellness journey, enjoy daily yoga classes, village trekking, and massage treatment in the land of Gods. There’s a swimming pool, airport pickup, beginners’ level hatha yoga, and plenty more.

Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
Price: From $161
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport DPS (10 km)
Airport pick-up included? Yes, it's included in the registration fees
Skill Level: Beginner
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Please inquire before (only breakfast is included)

Check out retreat at Bee House Hostels now!

5 Days The Feminine Way Yoga and Tantra Retreat in Ubud, Bali

women only retreat in indonesia

We’re bombarded with so much information on how we should perceive ourselves as women. But at the end of the day, we don’t need much. We only need to believe that we are enough no matter what. This five-day, life-changing women's health retreat will help you accept everything that concerns you. It will help you get comfortable with your weaknesses so you can transform them into strengths. The feminine way private is a five-day retreat offering a unique synthesis of yoga therapy, Tantra, Ayurveda, and dance happening in lush and divine Ubud, Bali, which is also very close to the lovely undiscovered Penestanan.

Duration: 5 days / 4 nights
Price: From $683
Closest Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport DPS (26 km)
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, the healthy food menu is fully vegan

Check out retreat at Rasa Lila now!

Female Yin Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India

My spiritual journey at Smriti Yoga, Goa, India

One of the women’s strengths is the ability to adapt to different facets of life. These 11 days women's healing retreats comprise of energy check-ups, pranayama, meditation, and mantra chanting. Alongside these practices, you will have the opportunity to experience ayurvedic nutrition that will purify your body. Wake up each morning in the comfortable private rooms located in Tapovan which is far from the city’s hustle and bustle. Each room is fully equipped with free wifi and air conditioning. The retreat is open to all levels.

Duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Price: From $455
Closest Airport: Jolly Grant Airport DED (15 km)
Airport pick-up included? Transfer available for an additional €23 per person
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Please inquire before (they have all vegetarian meals, however)

Check out women’s retreats 2022 at Vedansha Institute of Vedic Science and Alternative Medicine now!

8 Days Luxury Salty Sisters Surf lessons, Yoga, and Sailing in the Maldives

maldives retreat for women

These nautical women-only adventure and goddess retreats are all about connection: to place, to self, and to the environment. Enjoy time with like-minded women who also crave adventure. You'll be guided through your adventure while learning about one of the most unique marine ecosystems, the Maldivian atolls. Activities included are SUP, surf camp, kite, dive, swim, and snorkel, as well as daily yoga. With these women's retreats, immerse yourself in the warm tropical waters and deliciously healthy meals and frolic in acres of gardens when you are not in the water, all for a vacation of a lifetime.

Duration: 8 days / 7 nights
Price: From $2,715
Closest Airport: Ibrahim Nasir International Airport MLE (2 km)
Airport pick up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Languages: English
Vegan Friendly?: Yes, but it's a good idea to communicate with them first

Check out upcoming retreats in the Maldives now!

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links.

Vegan Munich: Where to Eat

Wondering what vegan Munich has in store for ya?

There’s so much more to Munich than Oktoberfest. Sure, the Bavarian capital can be the scene of lederhosen-clad drunken Weisswürste fest. But open your eyes wide and you’ll discover an amazing health and vegan scene beyond all the animal products, fab vegan eateries, gorgeous boutique hotels, and — what the hell — river surfing right in the heart of Munich. There’s definitely more than meets the eye in Munich and I set up to explore what lies beneath the Schweinsbraten and just how many vegan restaurants Munich had for me. Wunderbar.

Vegan München: the best vegan restaurants in Munich


Here for the first time? Prefer to order in? Most of the restaurants below are on Wolt, my favorite meal delivery app. You can use the code MOSTLYAMELIE to receive 3 x 5€ off of your first three orders! Get it here!


There’s so much vegan food Munich has waiting for you, you’ll be shocked. Here are my top vegan restaurant Munich picks and all the best places to try!


cafe gratitude vegan munich

A high quality modern upscale eatery with decent prices and a beautiful interior, it’s best to make a reservation ahead at Gratitude. They are very popular, and with good reason. The short, changing menu includes things such as chickpeas and Hokkaido curry, paprika corn soup, ravioli with tempeh bolognese, grilled avocado, and deconstructed falafel with hummus. The vegan wine and beer selection are great. Artful and tasty. The perfect place for a date night.

