Broke In Berlin? Seeing The City Without Spending a Fortune

2nd February 2017

Germany’s historical and fascinating capital is certainly one you should have on your travel bucket list. From the glittering glamor of restaurants, clubs, and parties to the raw and gritty street art workshops to the interesting war history. There really is something for everyone here. If you don’t have a massive budget to work with then no need to fear, there are lots of cheap or even free ways to enjoy the city. Here are are some budget backpacking 101 things to bear in mind when you’re planning your trip.

Use Public Transport

Public transport is a cheap and easy way to get around Berlin. There are great bus networks, trains, underground trains and trams in Berlin so navigating your way around the city couldn’t be easier. Flixbus is one example of buses which run in the city, you can find vouchers for these online which reduce the cost even further. As with most destinations taxis will be more expensive, so pass these up if you’re looking to save on money.

Visit The Cheap or Free Attractions

Berlin is a place of history, so this is definitely something worth exploring on your visit. There are numerous walking history tours for less than twenty dollars, not to mention incredible sights and photo opportunities you can take advantage of. There are plenty of free and cheap museums and galleries too for your dose of history and culture. There are wine tours which don’t cost much, you could hire bikes or go on a river cruise. Each of these activities costs just a few dollars but provides experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

Enjoy Some Cheap Eats

German cuisine is incredibly interesting, and there are all kinds of unusual and unique dishes you can try on your visit. For cheap eats, you could visit the stalls to try the street food, or pop into a local cafe. Be sure to try the schnitzel, pretzels, doner kebab and various types of wurst (sausage) which Berlin is famous for. There’s no shortage of luxury and high-end dining establishments in Berlin, but you won’t miss out on tasty food if you’re working with a smaller budget.

Stay in a Budget Hotel

As with any city, there are tons of inexpensive chain hotels where to stay in Berlin. For even less cash you could stay in a travel hostel, these aren’t as bad as people imagine. You have the choice between dormitories (ultra-cheap and ideal for backpackers looking to meet new people) or private rooms if that’s what you prefer. There are places to camp around the city too which is another inexpensive alternative. Either way, there are lots of places where you can lay your head down to rest, get ready and shower which don’t cost a fortune.

Whether you’re backpacking around Europe or just want to visit more cities this year, you won’t be disappointed with Berlin. It’s the perfect destination whether you’re looking for a luxury vacation or you’re on a budget since there’s something for everyone.

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