Bizarre Fun Facts About the Outer Banks Of North Carolina

10th August 2020

The Outer Banks region of North Carolina has long been known for its beautiful beaches, waterfront dining, a great adventurous appeal and its great lighthouses. However, tourists travelling to the place often overlook the interesting aspects of OBX history that are jaw-droppingly amazing.

The following infographic reveals many such mysteries from the history of Outer Banks.

For a quick idea, here’s a list of events, facts and numbers that make Outer Banks way more exciting than most tourists would expect.

– America’s oldest unsolved mystery
– The longest-running outdoor symphonic drama (What do you think, how long can it be?)
– Blackbeard’s largest-ever pirate gathering in 1718
– Wright Brothers’ first flight
– Rare wild horses of Corolla
– Tallest Brick Lighthouse in the US
– Secret testing site (Shh.. It’s our little secret)
– The Graveyard of Atlantic (Over 500 sunken ships)
– Popular wedding destination

The best part is that this is not it. The infographic below talks in more detail about the aforementioned titles and many others as well. Have a look and find out.

Fun Facts About The Outer Banks


If you want to make the most out of your trip to Outer Banks, you must make sure you are not missing out on the popular historical places. The OBX history is rich and has a lot to offer on knowledge and excitement fronts.

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