Best Vegan Restaurants Berlin: Ze Guide

23rd August 2019

vegan food guide Berlin

It’s taken me the best of the last three years to wrap my head around all the best vegan restaurants Berlin has in store and I’m excited to finally present you the best of everything. Just for you guys, I’ve eaten my way around the finest vegan kebabs, burgers, doughnuts, cakes… in fact, just pick your favourite food. I’ve probably eaten it in Berlin. The problem with spending three years trying to eat all the vegan food is that it’s such a vibrant scene, it’s constantly expanding. I keep thinking I’ve eaten everywhere, then overnight another five incredible vegan food Berlin places appear.

This is, therefore, by no means a definitive list of everywhere you should eat… but it is, in my humble opinion, the best Berlin vegan food. So read on, drool, book your flight to Berlin, and feast to your heart’s content.

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Hungry? I know I am. Vegan Berlin, here goes.

Best Vegan Restaurants Berlin: My Current Favourites

1. Brammibal’s

For the best vegan Berlin doughnuts
brammibals vegan donuts

In a small shop in Neukolln, opposite the canal, a small part of the American dream lives on with this classic treat which has been oh-so-deliciously veganised. If the song “Oh I went downtown and walked around the block/I walked right into the doughnut shop…” was part of your childhood, then Brammibal’s will be a sugary sweet heaven for you. Not only are their doughnuts hands down the best in Berlin (or, might I even say, in Europe) but they’re also wildly creative with their flavours. Try the cranberry pistachio, coffee sesame, lavender… whichever you pick, it’s sure to be the first of many more.

Maybachufer 8, 12047 Berlin
Facebook // Directions

Danziger Str. 65, 10435 Berlin

Alte Potsdamer Str. 7, 10785 Berlin

2. Chay Village

For the best vegan Vietnamese food
chay village berlin

Something that may surprise you about Berlin is that there’s a large Vietnamese community. The Vietnamese currently living in Berlin are the result of two influxes into the city – the first in the 70s, fleeing the Vietnamese War, and the second influx arrived during East Berlin’s communist days as contract workers, who were then contained in communities. After the wall fell, many integrated and learned German, and started their own businesses. Can you see where I’m going with this? AMAZING Vietnamese food, many of which is vegan. Of all of those, Chay Village is my current favourite.

Niederbarnimstraße 10, 10249 Berlin
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3. Vux

For the best cupcakes in town Oh Em Gee.
vux vegan cake berlin

Vux has some pretty incredible food, and Berlin has some pretty incredible vegan cakes. So when I say that Vux has the best cupcakes in town, that should not… repeat, should not be taken lightly. In particular, the peanut butter cupcake. Mmmhhmmmmm. It’s like peanutty heaven in cupcake form. If that’s not up your street, there’s sure to be something else which will suit you – Vux has so much choice for cakes that to say you’re spoiled is a massive understatement.

Wipperstraße 14, 12055 Berlin
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4. Zeus Pizza

For the best not very fancy pizza? But maybe I’m just trashy?
vegan berlin

Ok, so haters (and Italians) gonna hate, but I friggin love Zeus. I know Stella Nera or Zero Stress would perhaps deserve this spot according to some (and they are both excellent in their own right), but, I don’t know. Zeus, is… No frill and friendly and chilled out and next door to where I live. Grab yourself a “vegan pikante” and a späti beer and eat it by the curb on a hot summer day and come tell me this isn’t vegan food Berlin at its best… I dare you.

Boxhagener Str. 29-30, 10245 Berlin
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5. Hot Dog Soup

The best damn vegan hotdog
vegan hot dog berlin

The name says it all. They do hot dogs, and they do soup. Which would you like? Not the typical combination perhaps, but this unusual blend somehow rocks it out of their pocket-size shop. Me? I’m a hotdog person. In particular The Brazil one (mix of tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cilantro, and chili sauce). Because chili. And because cilantro. And Berlin vegan hot dogs. Yum!

