Boston University library as one of the most impressive university libraries that should be on your must-visit list

28th November 2019

Visiting libraries is often on the list of many tourists as the majority of these buildings are not simply beautiful. They are often actual masterpieces of architecture. So, if you are currently working on the USA library list you want to visit, you should definitely add Boston University library as well. No matter whether you are currently looking through Boston University study abroad options, are actually in the process of writing a BU admissions essay or simply want to visit impressive library locations, here is some useful information regarding Boston University library.

To begin with, it is vital to highlight that there are lots of specialized libraries which are a part of Boston University library. You can either visit the main building or go check out some of the locations that are used for area-specific research, such as: Astronomy Library, African Studies Library, Music Library, Mugar Memorial Library and a few others. What is interesting is that a lot of young visitors are so impressed with Boston University library that they decide to apply to this educational institution. If you find yourself working on the Boston University admissions essay after visiting their impressive library, you are not the only one. One piece of advice for anyone working on their Boston University admissions essay is not to dwell upon the beauty of their library or campus, though. The review committee knows it already. Apart from that, think about all those applicants before you who have decided to write about the beauty of the campus in their BU admissions essay. You will quickly realize that choosing this topic for your Boston University admissions essay is not the smartest thing to do. In addition, it is very unoriginal as well. Focus on what new you can bring to the educational institution, as well as what experience you will gain studying there if you are having difficulties crafting your Boston University admissions essay.

One of the most significant things to highlight in regards to Boston University library is that it is always open to the public. Thus, your only task is to visit the website to check the visiting hours and to familiarise yourself with useful info. Then, you can start planning your visit to Boston University library and enjoy its beauty. Apart from taking a closer look at one of the most impressive buildings in the area, you may also learn something new as the library houses more than 2,4 million physical volumes of books, study materials, journals and so on. It is really hard not to get inspired when you visit a place like this. What is also interesting to know is that BU alumni have access to library resources even after graduation. The library staff is aimed at providing current and past students with access to a huge selection of useful books no matter whether they are still a student at Boston University or have graduated a while ago. This is a superb initiative, as well as a great example for other educational institutions.

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