Best Destinations for a Vegetarian Holiday

31st July 2017

Going on a vacation is an opportunity to discover more of a country through different ways, such as exploring its iconic landmarks, meeting its hospitable people, and of course, sampling its delicious food. However, the problem is that if you are a vegetarian, some countries can end up being frustrating, and you can be left hungry. With this in mind, enjoy reading the rest of this post where we will have a rundown of some of the best destinations that will provide you with plenty of options for a great vegetarian meal.


This country is popular for its flavor-rich food. They have a diverse cuisine, which is why you can expect that there is something for everyone. The good news is that you do not have to go far from the capital. In Kuala Lumpur alone, there are more than 100 restaurants that cater specifically to vegan and vegetarian vacationers. From falafel sandwiches to hummus, amongst others, you will have endless options of interesting foods and flavors to try. The vegan penang asam laska is amazing, and widely available in Malaysia. From high-end malls to traditional market stalls, you will find a wide array of vegetarian food items at a reasonable price. For something a bit more beachy, head straight to Langkawi!


From beautiful islands to stunning ancient structures, Greece is one of the best holiday destinations, and is very popular with holidaymakers. For vegetarians, there will never be a shortage of places to enjoy great local meat-free food. There are even cooking holidays that cater specifically to vegans and vegetarians. The latter will be a good experience as it will be an opportunity for you to learn how to cook a plethora of new and interesting dishes which you may not have heard of before.


While there are many places in California that are known for being vegetarian-friendly, when it comes to accommodation, one place that will make you feel really welcomed is The Stanford Inn by the Sea Eco-Resort, which is located in Mendocino. The highlight is The Ravens Restaurant, which is acclaimed for their carefully curated all-vegan menu, which emphasizes sustainability. They also offer classes and other activities, such as biking and canoeing. Other veggie friendly areas of California include the trendy coastal city of Santa Monica and the hilly city of San Francisco, both of which are home to a whole variety of super healthy veggie cafes.

The UK

Regardless of where you are in the UK, you will find that every hotel, restaurant and cafe provide great vegetarian options. Some establishments even cater primarily to the needs of vegetarians and vegans. The Lake District, a mountainous region in northwest England, is one of the best destinations that should be on your radar. More than the stunning scenery, it has a wide array of choice for vegetarian restaurants. Stay at Lancrigg, a lakeside country house that is famed for its vegetarian menu. If you are in London, on the other hand, visit La Suite West, which is popular for its raw vegan menu. If you’re staying in the Cotswolds, you’ll find that all the countryside pubs have delicious and hearty vegetarian options, and there are plenty of farm shops where you can get fresh organic fruit and vegetables, and some of them even let you pick your own!


In Europe, Italy is one of the countries with the highest proportion of vegetarians, making it another ideal destination to include in this list. Turin, known as a vegetarian city, is one of the best places that you have to experience; with over 30 vegetarian restaurants you will be spoiled for choice. Villa Somis, a high-end restaurant set atop a hill, is a favorite amongst locals and tourists. If you are in Rome, on the other hand, one restaurant worth checking out is L’Aranica Blue. Regardless of where you are, there are many vegetarian foods that you can enjoy, which are best paired with fine Italian wines.

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