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How Heston Blumenthal is Slowly Taking Over the World

17th December 2015

Heston Blumental has always gone against the grain: throwing caution to the wind and attempting to master certain niches or culinary arts that the average chef wouldn’t dare attempt seems to have been his forte for many years now. And for Blumenthal, the absurd is merely a new challenge for him, which in turn has heightened his appeal in the world of cooking.

After successfully launching his show on Channel 4 in the UK, In Search of Perfection became an instant hit among its television audience. The show was that successful that himself, executive chef Ashley Palmer-Watts and another acclaimed chef, Julian O’Neill decided they wanted to venture into an unchartered territory with their next restaurant venture.

One Year Later

1st January 2015

On top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, New York City

One year ago today, on January 1st 2014 at 8am, we locked the door of our flat in Montreal for the last time, leaving behind an empty shell of what was our life of the previous seven years, and dropped the key through the mail slot. As it resonated loudly in the dark empty box, I felt an excitingly familiar feeling in my stomach: we were homeless, the unknown awaited us. It was amazing to ring in the New Year in such a drastic, life changing, exciting way, and the feeling hasn’t left me since.

Kawah Ijen volcano complex in Java, Indonesia

Leaving England and arriving in Thailand

30th January 2014

We had a wonderfully relaxing two weeks in England catching up with friends and family. A bit of a holiday from the holiday really! We spent the first four days at a couple of friends’ flat in North London who were gracious enough to let us use their sofa bed. We (and by “we” I mostly mean Richard…) paid them back by cooking them some food at night and taking them out to Wagamama on our last night. I have to say that I could very much see ourselves returning to the UK and living in London in a near future and it was great experiencing life there from an apartment rather than an hotel room. Thanks Tara and Will! We love you!