Türkenstraße 55

Max Pett das vegane restaurant

Max Pett Munich Vegan

To get your fix on all the German specialties you thought you’d never taste as vegan options, Max Pett is a great spot. My top pick is definitely the schnitzel, which is gigantic and crispy and greasy and amazing. The Remouladensauce that comes with it is also yummy. Whatever you do, make sure you save some room for dessert. Whatever kind of seasonal sweet dumpling (Knödel) they have on is sure to be delicious too and served with vegan ice creams. Ah, man. Drool.

Pettenkoferstraße 8


Emmi’s kitchen

A wonderful outdoor garden welcomes you for a great breakfast at Emmi’s kitchen, and a cozy if a little crowded interior is there to accommodate the colder months. Emmi’s kitchen serves the fluffiest vegan pancakes I have had in some time, but please whatever you do, also save room for a cinnamon roll! Great coffee, great people, a smashing vegan burgers menu for the rest of the day. And of course all vegan. Best way to start the day!

Buttermelcherstraße 11-15, 80469


Doctor Drooly



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A post shared by D͟R͟.͟ ͟D͟R͟O͟O͟L͟Y͟ (@doctordrooly)

100% vegan, fresh, drooly, slippy pizza fresh from the oven that is best devoured red hot and on the curb next door. I'm not joking when I say this is some of the best vegan pizza I've ever had. Sourdough crust and great toppings — I opted for the Oh Maria, which combines vegan mozzarella, vegan prosciutto crudo, cream cheese (I'll stop saying the word vegan now, you got the gist), arugula, salted granola, and aceto balsamico. Possibly one of my favorite places. You cannot visit Munich and not stop by Doctor Drooly, be warned! It's right by the city center, so no excuse.

Häberlstraße 7, 80337

3. Siggi’s

Siggi's Munich Vegan

Wonderful vegan healthy food café in Munich. At Siggi's vegan café, you will find things such as sandwiches, bowls (my pick, loved the sweet potatoes and toasted pumpkin seeds on top!), delicious soups, fresh salad, American style pancakes, generous sandwiches, and a great raw vegan dessert selection. The lovely and gorgeous owner is engaged in the community and wonderful to have a chat with. She may even be there with her cute rescued dogs if you’re lucky. They recently got vegan pastries, which I'm devastated I didn't get to try.

Buttermelcherstraße 17, 80469


Hippie Chay



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A post shared by Geheimtipp München (@geheimtippmuenchen)

Bao burgers, sushi, bowls, curries, and more delicious Asian streetfood awaits you at the beautiful Hippie Chay. There's a gigantic variety to pick from, but I found the bao to be excellent and would highly recommend them! It's a little pricey, but this is Munich, baby!

Martin-Luther-Straße 8, 81539


Prinz Myshkin


Prinz Myshkin

One of the most upscale vegetarian restaurants with many vegan dishes and a stunning minimalist interior. The open kitchen serves creative global dishes, including many Asian and European options. The staff is super friendly, and the service is fast. Prices are on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for on the vegetarian food front. In the evenings you should call ahead to make a reservation.

Hackenstraße 2, 80331

Emiko at Louis Hotel

emiko restaurant munich vegan

This vegan-friendly upscale modern Japanese restaurant in the heart of the city was my most pleasant surprise in München. With a seven-course sample menu showcasing perfect craftsmanship and an amazing cocktail menu, Emiko was definitely the culinary highlight of my trip to Munich. I suggest you not only treat yourself to dinner here, but that you also stay at the amazing modern hotel in which it is located. They also have an amazing vegan-friendly brunch at the weekend with a vegan version of many classics. Really good food for a special occasion.

