Best Mindfulness Apps for 2020

16th February 2020

These days, more people every day are trying out meditation and mindfulness. In the past, people generally had an instructor or mentor lead them in a guided meditation. While this is effective, you also need to have an instructor or mentor and get to their class at the appointed hour. This can be a hassle, but the many meditation apps on the market today ensure that it is unnecessary. You can even use this app when you are laying on your own comfy bed and preparing to go to sleep. Read on to learn more about the best mindfulness apps for 2020, and for more, read my favorite mindfulness quotes.


FitMind is one of the most successful newcomers to the mindfulness app category. FitMind’s approach is unique in that the mind is treated like a muscle that must be worked out and trained on a regular basis. FitMind includes a 30-day challenge that is similar to the month-long challenges seen in many physical fitness apps. FitMind also includes many charts and graphs that let you know just how much progress you’re making toward your mental fitness goals. Many users also appreciate the easy-to-understand scientific explanations that FitMind offers for your mental health.

Unplug Meditation

Unplug Meditation was originally a meditation studio in Los Angeles. After the studio became popular, they decided to create an app so people who do not live in the Los Angeles area can partake in their meditations. The Unplug Meditation videos range from 60 seconds to 60 minutes long. They are all led by an actual instructor, so many users find these meditations more immersive and effective than those in competing apps, which may be read by a voice actor. Unplug Meditation makes it easy for you to track your progress with in-depth statistics about how much time you’ve spent meditating.

Meditation Studio With Muse

This is the premium option for users who are passionate about meditation and mindfulness. This app uses a high-tech headband to monitor brain waves. This allows you to see which meditations are most effective at different times and when you are in different moods. Muse also collects data about your body such as your pulse, breathing and more and turns this data into relaxing ambient music that helps you get deeply in touch with yourself. As you might expect, Muse also offers highly detailed statistics to help you analyze how much time you’ve spent meditating.

Commiting To Meditation & Mindfulness In 2020

Meditation and mindfulness can change your life for the better. However, many people struggle when they first get started on this path. There’s no denying that practicing meditation and mindfulness takes some getting used to. This is even true when you have access to meditation and mindfulness apps 24/7. Even if you struggle a little at first, the positive effects that you will see make a commitment to meditation and mindfulness more than worth it. After you stick with it for a while, you will notice that meditation and mindfulness become second nature.

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