Grünberger Str. 69, 10245 Berlin
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6.Café Neue Liebe

For a lovely breakfast with friends
cafe neue liebe vegan berlin

Getting out of my way to go to Prenzlauer Berg is not something I do on the regular, but perhaps it’s all about to change because of the amazing waffles at Café Neue Liebe. It’s a little yuppie and the coffee was horrendous, but disregard this and get yourself a waffle with berry and cream. The whole menu is vegetarian with a lot of vegan options. Prenzlauer Berg is actually quite nice for a weekend stroll too…

Rykestraße 42, 10405 Berlin
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7. Santa Cantina

For the best Mexican Food, period.
santa cantina berlin

We have Vietnamese food, raw food, desserts, American food… so what’s missing? There isn’t yet a Mexican vegan restaurant Berlin, what are you waiting for? Meanwhile, Santa Cantina does an excellent job at catering for vegans. They take traditional flavours and give them a modern twist that has to be tasted to be believed. The moment you walk in, you’ll be sold – because the smell in the air is incredible. The roasted aubergine and hibiscus tacos are both vegan and absolutely amazing. Also, yuca fries are delicious and the margaritas are bitching.

Simon-Dach-Straße 22, 10245 Berlin
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8. Vincent Vegan

For the best vegan burger of all history of burgers

vegan restaurant berlin - vincent vegan

I wish Vincent Vegan had chosen a better location to finally set sail in Berlin, but I understand that they are trying to reach the mass, and I guess I a brand new shiny mall is the place to do that. The fact remains that the brand new East Side Mall is an eyesore like I’ve rarely seen one, and the only ever reason I will step food inside is to grab me one of the amazing Beyond Burger from Vicent Vegan. I’m sure everything else is also good, but that’s all I’ll ever eat from there, despite the hefty price, and despite the shitty location. That burger trumps everything else possible. Grab two or three, just in case and cross over to the East Side Gallery to eat them.

Tamara-Danz-Straße 11, 10243 Berlin
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9. Veganz

For all the vegan groceries!

How many cities can pride themselves on having a fully vegan grocery store? Well, Berlin obviously does and Veganz is your one-stop shop for amazing snacks, cheese, yogurt, chocolate, granola bars, ice cream, and everything else you could think of. Veganz has it! We were lucky to receive some products to sample and made a little video of the unboxing and tasting test:

Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin
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For great Thai food! vegan berlin hasn’t been opened for that long but already has a jam-packed terrace most evening, and there’s a good reason for that: it’s delicious. The decor is extremely garish and fun and tacky and so very Thai, and that’s what drew me in the first place. Beyond the great atmosphere, there’s some really amazing vegan Thai food to be had (it’s all vegan, yes!), sticky rice (yes!!!!) and what the hell, vegan fried eggs (try them, they’re amazing!). The #28 is my personal favourite (quite spicy, beware), as well as the curries.

Facebook // Directions ⠀⠀

11. Café Bärbucha

For fermentation fanatics
baerbucha fermentation berlin

It’s hard to find good kombucha in Germany, so I was mega excited when I discovered that there is a kombucha and fermentation cafe in Berlin called Café Bärbucha. A big part of their menu is vegan and contains things like burgers, sandwiches, and salads, all with house-made fermented ingredients, all absolutely freaking delicious. They also have over 15 kombucha flavours to pick from, water kefir and kvass. Schöneberg is suddenly my favourite neighbourhood!

Eisenacher Str. 73, 10823 Berlin
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If you know anything about vegan travel destinations, then you’ll have seen Berlin consistently appearing – and now you understand why. It’s quite simply unrivalled it even has vegan and vegan-friendly hotels! And if you’re planning your trip to Berlin, you need at least a week or two to get round everywhere – and you’d better practice your competitive eating before you visit. And a cozy place to roll to at the end of the day. Here are my picks.