Viktualienmarkt 6


bodhi vegan münchen

Ahh, how I wish this was in Berlin! Bodhi is a great place where you can get the real Bavarian tavern experience, except all vegan! Icy cold draft beer, greasy pub snacks, fab crowd, and good music. Make sure you try the chili cheeze nuggets, onion rings, currywurst, and buffalo wings. Great traditional dishes made vegan. I’m hungry.

Ligsalzstraße 23

Tushita Teehaus

tushita munich vegan

Tushita is a cozy tea house with a Japanese-German aesthetic. Here, you’ll find hundreds of different kinds of tea and a daily changing organic, vegan, and a gluten-free menu comprising of buddha bowls with all sorts of veggies, as well as cakes. They also have a selection of tea-related accessories for sale.

Klenzestraße 53


Soy Vegan München



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A post shared by Soy München (@soy.muenchen)

Another fully Vietnamese vegan cuisine option in Munich. Large menu with a wide selection, friendly staff, nice ambiance, and good vibes all around. I recommend doing a selection of tapas to share between a few people to sample as much of the menu as possible. Good lunchtime deal as well. A great option with reasonable prices in the Maxvorstadt area!

Theresienstraße 93, 80333


Yoga Asana Series: Virasana aka Hero Pose

Vira = hero
Asana = pose
(pronunciation: VEER-AHS-anna)

Why You Should Practice Virasana


Do you know what we do a lot of in yoga? External hip rotation. Trikonasana, Warrior II, Tree pose, Gomukhasana, Baddha Konasana are just a drop in the ocean of all the yoga poses that depend on external hip rotation. And, do you know what we do very little of? Internal hip rotation… and do you know what pose is alllll about that internal rotation action? You got it, it's Virasana!

Hero pose is a yoga hero (bad pun definitely intended!) in my opinion because it’s pretty much the only yoga pose that solely focuses on internal hip rotation. So why should you even care about hip rotation? People are drawn to certain poses because their body naturally suits them, and often our pelvises have a bias towards external or internal rotation. So if you find some hip openers a real challenge but others easier, it might be to do with how your body is built — I wrote about this in my Surya Namaskar guide.

We all need a bit more Virasana in our yoga life! Moving our body in lots of different ways and our joints through all their different ranges of motion is essential for long term healthy movement patterns and happy joints.

Virasana Steps

  1. Start in a comfortable kneeling position (aka, Thunderbolt pose), with the shoulders soft and the spine long.
  2. Bring your butt up off your calves and, keeping the knees together (or as close as is possible for your body), separate your feet wide enough so you will be able to sit between them. The tops of your feet are still pressing into the mat, but instead of being on parallel lines with your knees, the knees and feet are now in a V shape.
  3. Take your hands to your calves and roll the flesh/muscle of your calves outward.
  4. Keep rolling out your calves and slowly start to lower your buttocks towards the ground between your calves.
  5. If your knee joints feel painful in any way (sharp, achy, twingey, etc.), then grab some yoga blocks and place them between your calves and sit on them. Use as many blocks as you need to keep the knees and the tops of the feet comfortable.
  6. Stay for at least five breaths, or longer if you are using Virasana as a meditation pose.

Virasana Benefits

  • One of the health benefits of Virasana is that it promotes mobility and flexibility in the hip, knee, and ankle joints — so long as you practice in a way that is safe for your body, free from pain. 
  • Stretches the quads and muscles of the inner and outer thighs
  • Practicing the internal rotation action in a stable pose like Virasana benefits two balance poses. Guradasana (eagle pose) uses the internal rotation action in the top leg. In Warrior III, keeping the hips squared and the back toe pointing directly down to the ground is an internal rotation action.
  • Over time you can build up how long you can comfortably stay in the pose and use it as a meditation posture. Virasana can have a lovely grounding and quieting effect on the body.
  • In Supta Virasana, the reclined version, it provides a deep stretch to the hip flexors and thighs (I discuss more Supta Virasana benefits below)
  • Virasana’s circulatory benefits are much debated, as some teachers will argue that the pose increases the blood flow to the lower body, or when you get out of the pose there is a rush of blood to the lower body. However, there is not much actual physiological validity to back this claim up. I say, if it makes you feel good, and you feel like the pose improves your circulation, then good for you! If it doesn’t make a difference, but you enjoy the pose, well, also good for you!

