Can you go to the Blue Lagoon Naked?

If you’ve been reading my articles about spas around the world, you might have noticed some important things. If you haven’t — newsflash: I seem to have taken a liking to getting buck naked in public. I mean, who doesn’t? Right? Righhhhhhttttt? Anyone? Well, ok, fine. Today, for a change, let me tell you about this one time in Iceland when I did not in fact get naked at the spa. It does happen, sometimes. But can you go to the Blue Lagoon naked, you may ask? What is wrong with you, you perverts!

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Can you go to the Blue Lagoon Naked? The answer is no!

Iceland. Land of fire and ice. Such a fascinating place, filled with lagoons, glaciers, and geysers. As you would imagine, it is also one of the best places on earth to visit spas and natural pools built around thermal sources. The Blue Lagoon and its natural hot springs and giant geothermal pool, located on the Reykjanes Peninsula is, without a doubt, the most famous. It might sound odd at first to hear that the Blue Lagoon, which is fed by the runoff of a geothermal power plant located in a lava field nearby, is the most visited attraction in Iceland. Bathing in geothermal plant water? Absolutely. But bathing in the blue lagoon nude? No, no, no.

Iceland Blue Lagoon

Opinions are mixed, but a visit to the Blue Lagoon remains, in my opinion, a not-to-be-missed experience for anyone visiting Iceland, even if you don’t have much time. I would recommend taking it for what it is: a man-made, extremely popular, a little over-the-top, and majorly overpriced, but still drop-dead-gorgeous and very relaxing yet popular tourist attraction. I mean, would you give the Eiffel Tower a miss if it was your first ever time in Paris? Thought so.

As most people elect to get a rental car when they arrive in Iceland (read my self-drive ring road Iceland tour article here) and the Blue Lagoon is located about 20km from Keflavík International Airport on the way to capital city Reykjavik, it is the best possible way to cure your jet lag and the perfect introduction to Iceland (or the best way to get ready to leave Iceland). The best time is to try to sneak one last visit in before you return your car. Fab hotels in Iceland are found everywhere, so it might be a good idea to have your final night near the airport or the lagoon if you’re short for time. That way, you can indulge in one final Blue Lagoon visit to this popular attraction before you go. Don’t forget to book your time slot ahead.

I elected to make it my first stop as I stepped out of the plane and started my Iceland road trip of the golden circle tour. It was quite otherworldly a great way to start, after a night spent in commute, to look through the mist hanging over the milky blue water cradled by black lava rocks, and the silica mud mask was lovely. My Blue Lagoon experience made me feel like I had just landed on another planet and I believe my mother felt like she was on some hallucinogenic drugs, by the look of her with her mud masks soaking in the warm water here!

Iceland Blue Lagoon

Iceland Nude

WHAT TO EXPECT, if not blue lagoon nudity

First, there’s the Blue Lagoon cost. The current cheapest standard package entry price to the blue lagoon is around USD $50. This only grants you access to the lagoon, hot tub, and steam rooms and to the silica mud to slap on your face – which is one of the most fun parts, as you pick it up from a swim-up bar located right on the lagoon and make yourself look somewhat silly while you snap some photos (don’t forget your GoPro or waterproof camera!). Aside from that, nothing is included — no towel, no flip flops, no bathrobe, especially nothing at the Lava Restaurant — nada. So bring your own towel. At the most luxurious end of the scale, for a $230 premium package, you get the use of a towel, a complimentary drink of your choice (and there are alcoholic beverages too), a bathrobe, and access to the executive lounge. And, in between those, you’ll find a pricing scale involving various small perks such as water massages and other types of face mask. No, the Blue Lagoon is not cheap. Visit the official website for the latest costs. If you are after a cheaper alternative, do check out the Secret Lagoon. Small note, there is a large parking lot on the premise.

Upon arriving at the Blue Lagoon, you will be given a magnetic bracelet that will act as the key to your locker in the private changing rooms, and your access to the various services, bar drinks, snacks, and spa treatments. Whatever you consume that is not included in your package will be charged to you at the end of the day as you return the bracelet. Beware that swimming facilities and geothermal spa in Iceland are very, ahem, stringent with swimmers’ hygiene and the Blue Lagoon communal showers are no exception. You’ll find explanatory posters stating which “bits” are to be washed more thoroughly than others prior to putting on your bathing suit and entering the premises. Showering at the Blue Lagoon shower facilities is to be done in the buff, and under the watchful eye of a shower police. I am not even kidding. My poor prude North American mother was terrified of showering naked, bless her heart. Fortunately for you and her, the Blue Lagoon has several individual shower stalls in the shower area for all your modesty requirements. I ain’t need those, lol.

Since you’ll book a time slot from the blue lagoon website, there should not be a lot of people at once to visit this natural phenomenon, but it’s always best to plan a visit off peak times such as the early morning or right before the lagoon closes. It is after all a very popular stop that is best enjoyed with fewer people.

That’s the gist of the wonders of the Blue Lagoon, really. You can’t go to the Blue Lagoon Iceland nude, I’m sorry German friends! Haha. The Blue Lagoon is in my opinion a must-visit place. It owes its milky blue color to the high silica and sulfur content in the water. The mineral-rich waters have fantastic healing properties for your skin and make you extra buoyant, so flop on your back and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. The hot water is however known to be quite drying for your hair, so go right ahead and soak your manes with conditioner and bring a hair tie or shower cap before you jump in. I didn’t listen and put my head underwater anyway, and the aftermath was really not that bad. Fun fact – the closer you get to the source, the hotter the water temperature.

Despite how man-made the Blue Lagoon has become (there’s even a hotel now if you wish to book a full retreat spa weekend with a private room), you really should not miss visiting at least once. But please don’t expect to go to the Blue Lagoon nude, haha. And don’t forget to check out the Northern Lights.

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