1.Almodóvar Hotel

Almodovar Hotel

Almodovar Hotel Spa

bistro bardot berlin

Nested in the heart of vibrant Friedrichshain is the wonderful oasis that is Almodóvar Hotel. Such a special place! If you are bored of cookie-cutter hotels, then Almodóvar is definitely the place to be! The decor is cozy and warm with beautiful chunky wood furniture and nothing at all is sourced from animals. The rooms are huge and the bed in comfy with nice little touches such as a provided yoga mat, which made it extra special for me. The breakfast buffet at Bardot Bistro is absolutely delicious and in large part vegan and the wonderfully peaceful spa on the top floor is the perfect place to end a busy day exploring the city. A truly special place!

Boxhagener Str. 83, 10245 Berlin (directions)


Hotel Otto

Hotel Otto Berlin

Hotel Otto Berlin

Hotel Otto Berlin

Hotel Otto is located in the peaceful neighbourhood of Charlottenburg, remote enough to catch your break and unwind, yet just a short train ride away from the centre of things. Otto really shines in the quality of its service, priding themselves to cater to special needs or any dietary requirement. And boy did they deliver! We were served amazingly fluffy vegan pancakes each morning alongside vegan yoghurt and I’m pretty they would have obliged to any of our special requests. The rooms are modern, bright and airy, with super fluffy beddings and nice lounging areas. There are quite a few vegan restaurants just around the corner too.

Knesebeckstraße 10, 10623 Berlin (directions)


Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links which give me a small cut if you make a purchase. This comes at no cost to you and allows me to continue running this blog! Thanks for your support!

23 thoughts on “Best Vegan Restaurants Berlin: Ze Guide

  1. Jessica

    So cool that Berlin has a vegan food scene. Not surprised as they are in the forefront of everything cool! My friend is vegan and travels often to Germany so I will make sure to pass this on to her.

  2. Dany

    I never thought of trying vegan food in Berlin, even if I do love some vegan now and then, but then again I didn’t know where to look for it! Attila Hildman sounds like an interesting place, I’d love to try the soft serve sundae, it looks delicious!

  3. Lucy

    What a selection! I didn’t know Berlin was so on top with Vegan restaurants. I am not a vegan, but I like vegan food and I have vegan friends. It is hard finding restaurants with vegan options in so many cities. Rawtastic, Hotdog Soup and Vux look yummy!

  4. Thomas Mathys

    I already heard that the vegan scene in Berlin is very strong. I love that you provide a map with the places to eat! La Stella Nera sounds amazing, especially because i never tried vegan Pizza before! The Hot Dog of Hot Dog Soup looks really yummie as well. Even though I like meat, I try to eat as little as possible of it, so those places come in really handy. Thank you for this article 🙂

  5. Kiyoko

    Those crepes looks beautiful! I think I would have a hard time eating them because I would feel like I was ruining a piece of artwork! Still, looks like a great place to eat!

  6. Paige

    I’m incredibly impressed by the amount of amazing-looking vegan options there are in Berlin. There are things I didn’t even know were vegan-options! I’m also impressed that even your hotel had a decent amount of vegan breakfast options. I’m glad that destinations are becoming more and more veg/vegan friendly.

  7. Alli

    As a European city I never would have guessed it was so Vegan friendly! The food looks fantastic! Those donuts at Brammibal’s look so delicious! I would kill for one of those this Monday morning! And how cute are those crepes!!! <3

  8. Nisha

    This post is an answer to all those people who say that vegans have a tough time travelling in Europe. This summer we were in Europe but could not spend time in Berlin. The vegan hot dog is an unusual name but looks delicious. and of course my all time favorite is veg-pizza.

  9. Kaira

    went to an amazing Vegan cafe´which is not on the list but should be::
    thew serve extremely delicious food fusion african – italian .
    on Sunday they have an outstanding Brunch(its necessary to book, because gets very busy)
    AtayaCaffe in Prenzlauerberg

  10. Laura

    It looks like both Chaostheorie and Rawtastic are now closed as well. I wonder why so many places are closing? How unfortunate!

  11. Kiana

    Hi !
    Many places on the list shot down :'(
    – let it be
    – chaostheorie
    – the bowl
    My favorites are AtayaCaffe and Vallarades both Amazing and authentic !


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