Virasana Tips, Tricks and Variations

Prop Up Your Virasana

A lot of people struggle with Virasana when they first practice it and then give up on it, thinking it’s not for them — but using props makes a pose that can feel strange or uncomfortable so much more accessible. In time you might be able to get rid of props as it becomes more familiar.

Sit on Yoga Blocks

As mentioned in the Virasana instructions, a great way to keep your knees, hips, and ankles happy is to sit up on blocks (or cushions, blankets, or bolsters if you prefer). This creates more space in your hips, which can help prevent twisting in the knees triggered by the femur bones rolling inwards.

I recommend using the flatter blocks (not the larger brick shape ones) and sitting up on three or more to begin with. Then, as you grow more comfortable in the pose, you can gradually take blocks away until you can sit your buttocks between your feet.

Remember, healthy knees are the priority — so if you always need to sit on a support that’s also fine!

Support your ankles

For some people, the tops of the feet and deep ankle extension can get pretty uncomfortable after a while. Rolling up a blanket or towel and placing it underneath the ankles reduces the extension and provides some cushioning.

Cushion Your Shins

If you are planning to use hero yoga pose as a meditative pose, you might want to lay a blanket down and kneel on that to provide extra cushioning for bony shins!

Supta Virasana

supta Virasana

Supta Virasana, aka reclined hero pose, is one of my favorite ways to get a good old front-of-the-body stretch. Undoubtedly one of the major Supta Virasana benefits is the deep (and I mean deeeeeeeeeep) opening you get in the hip flexors and quads. B.K.S Iyengar was a real fan of this pose and advocated that it should be practiced at some point in pretty much every yoga sequence.

Depending on how tight your quads and/or hip flexors are will affect how deeply you recline, so make sure you have some bolsters and yoga bricks on hand to support you.

Supta Virasana Steps

  1. Set up your Virasana, using the instructions above. If you are sitting on props, you will need to make sure that you already have some supports behind you to prevent your back from dropping lower than your hips for your reclining hero pose.  
  2. Place your hands behind you and start to lean back into them; slowly lower your back down as far as you can go. If you can’t recline all the way down (or, if your lower back feels pinchy), add in some props behind you. A bolster is great as it naturally supports the length of the spine, but you can also use cushions, blocks, and blankets — you may need quite a few if you are very tight in the front of the body, but in time as the body opens up you can remove some.

Thunderbolt pose

Thunderbolt pose (Vajrasana in Sanskrit) will be a real lifesaver (or at least knee saver) for some yogis. As I’ve said before, in yoga, hero pose works on the internal hip rotation, but because of the actual skeletal shape of the ball and socket joint in the hip and shape of the femur bone, internally rotating in the hips is not available to everyone. You may be able to force the action, but your knees will pay the price, and you could end up damaging your knee ligaments.

Sequencing Virasana

You can add Virasana to this yoga sequence towards the end to ensure you practice this important pose regularly, à la Iyengar.

Depending on how accessible you find hero pose will affect where you sequence it: if it’s super comfortable for you, you can practice it early in your sequence. If it’s more challenging, placing it towards the end of your sequence is a great option.

It’s also a great standalone meditation pose.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about this real yoga pose hero (yep, still going strong with the pun)! Remember, be kind to your knees — always, on and off the yoga mat — and enjoy practicing!

marrakech desert tours

Yoga Retreat Morocco: Where To Go

I recently got back from a magical birthday trip to Morocco. It was fabulous — the accommodation, traditional Moroccan cuisine, hospitality, traditional culture, my local guide to the Sahara desert, the desert camp, just everything. Plus, there are many direct flights from Europe, making it an easy destination to get to. So for my next yoga retreat Morocco is definitely on the agenda. For years now, I have been scouring the best yoga retreats and teacher trainings in the world, but this selection of yoga retreats in Morocco is definitely up there with the best retreats and yoga holidays currently on offer.

marrakech desert tours

If you are thinking of going on a yoga retreat in Europe, I recommend expanding your radius and including yoga retreats in Morocco too. As Morocco is at the northern point of Africa, it’s just a stone’s throw from Spain (literally, the distance from Tangier in Morocco to Ceuta in Spain is 15 km). This also makes it a much more convenient option if you were thinking of going on a more exotic yoga holiday to India or Bali, as not only will you get your cultural fix, but many Morocco retreats are also super affordable! So without further ado, here’s my yoga retreats Morocco guide!

