Best Places for Vegetarians in Asia

28th September 2017

Travelling as a vegetarian can be difficult but Asia is a great place to travel because there are many different choices of new dishes to try. Asia is the most heavily populated continent in the world and it is rich in history, culture, natural wonders, and there are many exciting things to explore.

If you are a strict vegetarian you already know that eating out anywhere can be a stressful ordeal. The most important part is that you communicate with your server about how important it is for you to only eat vegetarian. Here are the best places for vegetarians in Asia.

Bangkok, Thailand

Eating as a vegetarian in Thailand can be difficult if you aren’t well-prepared, as the culture sees vegetarianism just as not eating chunks of meat. Vegetables are often served in meat broth, oyster sauce, or fish sauce so you must be very clear when communicating your needs. For more, here’s everything you need to know about Thailand.

Everything is served fresh so they can prepare it to suit your needs and you can still get dishes like Pad Thai, traditional stews, and grilled vegetables. A haven for you will be the vegetarian restaurant called Broccoli Revolution which offers a wide range of vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Bhutan, Himalayas

Bhutan is a fabulous destination that is located high up in the Himalayas. It offers up many exciting adventures like trekking the towering peaks of Jomolhari, bird watching, exploring ancient fortresses, and visiting monasteries where Buddhist monks still live and practice.

Finding vegetarian food is pretty simple here and you can have dishes like vegetable dumplings, buckwheat noodles served in mustard oil and pepper, and rich vegetable soups in a milk or cream broth. Be sure to try ezay, a popular chilli sauce, and the buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.

Makati, Philippines

Makati is in the Manila region of the Philippines and it is an exciting city that is filled with towering skyscrapers, malls, and many places to explore.

Eating as a vegetarian here is easy and you can get traditional Filipino dishes like Adobo, Lumpia, Pancit and Lo-Mein made with vegetarian ingredients. There are also many rice and bean dishes that are a protein packed and hearty meal.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is a vibrant city on the Honshu island of Japan and it is full of interesting stores, monuments, and exciting places to eat. Eating vegetarian food in Japan can be difficult as many dishes have a fish base to them but if you communicate your needs you will have no problems. There are also many traditional dishes in Japanese cuisine that are vegetarian, and to fully experience the culture you can take part in a Japanese cooking class – just make sure you check they provide a vegetarian option.

Seaweed is served in many different forms and there are many dishes that come with it. Tempura is battered and deep fried and you can get many different kinds of vegetables prepared this way. Sushi is also an option and you can get cucumber or other vegetables served in rolls of rice and seaweed. Beans are part of many dishes so make sure you try bean dishes like edamame, natto, and tofu.

Jaipur, India

Jaipur is a magnificent place to explore and you can visit ancient temples and fortresses, and explore the exciting culture of India. Around 40% of the population in India follows a vegetarian diet so it is a great place to find vegetarian meals.

Dhal is a pulse that is rich in protein and fibre, and it is part of many different tasty dishes where it is eaten whole or has been ground into flour. The area is scarce in water so many dishes are made with ghee, clarified butter, or cream as a base.

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