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Freediving Bali: Finding balance

7th November 2014

What do freediving Bali and me finding my centre have to do with each other? Would you believe me if I told you that ten years ago, I was a chain smoker? I drank my fair share and took the least interest in what I was ingesting, so long as it had a good quantity of butter, sugar and caffeine. This is all a bit strange because I lived my teenagehood as a dreadlock-sporting, health-conscious, non-smoking vegetarian treehugger. I guess my early and mid-twenties were just a big careless party where I lost sight of myself a little. Don’t get me wrong, it was freaking awesome and I regret nothing.

Checking South East Asia Phone Plans for Better Network

28th October 2014

One thing anyone who is even mildly technology dependant should do before travelling anywhere for an extended period of time is to have their smart phone unlocked. Having good South East Asia phone plans (in fact in any foreign country!) opens up so many possibilities. All of a sudden you are not dependant on tuktuk drivers telling you that your hotel is miles away, you can look up this nice hotel you just stumbled upon on Tripadvisor to see what other people thought of it and you can pretty much just hop on a scooter and go get lost anywhere, knowing that your trusty GPS will always bring you back home at the end of the day.South East Asia phone plans are extremely cheap and surprisingly very fast and reliable in most places.

Living in a tobacco drying house in Tetebatu

6th October 2014


Upon leaving the disappointment of Kuta Lombok behind, we set out in search of something a little more authentic. We’d heard of Tetebatu, a small village located at the southern base of Mount Rinjani, but found scant information online and in our travel guide about it. Still, we took the chance, hired a driver, left our dysfunctional family behind, and blindly booked a room at Kembang Kuning Cottages, crossing our fingers and hoping our hurried decision would once again turn in our favor.

Java by Bus: All aboard the slowest bus of all time

14th September 2014


When travelling in Indonesia, you will have to cross many islands to truly explore the country. And the best thing is that you can travel to these islands including Java by bus. The island crossing adventure starts at the bus station. If you’re lucky, it might be an actual station, with classes and prices clearly posted. But it’s just as likely to be a dusty field with a complete free-for-all – in which case, I hope you’re ready to bargain because there’s nothing the locals love more than fleecing backpackers for a ride in a packed, smoke-filled bus. Because yes – smoking is openly permitted on Indonesian buses.