Don’t forget your yoga mats and travel insurance, here’s my favorite.

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links.

Best Yoga Retreat Morocco: Where To Go


6 Day Surf and Yoga Holiday in Taghazout


yoga retreat morocco

If you want to learn or improve your yoga AND surfing, this is the dream Morocco retreat! You will bookend your day with energizing vinyasa yoga in the morning sessions and wind down with yin yoga, yoga nidra, and Hatha yoga in the evening, and your daylight hours will be spent on the beach with ample time for surf lessons and surf practice. Three meals a day are provided by the local host, including a picnic lunch on the beach, and most dietary requirements can be accommodated! If you are feeling sore at the end of the day, you can soothe your body with a private hammam, and if you feel like taking a day off surfing you can take a day trip to coastal city Essaouira or inland to the bustling city of Marrakech.

If you are planning a solo trip/yoga holiday in Morocco but want to make sure you will meet great people, then this is an excellent option. This Morrocco yoga retreat center is known for its warm and attentive staff and attracting a great crowd of retreat goers. Taghazout used to be a hippy stalwart but is now known for its surfing, and has a similarish vibe to Goa in India and Canggu in Bali.

Looking for more surf holiday ideas, check out my top surf camp recommendations!

Duration: 6 days (5 nights)
Price: from €375
Closest Airport: Agadir–Al Massira Airport (37 km)
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, the organizer also speaks German
Vegan Friendly? Yes, they will happily accommodate vegans but the catering is omnivore.


4 Day Palmeraie Luxury Yoga Retreat in Marrakech


yoga retreats in Morocco

Looking for a little bit of luxe? The Palmerie Luxury Yoga Retreats, a beautifully designed compound with lush gardens in the countryside outside of Marrakech, will leave you renewed, pampered, and refreshed after participating in their twice-daily carefully constructed program of yoga classes in the Perumal Yoga method. A nourishing breakfast and dinner with ingredients sourced from the organic garden on the estate are supplied daily. When you aren’t practicing yoga, you can relax by the swimming pool, arrange to go to a hammam or have a massage, or even schedule some horse riding, a hot air balloon, or some bike rides. Otherwise, just enjoy the tranquil surroundings of your beautiful accommodation.

Included in the price of your retreat is a month’s access to the online Yoga with Perumal platform, which includes classes and lots of supportive texts, so you can recreate a little bit of your Morocco yoga bliss back home!

Duration: 4 days (3 nights)
Price: from €1,010
Closest Airport: Marrakesh Menara Airport (10 km)
Airport pick-up included? Can be arranged for €25
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, the organizer also speaks Italian
Vegan Friendly? Get in touch with the organizers to confirm


7 Day Uplifting Yoga Retreat in Marrakech Oasis


yoga marrakech

Another great luxury yoga retreat in Morocco. Enjoy a week of yoga, staying in gorgeous accommodation that fuses timeless Italian and Moroccan style set in stunning gardens in Marrakech. Two yoga classes a day in the Yoga with Perumal style are included to help you deep and develop your yoga practice over the week. You will also receive a month of free access to the Yoga with Perumal online video platform. Enjoy chilling in the lounge, relaxing by the pool, or a good idea is heading out to explore the souks in your free time, to a hammam, or even arrange Jiu-Jitsu classes. You can round out each day by watching the sunset over the Atlas mountains and enjoying Italian-Moroccan fusion food in a traditional Moroccan Kaidal tent followed by fresh fruit. As a vegan, I suggest doing your own research before deciding on camel rides though! You can just simply walk with them :)

Duration: 7 days (6 nights)
Price: from €1,390
Closest Airport: Marrakesh Menara Airport (21 km)
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, the organizer also speaks Italian
Vegan Friendly? Get in touch with the organizers to confirm


14 Day Yoga and Surfing Holidays in Morocco


yoga and surf

This two-week surf and yoga holiday is the perfect Morocco retreat to learn or advance your surf skills at your own pace with daily lessons tailored towards your surfing experience and abilities. You start the day with rooftop daily yoga, and after breakfast, head out for morning surf lessons at some of the best surf locations on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. After a picnic lunch at the beach, you can either practice your surf skills, or explore some of the nearby cities and villages from Marrakech to Taghazout, or even head out to the Atlas mountains. If you need something more chilled out, you can always go to the nearby Hammam or spa treatment for a massage. Wind down from your day with sunset yoga and delicious authentic tagines for supper… and then head to bed ready to repeat the whole thing again the next day! This two week holiday does it all: it gives you ample time to explore Morocco, learn how to surf in a perfect location, and is the perfect way to get a taste of yoga in Morocco. Combining surf with the practice of yoga if always a good idea!

Duration: 14 days (13 nights)
Price: from €1,020
Closest Airport: Agadir–Al Massira Airport (34 km)
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, the organizer also speaks Arabic and French
Vegan Friendly? Yes, they will happily accommodate vegans, but the catering is omnivore.


3 Day Yoga Holiday in the Heart of Marrakech


yoga retreat in marrakech

I adored my stay at a riad in the old city, and if I had been able to combine it with a yoga retreat in Marrakech, that would have been the DREAM holiday. Expect gorgeous Moroccan interior design (the tiles! The textiles! The plants!), two yoga classes a day (from restorative yoga to more fiery vinyasa) either on the rooftop or in the amazingly decorated yoga shala, and delicious gourmet brunches. You can either spend the rest of the day exploring the very best of Marrakech from bartering and getting lost in the medina or Bazaars or heading to the magnificent Majorelle Gardens to explore the fantastic grounds, botanical garden, Yves Saint Laurent Museum, and Berber Museum. Looking for something a little more chilled? Then relax in the riad’s pool, private hammam, arrange a massage, or even take advantage of the in-house cooking lessons! Literally the perfect Morocco yoga holiday.


Duration: 3 days (2 nights)
Price: from €1,020
Closest Airport: Marrakech Menara Airport (4 km)
Airport pick-up included? No, but can be arranged for an extra €40
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, the organizer also speaks Arabic and French
Vegan Friendly? Yes, they will happily accommodate vegans, but the catering is omnivore.


8 Day Villa Surya - Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Imi Ouaddar


morroco retreat

The cities of Morocco are known to be just a tad hectic… You try navigating those passages and lanes with someone trying to lure you into their shop with mint tea at every turn. But if you are looking for some serious calm and bliss for in between your yoga sessions, this is the perfect Morocco yoga retreat. This beautiful airy villa nestled in the village of Imi Ouaddar between the Atlantic coast and on the edge of a nature reserve is literally a slice of paradise. With two 90-minute yoga and meditation sessions a day in a gorgeous yoga shall by a renown yoga teacher with years of experience, a pool, sauna, and jacuzzi to unwind in, a complimentary massage, and silent meditation walks on the beach, you are in for a week of pure heaven. Also included are delicious daily nourishing vegan and vegetarian breakfasts and dinners, with a raw vegan option too! When you’ve had enough of relaxing (ha!), you can wander along one of Morocco’s most pristine beaches, have a surf lesson, take a SUP yoga class, or a day trip to Paradise Valley in the Atlas mountains, Taghazout, Essaouira, or Marrakech.

There are a lot of spectacular meditation retreats in the world, but this yoga and meditation in Morocco is definitely up there with the best!

Duration: 8 days (7 nights)
Price: from €699
Closest Airport: Agadir–Al Massira Airport (43 km)
Airport pick-up included? Yes
Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Languages: English, the organizer also speaks Arabic, French, and German
Vegan Friendly? Yes

So that is a breakdown of the best Morocco yoga retreats! If travel isn’t an option for you right now, check out the best online yoga courses and online yoga teacher trainings right now!